The right reflexes to boost your immunity and be in shape this winter

• Watch over his sleep!

A bad sleep or regularly amputated of 2h harms the whole of the health (physical and psychic) ​​alters the immunity. Deep sleep strengthens the immune cells: the macrophages, in the first line of defense in the event of an intrusion, but also the lymphocytes responsible for producing more specialized antibodies against a particular virus. Various studies have thus shown that people who sleep poorly are more prone to infections than others and that after vaccination, good sleep increases the effectiveness of the immune response.

* The right routine

– Get up and go to bed at regular times, if necessary take a nap of 20min maximum;

– Light dinner 2 hours before bedtime;

turn off screens (tablet, computer) 2-3 hours before also for do not disturb the melatonin secretionsleep hormone;

establish your own bedtime ritual to calm down (herbal tea, soft music, perfume in the hollow of the wrists…);

– sleep in the dark (no devices in standby mode in the room) and cool (16-18°C excluding duvet).

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• Take the light

It is essential, even more so in winter. First to synchronize the internal clock with the outside in order to be active during the day and therefore sleep better when the time comes. But also so as not to be exposed to seasonal depression which undermines both morale and immunity by promoting poor quality hypersomnia and an appetite for sugar.

* The right routine

As soon as you wake up, open the shutters, turn on the light and go out to enjoy the natural light, even if it’s cold. Or failing that, stay near a window for at least 30min. If the lack of light is accompanied by disabling symptoms, consult at the first signs because a real cure of light therapy for about ten days can stop the process.

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• To move

Physical activity is good everywhere: she maintains the musclesbones and cardio and by chasing stress, fatigue and improving the quality of sleep (if practiced away from bedtime), it has a positive effect on immunity.

We know that athletes are thus less at risk of infections. But on condition of practice regularly and be reasonable: after intensive activity (marathon type), the immune defenses drop for several days, favoring an increase in respiratory infections… and playing sports in the event of a fever over 38° C (sign of infection) risk, under the effort and the activation of the blood circulation, to make migrate the virus in the heart and cause myocarditis, whatever the age.

* The right routine

Move at every opportunity (get up from your chair, don’t roll it, tinker, garden, clean, take the dog out…);

– walk 30min/day (or 3x 10min) at a steady pace and do muscle building (sheathing, stair climb…) twice a week.

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• Keep Zen

Fighting stress is vital for mental health (otherwise depressed, depression, burn-out), physical (otherwise fatigue, pain) … and therefore the immune system. Especially since when stress hormones occupy the ground, they stimulate receptors on the surface of many cells, especially immune cells, which weakens the entire system of recognition and fight against the intruder, or even blocks it, preventing the elimination of the virus. Not to mention that stress increases and maintains deleterious behaviors such as alcohol consumption, smoking, snacking, sedentary lifestyle, insomnia… Everything can be a source of stress (including the cold), so it is necessary to manage on a daily basis.

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* The right routine

– Make magnesium cures;

– practice the breathing abdominal (inhaling by inflating the belly, exhaling slowly through the mouth by digging it) when the stress rises and regularly mindful meditation sessions (just focus on the present moment) to regulate the flow of emotions;

– practice 30min of an endurance activity (walkingcycling, jogging) to activate the release ofendorphins (soothing hormones) and vary the pleasure activities (cooking, yoga, music, etc.)

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The right reflexes to boost your immunity and be in shape this winter