The shock of the crew to see Elizabeth’s clone after her death

It is shortly until November 9th. Day in which, after two years of waiting, we will see the debut The Crown 5. With a whole new cast and a story that, at least on paper, promises to be a bomb. For good and, above all, for bad. For the first time the new queen speaks. British actress Imelda Staunton. Who took the crown of the Queen Elizabeth II for the fifth and sixth season from Claire Foy (first and second) e Olivia Colman (third and fourth).

Although Dolores Umbridge’s shrill voice is sometimes hard to get out of your head (what do you want to do with it, we’re huge Harry Potter here), the resemblance to the sovereign is incredible. And if for the viewers it will be a positive aspect, for the members of the troupe of The Crown it was a real shock. Especially in the aftermath of Elizabeth II’s death, which took place on 8 September.

So similar to the original that it hurts. Imelda Staunton talks about the crew’s reaction to seeing her as Queen Elizabeth shortly after her death. Netflix photos

Imelda Staunton is so similar to Queen Elizabeth that it hurts

To replicate the queen’s look, from dresses to hair, Staunton worked closely with the show’s costume designer and the hair and makeup team. “When I put everything on I thought, ‘Well, it looks like she might be acceptable as a queen.’ But, I admit, everything has help, ”revealed the actress in a video interview with ET.

Imelda Staunton’s transformation ended up being so perfect that when she put Elizabeth’s clothes and makeup back on set after the queen’s death break, some of the cast and crew had a hard time looking at her. “We shot the day after the funeral and I felt it was hard for other people to look at me. There are always a lot of people on set and everyone was watching the act of playing the person who had been buried the day before. So, it was weird. ‘

The Crwon 5 netflix photo poster

The Crown 5 arrives on Netflix on November 9 with 10 episodes focusing on the 90s of the British royal family. Netflix photos

On set on hiatus after the queen’s death

The break served a lot to those who work in The Crown. It sure was a blessing for Imelda Staunton. “When we heard the news [della morte della regina, ndr] we were all extremely sad. I was really inconsolable that night. My reaction surprised me. It is obvious that I would have tried something. But having lived in close contact with her for two years, it seemed strange to me, ”continued the actress. Which received an Oscar nomination for the film Vera Drake (2005). And that we have just seen in Downton Abbey: A New Era (2022) as cousin Maud. (Alongside her real husband, Jim Carter, aka the legendary Carson).

the crown 5 imelda staunton netflix photo

Imelda Staunton as Queen Elizabeth II with her beloved corgi. Netflix photos

The Crown 5: the 90s of the English royal family

The fifth season of The Crown follows the British royal family in the 1990s. “This is a tumultuous time for the royal family and Peter hasn’t pulled back,” explains the actress. Referring to the creator of the tv series, Peter Morgan. That has took a stand regarding the figure of Lady Diana. “I think this queen looks the most familiar to many people around the world. For Claire Foy, when the series began, it was a costume drama, set many years ago. While this is the current queen, as she was in the nineties. For this reason I felt more intimidated ».

Lady Diana's revenge dress breaks into The Crown series

The Crown controversy: Imelda Staunton’s judgment

As for the controversies that continue to exist (from royal family treatment until the involvement of certain politicians) around the series, Imelda Staunton sided with producer Peter Morgan. Of which she shares the vision. “I think her love letter to the queen started a long time ago… I think it went on for a long time. It is obvious that she is very passionate about this family. For this reason I also believe that you have a deep respect for that world ».


The shock of the crew to see Elizabeth’s clone after her death