The summary of Villarreal B vs. Lugo of Second Division 2022

The groguet subsidiary imposes itself with justice in its sports city.

Villarreal B is a great team that, despite being recently promoted to the Second Division, is not going to settle for remaining in the silver category of Spanish football. the subsidiary groguet They beat Club Deportivo Lugo (3-1) in their sports city after being superior to the Albivermellos throughout the match.

Miguel Álvarez’s pupils frequently dislodged the rival defense, either through static combinations or in quick transitions. Fer Niño took advantage of it in the first way by shooting inside the area without marking after a good succession of passes. Shortly after the restart, it was 2-0 through Lozano from the penalty spot, which was provoked by Niño precisely when he was going to score at will.


The third was signed by Collado in a counterattack led by Lozano, once again finding spaces in the Lugo rearguard. Chris Ramos closed the gap with just over 10 minutes to go, but it was insufficient, even more so considering that he would end up being sent off for a double yellow card a few moments later. Villarreal B have fun at home while the first team is not there.

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The summary of Villarreal B vs. Lugo in the Second Division 2022-2023: video, goals and statistics


90´ They add 5 minutes of discount.

89´ Whalley avoids 4-1! Haissem’s great diagonal slalom that culminates with a cross shot that forces the Moroccan to intervene.

79´ Chris Ramos sent off for a double yellow card after a brace with De La Fuente. A few moments ago he was scoring and now he will have to watch the rest of the game in the changing rooms.

76′ Lugooo’s goal! The visitors cut the distance through Chris Ramos, who fought a ball in the area until the end, badly cleared the groguet defense and Idrissa took advantage of it to assist his teammate.

66′ Goooooooooooooal for Villarreal B! Diego Collado put the assistance in a counter led by Sergio Lozano, who held the ball with his back and assisted the 7 to score.

61′ Now Lugo found space through Idrissa, but his shot was centered and Gianni caught.

55´ De La Fuente finished off a corner at the far post, but Whalley caught it.

52´ Goooooooooal for Villarreal B! Sergio Lozano does not fail from eleven meters to put land in between on the scoreboard. He shot to Whalley’s left and the Moroccan stretched to the right.

49´ Penalty in favor of Villarreal B! He returned to hunt down Lugo with his guard down and, in a combination, Fer Niño is knocked down when he was going to shoot at will to score.

Start the second part.

45′ + 5 Break at the Ciudad Deportiva del Villarreal with an advantage for the yellow team. Before the break, a penalty was requested on the scorer Fer Niño for a charge, but the referee interpreted that it was legal. The second half promises strong emotions.

45′ Goal disallowed against Lugo. Incredible that this opportunity has escaped Hernán Pérez’s men.

44´ The VAR is reviewing a goal by Lugo due to a possible offside by Juanpe at the time of shooting at will. Villarreal B’s defense came out on the kick from a lateral free kick, three albivermellos players were left alone and on the pass it seems that Juanpe finishes off in front of the line of the ball.

40´ Villarreal B had the second! Another quick combination in which the Lugo defense was overwhelmed, Collado was left alone in front of Whalley, he heeled as he couldn’t dribble past him and ended up shooting. However, the Moroccan deflects the shot.

35´ GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL OF VILLARREAL B! Fer Niño culminates a great collective play by the groguet subsidiary in three quarters of the field with a powerful shot inside the area.

28´ The defenses are very well placed and expeditious before the numerous centers that the band players are executing.

19´ The match started with rhythm, with constant arrivals to both areas, although without clear scoring chances.

15´ Pirri has been injured and cannot continue. In his place enters Jesús Fernández.

6′ The first is scored by Lugo with a left-footed shot by Chris Ramos that went wide by the right post of Villarreal B’s goal.

The summary of Villarreal B vs. Lugo of Second Division 2022-2023: video, goals and statistics | Chile