The new provincial commander of the Carabinieri: “I will work for a peaceful community”

The new provincial commander of the Carabinieri of Belluno is Colonel Enrico Pigozzo, he introduced himself to journalists today, Wednesday 7 September. He is a Venetian, he was born in Bassano del Grappa in 1975 and with the post he now assumed in Belluno he returns to the region of origin, left in 1996 to enlist in the Arma. “I am proud to be here,” he told the Belluno press.

The prospect is that of the 2026 Olympics. The new commander has important anti-drug experiences and will soon be joined by new colleagues from positions in the fight against organized crime. In short, Belluno is a quiet land but given the upcoming event it is better to be cautious and keep your eyes open. Pigozzo has held important coordination tasks between the police and strongly believes in teaming up, under the guidance of the prefect.

His first assignment was in Rome, in the Lazio Battalion. Abroad he commanded an international platoon in Sarajevo, then spent ten years between Calabria and Sicily, a “lucky period”, smiles Pigozzo, also because in Syracuse – “where I was captured by the territory” – he met Anna, who became his wife , already arrived in Belluno with their 8-year-old son. After Sicily, Rome, to the investigative nucleus as commander of the anti-drug, then Bolzano, then back to Rome to work for NATO in the drafting of the doctrine of employment of the military abroad.

Pigozzo has citizens’ safety as a “beacon”: “I will work for this”. The new provincial commander explains the concept with another word: serenity. It will work to ensure that our community is made up of peaceful citizens, peaceful economic operators. He feels very much the task of «taking care of the community that the State entrusts to us Carabinieri. We must be a solid point of reference, clear, transparent and clean people, we Carabinieri must be like this. We have to do it with great commitment, determination and kindness but also with firmness: precise in enforcing the rules, keeping a smile on our face ».

He knows Belluno (when he was young he also came as a tourist, to walk in our mountains; his father still comes), he understood the context in which he was called to work: “This territory is perhaps more fortunate than others, there is no they are emergencies present elsewhere, but attention must never diminish. I was welcomed by the institutions with affection and esteem, a sign that the Carabinieri have always done a good job here, and I thank them ».

Beyond the macroscopic phenomenon of the Olympics, Commander Pigozzo is informed about the activities carried out over the years in the field of prevention. “Very important, prevention must be done as a system, with all the subjects involved, not just the institutions: the citizen must” digest “the principles of the laws, understand what is good and what is evil”. And this is also true in the delicate area of ​​gender-based violence, family violence, on which the Carabinieri of Belluno have worked a lot in recent years: Enrico Pigozzo will continue on the same path.

Luigi Guglielmi

The new provincial commander of the Carabinieri: “I will work for a peaceful community”