The memory of Marcelo Bielsa and Jorge Sampaoli makes Marcos González bet all his chips on Eduardo Berizzo in the Chilean team: “I’m totally optimistic, I saw things that interested me”

Chilean National Team

The former defender of La Roja and the University of Chile has great faith in the process of Eduardo Berizzo, who these days will have his second trial, although for the first time with a list made by him. “The team looked for intensity and tried to propose,” said Marcos González in a chat with Redgol in La Clave.

Marcos González exploits his imposing aerial game in La Roja.
© AgencyOneMarcos González exploits his imposing aerial game in La Roja.

Mark Gonzalez he played 27 games with the Chilean national team. He was also a key player in Jorge Sampaoli’s University of Chile, which reached the Copa Sudamericana undefeated in 2011. The lanky defender of one meter and 90 centimeters is already retired from activity. But at 42 years old he is still pending the Redwhich refines details for the two friendlies it will have in Europe: against Morocco in Barcelona, ​​Spain on September 23 and against Qatar in Vienna, Austria, on the 27th of this month.

Those meetings will be the first he will have Eduardo Berizzo with a squad that he put together, because on the tour of Asia the call was published before Toto was ratified as DT of the Everyone’s Team. In the Argentine’s first tour, Chile lost a friendly against South Korea and then fell to Tunisia in the Kirin Cup. He closed the expedition with a draw against Ghana, who still took third place in the friendly tournament in Japan through penalty kicks.

These days, the former defender of River Plate and the Argentine national team, who returned to Juan Pinto Durán after a negative experience in the Paraguayan national team, hopes have their first grand conclave with the Golden Generation, although the legendary two-time champion goalkeeper of America Claudio Bravo continues to be marginalized from the calls, something that Gary Medell It seems strange to him and he did not hesitate to manifest. And the former defender of the Catholic University and Flamengo of Brazil bet all his chips on the process in a conversation with Redgol in La Clave.

“I am totally optimistic. There are quite a few young people who are doing well in their teams. The process should start today. In indoor games I wasn’t interested in the result. A lot of people think you win, you played well and you lose, you played badly But I was interested to see how the team moved.”expressed Maros González in a talk with the panel made up of Rodrigo Herrera, Cristian Basaure and Edson Figueroa.

Bielsa and Sampaoli continue in the memory of the Lobo del Aire

But the former central marker, who also played for Palestino and Colón de Santa Fe in Argentina, was not left alone with that analysis of what he saw in that Asian experience that opened Eduardo Berizzo’s stay. “I wanted to see if I would go back to what Bielsa or Sampaoli were doing or go back to two lines of four, two forwards and wait a little longer. I managed to see things that interested me, the team looked for intensity and tried to propose”assured the man born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

But the clock, by the way, was an enemy for Toto. At least that is how the former Talca Rangers defender and the Columbus Crew of Major League Soccer in the United States identified him. “The short time that it has been working does not allow the impression that 100 percent of what Berizzo may want was not applied. On the tour to Asia we did not beat anyone, but that is the way in terms of operation and intensity that was tried to impose on the field of play”, sentenced.

“With the passage of time, having younger players we can probably maintain that intensity and get better results. But beyond that, I want to see the form of the team to face the game.” Marcos González closed in allusion to the duel against the Moroccans, who have a new DT and to the crack of Chelsea Hakim Ziyech back in a call of a team that could well be fearsome.

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The memory of Marcelo Bielsa and Jorge Sampaoli makes Marcos González bet all his chips on Eduardo Berizzo in the Chilean team: “I’m totally optimistic, I saw things that interested me”