The missing woman, the neighbor speaks: «Murder? I believe that Silvia took her own life “

RIETI – 77-year-old Silvia Cipriani, who passed away since July 23, returned at least once or twice a week to her apartment at number 12 in via delle Orchidee in Rieti. The car parked with plug under the building, the time to check the correspondence in the mailbox, go shopping in the supermarket a stone’s throw from her home and enter the house to ventilate the rooms and attend to the usual tasks. The memory of those who knew her well is that of a polite person, available and reserved.

The witness. “An exquisite person”, as the neighbor, Mrs. Ilaria, remembers her. And now that he is investigating for murder and concealment of a corpse, she has the idea of ​​her: «But what murder, who could have hurt a 77-year-old pensioner? In my opinion it had to go like this, I too have come to terms with it, it was her personal choice even if it was difficult to understand ».

A statement that, according to the neighbor, could have a correlation with what happened the day before, on July 22: «Silvia went to the doctor on the 22nd, I don’t know if the family or a specialist. Perhaps, you may have received communication of an incurable disease or disease. We are elderly – continues the woman – and at a certain age some things can become unsustainable and unmanageable to the point of making drastic and tragic decisions “.
A gesture with a key to interpretation perhaps inherent in the very nature of the 77-year-old: «It could have been a sort of act of altruism – he continues – Silvia was practically alone. Many relatives have died, a missionary sister in Peru is no longer healthy. Perhaps, following her nature of mild people, she imagined that she could burden third parties, such as her nephew for example and, in order not to do so, she preferred to leave us forever ».
A good and generous woman in memory of her neighbor: “Sometimes I still seem to hear the noise when, on leaving, she left a sachet hanging on the knob of my front door with a couple of eggs and a foot of salad which he brought back from the garden he owned in the Cerchiara house ».

The belief. On the disappearance without the finding of the car for the elderly neighbor does not seem to be such a singular mystery: “I saw her the day of the disappearance at about 1.30 pm then in the afternoon she was filmed by a camera in her area but she is not never been seen going up again. There, in the Cerchiara area, there are steep cliffs and ravines and if you had wanted to end it I think it is almost impossible to locate you in the thick of the vegetation, including your car ». There is also another woman residing in the same building in via delle Orchidee 12 who – given the delicacy of the situation – prefers anonymity. The neighbor, in addition to being a roommate, was also Silvia Cipriani’s colleague for years, working with her as she was employed at the post office: «I have very little to say, I really don’t know what to think. I can only say about her that she was really a very good person. ” And then many years of shared work together: «We spent many years together with the Post Office – he continues – with an excellent relationship as colleagues. Both at work and in life you have been an excellent person and that you have always loved your family and in particular the grandchildren whom you have always looked after and supported in every moment of your life “.

Investigations by the Police Headquarters. In recent weeks, police and Digos personnel from the Rieti Police Headquarters have questioned several people not only the tenants of the building but also merchants and traders present along the street to detect further details and collect useful elements for the investigations still underway by state police personnel, now that field searches have been suspended. Investigations that now focus on the possible murder of the woman and the concealment of the body.


The missing woman, the neighbor speaks: «Murder? I believe that Silvia took her own life ”