The strong confession of Richard Sánchez and the difficult time he spent in America

Paraguayans abroad

8 Sep 19:54

The América de México of the Paraguayans Bruno Valdez and Richard Sánchez is going through an unparalleled moment in the league of their country, where they achieved eight consecutive victories last weekend, setting a historical record for the club.

But before starting this good moment, the “Eagles” were at the bottom with the worst negative streak in their history and that led to the departure of the previous coach, Santiago Solari, for the arrival of Fernando Ortiz, who had his time in Paraguay as DT a few years ago and now he triumphs in the powerful Mexican team.

The one who referred to that bad moment and confessed that he had a bad time during that time was the Paraguayan Richard Sánchez. At a press conference, the midfielder assured that he even received threats from fans.

“I want to touch on a difficult topic. They sent me messages and I received threats when we were with the previous coach (Santiago Solari). They said that I had problems with him and the truth is that it never happened. I was never separated from the team, I came with an injury that prevented me from playing and that nobody knew. Nobody pays attention to that and they start talking and throwing out things that are not true, “said the ex-Olimpia.

And he added: “Today that we are well, everyone speaks very nicely about us, but when we went through that bad moment, only the family was there and the group stayed together. Now we are having a nice present and we have to enjoy this.”


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Paraguayan Soccer

8 Sep 19:08

After an intense week of soccer with the Paraguay Cup, which had controversial matches such as Olimpia and Libertad in the “Defensores del Chaco”, date 10 of the Closing tournament will be launched.

The Paraguayan Football Association released details of how this date will be played and published the designated referees for the matches.

The questioned Giancarlos Juliadoza, who was in the eye of the storm due to what happened in Olimpia-Libertad for Copa Paraguay, appears to direct the meeting between General Caballero and 12 de Octubre, on Monday, in Juan Léon Mallorquín.

On the other hand, in the match of point guard Olimpia against Sol de América at the “Manuel Ferreira”, Mario Díaz de Vivar appears as manager.

The judges for the date 10 of the Clausura

Friday September 9

resistance vs. Cerro Porteno; Stadium: Defenders of the Chaco; Hour: 19:15; Referee: Carlos Paul Benitez.

Attendees: Rodney Aquino and Dario Gaona; Fourth referee: Samuel Morales; VAR: Fernando Lopez.

Saturday September 10

Guaireña FC vs. Freedom; Stadium: Guaira Park; Hour: 16:45; Referee: Eber Aquino; Attendees: Eduardo Britos and Nancy Fernandez; Fourth referee: Gedidias Zacharias; VAR: Derlis Lopez.

Tacuary vs. Guarani; Stadium: Kelito Gardens; Hour: 19:15; Referee: David Ojeda.

Attendees: José Mercado and Hugo Martínez; Fourth referee: Derlis Benitez; VAR: Ulysses Mereles.

Sunday September 11

Sportivo Ameliano vs. National; Stadium: Martin Torres; Hour: 16:00; Referee: Jose Mendez; Attendees: José Cuevas and Guido Miranda; Fourth referee: Blaise Romero; VAR: Fernando Lopez.

Olympia vs. Sun of America; Stadium: Tigo Manuel Ferreira; Hour: 18:30; Referee: Mario Diaz de Vivar.

Attendees: Eduardo Cardozo and José Villagra; Fourth referee: Derlis Lopez; VAR: Eber Aquino.

Monday September 12

General Knight JLM vs. October 12 °; Stadium:Karendy; Hour: 19:15; Referee: Giancarlos Juliadoza.

Attendees: Hector Medina and Silvio Alfonso; Fourth referee: Cesar Rolon; VAR: Derlis Benitez.


Paraguay Cup 2022

8 Sep 18:59

On October 12, Itauguá became the seventh team qualified for the quarterfinals of the Copa Paraguay, after defeating Rubio Ñu in a penalty shootout at the Martín Torres stadium.

The day did not start well for the Itaugüeño team, since they were down on the scoreboard from minute 3, when Elías Ovelar managed to put “Albiverde” ahead.

Only in the supplementary on October 12 was he able to equalize the game, with the goal scored by Martín Batallini in the 69th minute of the game and despite constantly looking for him after the tie, he was unable to get the goal that unbalanced the scoreboard in the 90th minute, so that the classified had to be defined on penalties.

And the story was also similar in the batch, since Rubio Ñu was infallible until the third shot and “12” had missed the second, but then the balance began to tip in favor of Itauguá’s men.

Finally, the result was 5-4 in favor of October 12, thus achieving their passage to the quarterfinals, where they will face the revelation Tembetary, who has just left Resistencia on the road.

In this way and after giving the note in the previous phase by eliminating Cerro Porteño, Rubio Ñu ends his participation in the 2022 edition of the Paraguay Cup.


Stadium: Martin Torres (Holy Trinity). Referee: Blaise Romero. VAR: Derlis Benitez. Goals: 3′ Elias Ovelar (RÑ); 69′ Martin Batallini (12).

Penalties converted by Rubio Ñu: José González, Víctor Ávalos, Juan Barrios and Yoni Villazanti. Penalties marked by October 12: Martín Batallini, Julio Doldán, Elvio Vera, Alexis González and Francisco Manenti.

Missed Penalties: Luis Martinez (12); Paul Villero and Matías Verdún (RÑ).

Blond Wildebeest (1) (4): Jose Gonzalez; Alexis Fernández, Javier Vallejos, Edson Venancio and Yony Villazanti; Federico Mereles, César Giménez, Andre Dos Santos (57′ Juan Barrios) and Paul Villero; Elías Ovelar (66′ Matías Verdún) and Emmanuel Morales (72′ Víctor Ávalos). DT.: Pablo Caballero.

October 12 (1) (5): Cesar Gimenez; Gustavo Velázquez (46′ Elvio Vera), Francisco Manenti, Danilo Ortiz and Carlos Samudio; David Mendieta (86′ Édgar Ferreira), Alexis González, Luis Martínez and Ramón Mendieta; Martin Batallini and Dionicio Pérez ñ. DT.: Hector Marecos.

*With APF data.


The strong confession of Richard Sánchez and the difficult time he spent in America