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If the concept of alienation refers in its terminology to the loss of one’s own will and submission to the influence of the other, the alienated mind is then upset and clothed in nihilism, existentially and materially, so that stereotyped ideas float in behaviors, practices, values ​​and representations.

Imagination therefore intertwines with reality and blurs perception. In fact, it takes multiple forms that start from mental alienation to necessarily end in intellectual and cultural alienation, in connection with the functional and objective condition that produced it. This self-imposed design enshrines a biased behavioral approach in its structure, as it lacks independent, enlightened, and logical thinking.

When we borrow some of the senses of alienation from the pioneers who made it a concept that they were interested in, and established it theoretically through its discursive structures of form and content, through what John Jacques Rousseau, Ricœur Paul, Thomas Hobbes, Marx, Hegel, Feuerbach, Erich Fromm, Nitsch and others have addressed, we find them with different and interwoven meanings and interpretations.

But, it is very clear that they complement each other and agree on a fundamental and important issue. It is the fact that the society of alienation has no future with regard to its ideas which oscillate between superficiality, simplification and indifference on the one hand, and between extremism, radicalism and fanaticism on the other hand. . This is why the reactions become reflexive and the criticisms are made for the pleasure of the criticism, and subsequently the slide towards the absurd and untruths.

Indeed, the decisions and actions issued by neighboring Algeria, reaching the point of accusing and insulting the principles and heritage of the Kingdom of Morocco, confirm to the world that the military regime that governs this neighboring country has suffered the highest levels of intellectual alienation, even blind confusion of indicators.

He therefore fell into the delirium of underestimating the other, superficiality in argument, populism in proof, identification with megalomania and striking power, to the point of losing all sense of measure and sink into delusions of grandeur as evidenced by the fanatical mobilization of the components of his society, his desire to appropriate the history and heritage of others and to attack his symbols and his supreme interests in a sort of of self-betrayal, rebellion against one’s reality and history, and a declared war against oneself.

It is rather a theft with premeditation which speaks volumes about his absolute alienation and his advanced social wandering. An alienation that has blinded the reason of the military junta in power by spreading in a prodigious and deliberate way to society. This one lives today in a constant doubt as for its history, its identity and its real capacities in total phase shift with reality and a shocking paranoia.

When truth is concealed within a social structure, society becomes unable to authenticate its identity and history, realize its culture, and respect its true heritage.

This clearly indicates that the degree of socio-psychological and cultural imbalance, values ​​and identity has reached record and dangerous levels on the one hand, and on the other hand, an irrefutable proof of a lack of self-confidence, d a loss of common sense and sovereignty of opinion. This leads to a structural failure with regard to personal and identity esteem and their perception in all logic and rationality.

Pathological intellectual alienation, so high that it reaches records, will not change the presence of history and its prestige, and will not replace reality with imagination and illusion, whatever the mechanisms propaganda used for this purpose.

The heritage aspects of Morocco will remain in all their forms and patterns: zellige, caftans, ceramics, gypsum, wood, leather as well as other Moroccan jewels. Similarly, the alleys of ancient Fez, Marrakech, Rabat, Tetouan, Chefchaouen, Oujda, Meknes, Tangier, Laâyoune, Dakhla and other Moroccan cities constitute an impenetrable fortress which resists any attempt at concealment or denaturation.

The usurpation practiced by the military regime hostile to Moroccan sovereignty and authenticity, as well as the mobilization of its supporters to infuse the poisons of enmity between the two brotherly peoples, will not affect the history and geography of Morocco, because its immunity is sacred and strongly rooted in its heritage, and its values ​​are firmly rooted in time. It is really a country which has the merit of having a people proud to belong to it.

*Higher Education Professor, PE-DOC Director. USMS

The military neighbour, a country of intellectual alienation, a society in need of identity | Hespress French