The summary of Real Madrid vs. Cádiz of La Liga 2022

Madrid left Cádiz alive in the final minutes but was able to get the three points to go into the break two behind Barcelona.

A hard-fought victory for Real Madrid against Cádiz 2-1 at the Santiago Bernabéu and andhe Real Madrid closes LaLiga before the World Cup with three important points against Cádiz.

First 45′ at the Santiago Bernabéu without much play, but with Carlo Ancelotti’s team maintaining a higher percentage of possession that has allowed them to arrive on more occasions and have a feeling of superiority that has not fully reflected on the scoreboard despite the 1-0. The white team mainly had shots from outside the area, but it was Militao on the edge of half-time who unblocked things with a header after a cross from Kroos.


Cádiz, for its part, proposed a match in which they would join lines and defend all of them, making aids and leaving few options to combine the rivals. Without great wings with the ball and without being able to take much advantage of his offensive plays, Espino ran into the crossbar after a long shot. In addition, the Cadiz team also managed to force several yellow cards on their rivals. Even so, they did not make Courtois work at almost any time in the first half.

A more complicated second half for Carlo Ancelotti’s men, who managed to widen the difference on the scoreboard with a great goal from Kroos. The white team tried to stay calm and make a good difference, but they did not have the day in dangerous situations. Modric had a goal on an empty goal but impressively he sent it wide.

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Minute by minute of Real Madrid vs. Cadiz of LaLiga

Press conferences of Real Madrid vs. Cadiz of LaLiga

Rodrygo: “It’s a shame, I don’t know what the VAR is for”

The Real Madrid striker was the involuntary protagonist of one of the plays of the game. An aggression that he has received from Fali and that the VAR has overlooked. “It’s not an incident, because he did it on purpose. He looked at me and hit me. It’s a shame. Then he told me that he didn’t do anything. It’s a shame, I don’t know what the VAR is for. It’s a aggression that does not fit in football”.

Ancelotti: “Vinicius is handling what is happening very well

“The break is good. A well-done start to the season. We have reached the end a little fair. The goal has been met. 35 points in LaLiga are a lot of points. We are satisfied. We have arrived a little tired.

Asensio was a bit loaded and I preferred not to risk it.

Suffering is normal, because you don’t score 3-0 and then you have to suffer. A normal suffering of a team that has played eighty minutes very well. What happened with Rodrygo have had arguments not to review. I think it’s pretty clear.

The team was fine. I had the idea not to change, they have been comfortable on the pitch, the team seemed quite fresh. Change for change is not my idea.

Vinicius is handling what is happening well. He is handling this situation well. In recent games he has been hit many times and he has had good control.

Spanish football is the one that has had the most red cards of the five major leagues. There are many red cards affecting the show. Having 55 cards affects the show a lot. Spanish football is much uglier. If you play 9 against 11 like yesterday (at Sevilla-Real Sociedad) that’s not football. I changed the channel.

Sergio González: “One has to come to compete with everything”

The plan The game went very well for us, we had a good first half and the goal before the break from a set piece did us a lot of damage. They have scored two goals against us from set pieces. Happy with the performance of the team. We have played a very complete game. One has to come to compete with everything. If you are going to come with tails they will pass over you. The other football is always there, you have to get as close as possible to be able to compete. Vinicius is a footballer who has a lot of the ball. We have made many fouls in the first half. Soccer is a contact sport.

Fali? I haven’t seen the picture but Fali says he doesn’t stick his arm out. By not giving the VAR importance, we understand that it was a shock.

We are in a good moment, the break is bad for us, we were competing well. We are in the process of improving, we have to tune up well in this new preseason.

“It seemed that with the 2-0 they had the game under control. It’s a shame because that final shot from Pacha we all finished off and it went wide. If we had drawn, it would have been injustice“.

Toni Kroos: “We have to be calmer”

“Since the ball was coming it was impossible to shoot inside. We are happy. Always. We played a good game, except for the last few minutes. In the end we suffered a bit with the goal, which was not necessary, but it is a well-deserved victory.

It’s normal, the opponent defends himself in every way. We have to be calmer. If we react like that, we get into what they want. We have to be out of this and play football because we are the best team.”

Lucas Pérez: “They are sets of the game”

“The reaction is difficult, we had the chances. This is football and we were not lucky enough to score the second. Here it is very difficult to score points. The team was good but it hurt us to score almost at halftime. We are on the line to follow .

They are throws of the game. It happens with this type of player, because they are very difficult to mark, it is nothing against any player”.

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Minute 81′ GOOOOOOOLLLLLL OF LUCAS PEREZ!! Cádiz reduced distances after an occasion in which Courtois failed after stopping a shot, and the Galician striker finished at will.

Minute 79′ To see what Modric has failed! Incredible mistake by the Croatian after a drive by Vinícius in which he served a pass to his teammate so that it ended in an empty goal, and he sent it out.

Minute 70′ GOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA Volley from the German player, who hit him with everything with his right to send the ball near Ledesma’s area and make his stretch impossible.

Eleven confirmed from Cádiz

Eleven confirmed from Real Madrid. Without Asensio or Carvajal

Summary of Real Madrid vs. Cadiz of LaLiga

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The summary of Real Madrid vs. Cádiz of La Liga 2022-2023: video, goals and statistics | Colombia