The war of the fantasy series: ‘The House of the Dragon’ vs ‘The Rings of Power’

For weeks the streaming fight took a new path when the biggest bets of the companies HBO Max and Amazon Prime saw the light to attract their “kingdoms” to the world audience.

Both products were originated by the success of the original stories by a la The Lord of the ringsthe saga of films that entered the world by J. R. R. Tolkien and across the river to the world mediaeval by George R. R. Martin.

Although each one has its strategy and well-defined final plot, the surprise will not only be the investment of the companies but also the magic with which they will create and they will develop the characters that are likely to take their fans’ breath away.


The prequel series ‘Game of Thrones’ was released on August 21 such an intense publicity campaign in which they showed not only the high budget of 200 million dollars, that is, about 20 million dollars per episode.

In the first episode, memes, theories, remote nods to the original story emerged and HBO Max had the advantage who struck the first blow with the premiere before his stellar series.

It was then that with 10 million viewers ‘The House of the Dragon’ was released, and its second episode was followed for 2% more audience than the premiere.

To the surprise of Amazon Prime, The Rings of Power it reached 25 million views in the first 24 hours alone.

As explained by the authorities of the streaming chain, the series managed to beat “all previous records, marking the biggest premiere in Prime Video history.”

And in budget it is not said that the 715 million dollars that the season costs are not noticed, According to specialized media, for the season in each episode of the series that premiered on September 2 on the platform worldwide.


According to the site ‘Esquire’ in terms of plot there is one that has an advantage in these 5 episodes, and that is ‘The House of the Dragon’, since it argues that the scenarios are raisedit shows that there was war, the characters reflect very well that it is a time in which women suffer under the jugular of men in power.

Meanwhile in ‘The Rings of Power’ speaks of a land in which peace is already breathed and it lives while the evil already known to all ‘Sauron’ is taking shape.

The landscapes in middle earth are beautifulplease the eye invite the audience to imagine and mentally live in the story is perfect for showing.

there the ‘The House of the Dragon’ feels gloomy, dark, cold In conclusion, there is nothing nice to look at, but that is precisely the feeling of hopelessness that the story wants to give.

And although both series promise see many dragons and at least have those creatures in the plots Until now, not much has been seen, something that can be a double-edged sword between the desire to see them and the disinterest that it could cause.


In the drama written by Tolkien according to experts is the one who presents the paths of good and evilwith well-defined characters on which side they play and the consequences of evil actions.

While according to the universe of ‘The House of the Dragon’ it’s just darkness and it’s about the bad intentions and ambitions of characters.


The heroines or villains on this occasion are key to the public’s taste, women are key and fundamental pieces In these productions, the message beyond empowerment is important for new audiences.

By HBO Max The female character that has the most impact until this episode is the princess ‘Rhaenyra Targaryen’.

In the plot men plan their future around the King’s Council table, disregarding his wishes, she makes her own decisions. While she, with her hand on her waist, chooses ‘Ser Criston Cole’ as her personal protector and has a secret affair with him, she disguises herself as a commoner and escapes with her uncle Daemon to see the most seedy places in King’s Landing and She systematically rejects all the suitors that her father, King ‘Viserys I’, proposes as possible husbands. She is clear that rebellion is her best weapon, she lives life her way. Also, when she bonded with her dragon Syrax, her power becomes limitless, according to the story.

While in the Amazon series you have Galadriel, character played in the original story by Cate Blanchettand today is played by Morfydd Clark.

‘Galadriel’ witnesses the forging of the original rings of power during Sauron’s campaign against the dwarves, elves and men of Middle-earth in the Second Age. She is chosen to wear one of the three rings given to the elves, promising to use the ring for good. In The Rings of Power, based on early trailers, it appears that she will play an active role in leading the elven forces.

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The numbers already exist, the first seasons of both series already they concluded to record the decision is in the hands of the audience who will have the last word at a time when competition and content is greater.

Although to access any of the series you need to have a subscription for the platforms, from there the war is sung when deciding in which fantasy kingdom to invest the income of the fans who live in a country that every day faces the economic crisis that furiously hits the pockets of Mexicans.

The war of the fantasy series: ‘The House of the Dragon’ vs ‘The Rings of Power’