The most sensual hair color of all is not brown, red or blonde

Hair color is one of the first things we notice when we meet a person. The hairstyle, in fact, is a very important distinctive trait, which says a lot about us.

Even if we don’t think about it, the color of our hair automatically sends a message about our character as well. Dull colors, or those that are not very decisive, for example, will end up making us seem unsafe and decisive people, for example.

In the same way, a strong and clear color will give us a more incisive idea of ​​people with a strong and defined character. In addition to these aspects, the hair color would also be able to reveal other aspects of our person.

To take an extreme example, let’s think about white hair. When we see a white-haired person, unless it is an elderly person, 2 very different thoughts may come to mind.

First of all we will comment on the look, trying to understand if, with that hair color, the person is good or bad. Secondly, it might happen to think that, because of that hair color, that person looks older than he is. As if that weren’t enough, unfortunately, the most widespread idea towards those with white hair or with regrowth is that it is a scruffy person.

That’s why, based on the idea we would like to give of ourselves to the world, we should carefully choose the color of our hair. There is, in particular, a shade that would be the most sensual of all, suitable for all those people who want to appear intriguing and self-confident.

The most sensual hair color of all that rejuvenates at all ages

For many people, white hair comes very early. It already happens around the age of 20-30 that, in many, they have to resort to the help of the hairdresser to mask their regrowth.

Although it is easy camouflage gray hair and regrowth even without using dyehere is what would be the most suitable color for the most enterprising people.

Those who want to leave their mark would tend to choose fiery red, a color that is always in step with the times. This, in fact, is the most sensual hair color of all, attractive and bewitching.

Fiery red has nothing to do with natural red, often tending towards orange. Unlike the latter, in fact, fiery red is a fashionable, sexy color, suitable for those who want to capture the attention of others.

Who is fiery red good for?

It must be recognized, however, that fiery red is not suitable for just anyone. Those who have a very angular face, in fact, risk appearing arrogant and severe.

On the contrary, this color will look better on those with strong but, at the same time, harmonious features.

The complexion, on the other hand, will not be an obstacle. This type of red will be perfect for tanned skin, but also for lighter ones.

And the color of the eyes will also be practically indifferent. We are used to thinking that red must necessarily be combined with light eyes, perhaps green or blue. This is certainly true, but we shouldn’t forget that fiery red will also look great on those with brown or dark eyes, indeed.

This warm combination of colors will increase our appeal, and make us look even more attractive.

How to revive the color

Being such a strong color, it will also be very difficult to preserve over time. This is because it will tend to discharge a lot, eventually losing its shine and vigor.

To revive it it will be better to use red henna or, alternatively, toners or reviving masks for colored or dry hair.

Black is the second most sensual color

In addition to fiery red, the second most sensual hair color of all is black, an extremely sexy and intriguing color. This color, in fact, will give a sort of mysterious aura to those who wear it.

This will make the subject immediately more fascinating, a treasure chest to be discovered.

Even black will look good on both those with fair skin and those with more amber skin. Either way, it will create a very nice contrast. Even for the color of the eyes the speech will be the same, since black will go well with both light and dark ones.

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The most sensual hair color of all is not brown, red or blonde