These are the results Millionaires need to qualify for the final of the BetPlay League

Millionaires complicated his pass to the final of the BetPlay League although he still has opportunities and depends on himself. Image: @Dimayor.

After a week of rest due to different entertainment events that took place in the country, the semifinal home runs of the BetPlay League Dimayor II-2022 They returned to continue writing the path of the new champion of Colombian Professional Soccer. The turn on Wednesday was for those clubs that are in group A and one of the matches that could have defined the first finalist ended up tightening the situation more.

At the Hernán Ramírez Villegas stadium, the Sports Pereira received to millionaires in a direct duel of main suitors to reach the grand final. After having had enough time to have their entire squad available and in good condition, the Embajador team emerged as favourites, especially since their last game, which had also been against Matecaña, ended in victory.

However, despite having achieved the advantage in the first minutes of the match thanks to a goal from Jader Valencia, the squad albiazul fell on the scoreboard for a 2-1 result after an own goal from Israel Alba and a beautiful goal from Brayan Leon Muniz. With this result, the Pereirans applied pressure to the classification of Millionaires to the final.

Despite not having managed to score three points, the situation of the chickens It’s not bad at all, after the group A matches were played, they were placed in second position in the table with a good chance of coming out on top when the home runs are over.

For the capital team to qualify for the final of the BetPlay League, one of the obvious possibilities is that they simply win the two remaining games in this phase. which are before Junior from Barranquilla and Santa Fe Independent. If they manage to take the remaining 6 points they will play the final for the last title of the year.

However, they still have a chance to reach the final championship match even if they fail to get at least 2 of those 6 points. One obligation they have is to get three more points, after which they can play with external results to outline their ticket to the final.

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The ambassadors they can beat Junior and hope that Pereira vs. Santa Fe tie on the next date, to reach the last date of the home runs with an advantage, where a tie would be enough for them. The same way, They can also draw against sharks Y Cross your fingers that Pereira vs. Santa Fe remain in tables or is the picture matecana the one who wins for later on the last date to beat the cardinals and thus reach the final.

That said, the technical director of Albiazul, the samarium Alberto Gamero, he prefers not to have to take out the calculator and go for the comfortable and the effective. In the post-match press conference, the strategist stated that everything depends on them and they will seek to reach the final through their own means:

“This quadrangular was tightened more with the victory of Pereira. They also have possibilities today. We have two home games between quotes (the one in Santa Fe is for a visitor). There we have our classification… Today, in my opinion, it was lost and good things were done. The important thing is that we depend on ourselves”.


These are the results Millionaires need to qualify for the final of the BetPlay League