The real reasons that distanced Beccacece from Gallardo

Before the violent crossing a few months ago, there is a history of misunderstandings. Why the Defense technician has pointed to the River.

Beccacece vs. Gallant

In Varela, the team continues to rearm after the tremendous impact generated by losing quality and quantity of players in the last transfer market (Pizzini, Bou, Rotondi and Merentiel the most important). Defense and Justice accommodates its new pieces with an irregular walk in the local tournament while keeping alive the illusion of fighting to the end in the always difficult and exciting Copa Argentina. After having left Argentinos Juniors behind in the Round of 16 stage, Nothing more and nothing less than Marcelo Gallardo’s River appears on the horizon of Sebastián Beccacece’s teama rival that in addition to having the carats of a powerful squad, once again puts two coaches face to face who have had friction and differences of criteria that have been made public in recent times.

But the media story of the last crossing has a history. The first short circuit between both technicians has a player as the main protagonist of this story. Enzo Fernández was the axis of the game within a winning formation that Beccacece had inherited from Hernán Crespo and to which the current Halcón coach had put his stamp to give it a higher quality leap and beat Palmeiras from Brazil to win the Recopa Sudamericana. In times when the dapper game and the future projection excited all the people of the green and yellow team, a call from Gallardo himself to Enzo Fernández altered the spirits, times and performance of the Beccacece team. Although at that time the midfielder with the greatest projection in Argentine football had a valid contract with Defense until December 2021, the call of Napoleon and the pressure of River, made that, after paying a smaller sum of money, Fernández returned to the Millionaire before time and the strengths of Varela’s team began to diminish. However, that was not the only footballer that Gallardo, Francescoli and company decided to take from the champion. The Núñez institution also quickly acquired the services of Hector David Martinez and Brian Romerotwo important pillars.

That accumulated anger became public when in July of this year, in a poorly played game that ended in a goalless draw, both coaches ended face to face with mutual and aggressive accusations: “Who do you think you are, what’s wrong with you, who did you eat?” and other issues that add to the morbidity of the show and subtract so that everything is a party. The story had started with Becca preventing a side for River. Y some are encouraged to affirm that that night and in the locker room area things got bigger, but no images were ever released about it.

To write a new chapter in this story, in recent days, Beccacece once again fell hard for River’s current coach: “It seemed to me an arrogant and arrogant act on his part to tell another what he can do or say when there is an authority that dispenses justice. For that you have to respond in an ethical and moral way, be irreproachable. And Marcelo in his career has a number of incredible situations.”, Beccacece said. And although he maintained that he has nothing personal against Gallardo and that he considers him the best coach in Argentine soccer in recent times, He strongly questioned his integrity.

Defense and Justice vs. River, for the Professional League: the cross between Sebastián Beccacece and Marcelo Gallardo


Defense and Justice vs. River, for the Professional League: the cross between Sebastián Beccacece and Marcelo Gallardo

That’s the way things are so far and it will be this Wednesday, in Chaco, where they will face each other again with a qualification to the quarterfinals in between. Let’s hope then that everything will be in peace, a party where the best soccer player wins.

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