The “professorino” Spd criticizes Meloni on migrants: but he was against relocation

The idol of the day of the Italian center-left is called Lars Castellucci. Born in the university city of Heidelberg in 1974, trained at San Francisco State University (SFSU) in California from 1995 to 2000, a doctorate in Darmstadt in 2008, Castellucci is vice-president of the Internal Affairs Commission of the Bundestag representing the Social Democrats of the SPD and deputy from the 2013. Above all, he is responsible for the migration affairs of the prominent center-left party. Lars Castellucci worked for a long time on the subject, first in the strategic consulting firm IFOK and later in the academy before being elected as deputy for the German center-left: he was appointed professor of sustainable management, in particular of integration and diversity management at the Hochschule der Wirtschaft für Management (HdWM) in Mannheim in 2013.

The prejudice of Castellucci

Came to the attention of the news for the interview with Republic in which he asked Giorgia Meloni to choose whether “she wants to be a prime minister or a provocateur”, he spoke out for a line in favor of the immigration government, but on terms that are acceptable to Germany.

His thrusts against the Italian center-right are already very hard before the Meloni government was born. In June 2018, he said that the move by Matteo Salvini, the new Minister of the Interior, to close the ports to the rescue ship Aquarius “made him sick”. Commenting on the vote of September 25, Castellucci on Facebook wrote that “it is shocking to see a nation rely on fascist posts” and stressed that it thinks it is “at a time when it is clear that only together we are strong and can overcome the challenges of climate change to migration. He also defined the vote, even before a word came from Meloni or his allies, “a serious backlash for German-Italian relations and for Europe. This is why professional cooperation must continue to exist, but also always contradiction and stop signs where our values ​​and interests are violated “.

Certainly Castellucci, who preaches well and scratches badly, has undoubtedly moved ahead of the German interest. For Castellucci there is no immigration emergency in Italy: “Italy does not delude itself that solidarity is due to it. It is not even in the top ten of the countries with the most refugees welcomed, in relation to the number of inhabitants”. This is followed by a systemic moralistic judgment against Rome on the alleged racist tone of the Italians in the exploitation of immigrants. But if we rewind the tapes a little less than a year and a half ago, we will see the honorable Social Democrat take very different positions.

In 2018, Castellucci, the son of immigrants of Italian origin, wrote in Ips-Jouranl that “countries that are not used to high levels of immigration should not be treated in the same way as those that have been accustomed to it for decades”, quoting in this book. last list Germany and not Italy, arrived on the front of the management of mass immigration late, essentially in the last twenty years. But it doesn’t stop there.

Castellucci turned his back on Italy

On its official website, Castellucci declares that the creation of immigration rules is an explicit goal of his political vision. “My goal is to offer security and perspectives”, he notes, stressing that on the immigration front “the fact that we can’t help everyone shouldn’t be an excuse not to help at all. For me, helping where help is needed. and possible it is essential to live together, both in the neighborhood and towards distant people “. Indeed, in his altruistic conception Castellucci indicates the very motivation for his entry into politics: “I work for positive visions of the future for Germany as a country of immigration and for a world with increasing migratory movements, because they motivate people to work in this sense” . But under the test of facts, when this concerned Italy, in the past it behaved very differently.

June 2021: the government of Mario Draghi it has to deal with the need to provide relief to over 2 thousand refugees who landed in Lampedusa within a few hours. As the prestigious “Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung” reported, citing European sources, the European Commissioner for Internal Affairs, Ylva Johansson, asks EU member states to support Italy in managing the migration issue and to show solidarity. From Berlin the government of Angela Merkel replies “Nein”: the Chancellor knows how exploitable the migrant issue is in the country and since 2015 she is terrified, after the chaos of the refugees on the Balkan route, that every move backfires. The increase in migrants reaching Italy is “significant compared to the same period last year, but certainly nothing” that the country cannot deal with “alone”, declared Thorsten Frei, deputy of the Christian Union. -Democrat who has strictly “excluded German participation”. To give him support, for the SPD at the time junior partner of the CDU in the government, nothing but Castellucci, succinct in remembering that “there is no need for support for Italy”.

The agreement with Erdogan

Castellucci has repeatedly asserted political leaders who use people from crisis areas and bring them to external borders in an organized form to use them as a means of putting pressure on other states should be brought before international courts and accused of human trafficking and that it is necessary to create the legal line to make them prosecutable.

Castellucci has stated several times that he considers the excessive outsourcing of immigration control to camps in Libya and other North African structures to be a crime, and about this attempt to seek agreements between Europe and countries of departure or transit for the regularization and government of flows has given an account on several occasions. Nonetheless, on his site in the archive of the interventions of the immigration manager of the SPD in which he reports on his political action there is no reference to proposals to fail toagreement signed by the Merkel government with Erdogan and Turkey in 2015 to finance in fact, the maintenance of Syrian refugees in Anatolia in exchange for billions of euros in funding.

A beautiful and good blackmail to which Castellucci has always avoided opposing systemic positions, however opening up to criticism of mechanisms in this sense during the Polish-Belarusian crisis of 2020. Today he attacks Italy for much less, taking back the classic double German standard: solidarity requested and provided on alternate plates when convenient in Berlin on the one hand, unbridled moralism on the other. A devastating cocktail that in many fields, from immigration to the economy, has created serious problems for Europe in the past. And that today galvanizes the Italian progressives who see the German “red aid” in the SPD. But they forget that in doing so they endorse, without realizing it, the political agenda of Berlin by becoming an instrument of pressure against the fully legitimated executive in Rome.

The “professorino” Spd criticizes Meloni on migrants: but he was against relocation