The Women’s National Team beat Chile, qualified for the World Cup and will define the South

For the fourth date of the subcontinental contest that takes place at the House of Argentine Handball, La Garra beat Chile 26:18 and secured its place in the 2023 World Cup. Tomorrow at 8:30 p.m., and with a live broadcast on the channel from You Tube of the CAH, will define the title against Brazil.

The team led by Eduardo Gallardo defeated Chile, reached its third consecutive victory in the South-Center and fulfilled its first objective of taking one of the two places at stake for the 26th Women’s Adult World Cup to be played at the end of the year which comes in Denmark, Norway and Sweden. Argentina will be present at a World Cup event for the twelfth time in its history -eleventh in a row- since its first appearance in Denmark/Norway 1999.

The National Team, which had beaten Uruguay 29:17 in its debut and Paraguay 25:17 yesterday, reaches the last date of the tournament with the same points as Brazil, so the South American classic will have a final tint for the title, although the tie will favor the Brazilians for having a better goal difference. Like all previous La Garra matches, the decisive duel with Brazil can be seen live on the channel You Tube of the Argentine Handball Confederation.

Against Chile, La Garra again went from low to high in his performance to reverse a bad start and win with a comfortable board. The defensive work, as in the entire tournament, was the main argument of the National Team that made the difference in the first half through the counterattack, 13:6 at halftime, and kept it in the complement. Micaela Casasola, with 5 goals, was the top scorer of the match.

Brazil, which in the previous one beat Uruguay 32:18, Chile 35:14 and today defeated Paraguay 47:20, arrives in Buenos Aires as two-time champion of the two previous editions of the South-Center, titles won in Maceio 2018 and Asunción 2021.

The sale of tickets for the last day of the South-Center will take place exclusively at the stadium box office located in the Oceania Pavilion of the Youth Olympic Park from 5:00 p.m. until the start time of the Argentina-Brazil match. The ticket is valid for the whole day, and has a value of $500 for the public and $1,000 for the audience.

The Women’s National Team had its first litmus test in the tournament and in a transcendental game that put the place in the World Cup at stake. Because unlike her initial two encounters, The Claw had to deal with a bad start and pull all the credentials out of her to reverse it. After 1:3, Sofia Rivadeneira stole a ball and assisted for Giuliana Gavilán’s first goal, which meant the start of the best national passage in the match.

Argentina adjusted the defense, Chile added losses and through the counterattack, a somewhat deficient item for the girls in the tournament, they put together a resounding 8:0 run that marked a before and after in the match. Rivadeneira put the transitory tie at 3, Urban changed an excellent collective play for a goal and the goals from Gavilan and Joana Bolling in the first and second waves expanded to reach the maximum, 9:3 averaging the first stage.

After a time-out requested by the Chilean bench, Gallardo’s girls once again lost fluidity in attack, but the damage had already been done with a defense that continued to be strong and left Chile unmarked for 12 minutes and that in 25 minutes received just three goals. Determining data for a positive 13:6 at the end of the first half.


With the consummated difference, in the second half Gallardo continued with the rotation that he had put into practice since the end of the first half. In this movement of pieces, Argentina alternated good and bad in the positional position that allowed Chile to shorten the board somewhat, although a string of good decisions by Macarena Sans, and goals by Manuela Pizzo, Ayelén García and Lucila Dalle Crode returned to stretch the distance, 18:11 in 14 minutes.

Difference that was maintained until the end with a new defensive adjustment and more counter-attack goals, and a good final performance by Micaela Casasola in what was one of the best Argentine moments in positional. Gavilan, with great work in both areas, signed the last goal of the match and Ayelén Rosalez closed the goal seconds from the end for a finale full of celebration between the public and the National Team that fulfilled its initial goal in the tournament in a good way.


Post match statements

Joana Bolling: “We are very happy and very happy. One of the main objectives was to qualify for the World Cup and we did it. Happy with the game we played, with all the people we saw each other. Happy. It was a game that we analyzed a lot. Some things had to be changed, the key was to adjust the defense since in the end they have very fast players. I think the defense was key. Brazil is always the game that we want to play and that everyone wants to come and see. The Claw is going to come out with everything, to leave everything. Today he has to rest and tomorrow to leave everything. Since she arrived in the National Team, Viqui is “La Maga”, the benchmark for all. It is a strange feeling but without a doubt she left everything »

Sofia Rivadeneira: “I felt pressure, but it was quite positive. I knew that it was going to be a difficult position to replace, more than anything having the reference like Lu, the truth is that I am very happy with the performance on the field. I am extremely grateful for the confidence of the entire coaching staff because I know it is not easy. The girls have a very strong head to be able to get ahead after a loss like hers. Now let’s go all out. Nothing is given to Brazil. Let’s try everything. I hope they come in, whatever, but they come in.”

initial formation: Marisol Carratú, Rosario Urban, Sofia Rivadeneira, Micaela Casasola, Elke Karsten, Joana Bolling and Giuliana Gavilán.

Argentina (26:18 vs. Chile): Micaela Casasola (5), Giuliana Gavilán (4), Joana Bolling (3), Manuela Pizzo (2), Ayelén García (2), Lucila Dalle Crode (2), Rosario Urban (2), Antonela Mena (1), Sofia Rivadeneira (1), Macarena Sans (1), Rocío Campigli (1), Delfina Ojea (1), Macarena Gandulfo (1), Elke Karsten, Ayelén Rosalez and Marisol Carratú

Next match: Argentina vs. Brazil – 5th date | Saturday, November 19, 8:30 p.m.

Minisite of the South-Central Adult Female Buenos Aires 2022

Photos: Federico Pancaldi/CAH
By Rodrigo Alzugaray – CAH Press

The Women’s National Team beat Chile, qualified for the World Cup and will define the South-Center against Brazil – Handball Argentina