The new Serie C proposed by Ghirelli is a game of goose: 6 groups of 10, then the playoffs for 30 teams. And Gravina already crushes the reform

With the upcoming reform of the league in Series C there won’t even be a championshipbut a great, single playoff to decide on promotions. While the Italian football for years it has been wondering about the solutions to make sustainable the movement without giving birth to the rag of an idea, while the president of the FIGC Gabriel Gravina is working with great difficulty on a system reform that he has promised since 2018 and fails to complete, the Lega Pro he runs forward and proposes his very personal one solution to the crisis: transforming the C Series into a kind of game of the goose. The formulas are complicated, the games increase, but the simplest thing that everyone has been preaching for a long time and no one wants to implement is not done: to reduce the number of professional teams, which the dying Italian movement can no longer afford.

THE FORMAT: 6 ROUNDS OF 10 AND THEN THE STILLICIDE OF PLAYOFFS – Let’s start from the base, that is, from the proposal of the n.1 of the League, Francis Ghirelli. Let’s forget the traditional structure to three groups (which has lasted since 2013), and even the very concept of the championship, because in the future there will be no more direct promotion for the winners. The season will be divided into three phases. In the first, the teams will no longer be divided into 3 groups of 20, but into 6 groups of 10, to multiply the Derby. The first 5 pass to the poule promotionthe last 5 to poule relegation (3 groups each): it is the second phase, perhaps the most bizarre, in which you carry around 50% of the points of the first, and at the end the first 3 access directly to the endingsthe others (and even some rescued from relegation) play the play-offs to 27 teams, which must eventually become 6. So we get to the final phase of the Top-16: four scoreboards from 4 in head to head, each is giving away one promotion. If you understand something about it, you can hope for B series.

THE SYSTEM REFORM THAT IS NOT THERE – The real question, however, is not so much the judgement of merit on the new format (which you may like or not), but how this can be reconciled with the idea of ​​one reform true, system, which had to start from a basic principle: the reduction of the number of professional teams. Today the system provides 100: obviously too many, as the continuing financial difficulties and failures, sometimes even during the current season. Federal President Gravina was elected promising a reform that has so far stalled even for the too many diktat crossed. In November an extraordinary assembly is called, it is said precisely to remove the veto powers of the Leagues and proceed. There right formula still not there, but Gravina has always thought about a perimeter of 60 companies (approximately 20 per category, with symmetrical promotions and demotions), and under the bearing of semi-professionalism (which the government, however, never wanted to fully recognize the ball, only some concessions have been provided). What sense does it make now to launch an autonomous reform of Serie C, which still provides 60 teams as if nothing had happened?

THE VISION OF GHIRELLI, THE STRONCATURA DI GRAVINA – “38 linear games for a boy from generation Z they are a deadly bore: if we do not change, we will die ”, explains Ghirelli a In the vision of him, there is the will to bet on territoriality in the first phase and on the direct elimination in the second, on the basis of the excellent results (both in terms of income and TV share) collected from the last playoffs. “And then this is one formula flexible, which can be adapted to any decision of the federal council ”, he assures. The contradictions remain. And in fact, a first slating comes from the president himself Gravina: “I wouldn’t talk about format, but of internal reworking. Everyone is free to make proposals within the limits of their autonomy, but this cannot be there reform definitive, because we need a system reform ”. Indeed, the head of the Figs (who comes from Serie C, and knows that world well …) even dares to predict that the new format could be rejected by the Lega Pro itself: “I have reason to believe that there are different ferments“. It would be a sensational distrust for Ghirelli. On one thing though Ghirelli – for better or for worse, the only president who has managed to launch a reform of the leagues in the last decade (in 2012, when the C2 Series) – he is right: even cutting only on the C Series will not be enough to solve the problems of the whole system. “I have already done it once and it has been seen that it is not enough: this time we are not doing it victims sacrifice them“.

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The new Serie C proposed by Ghirelli is a game of goose: 6 groups of 10, then the playoffs for 30 teams. And Gravina already crushes the reform – Il Fatto Quotidiano