“They are not winners, they have no pants”: Valdés’s harsh comments against Millonarios

Due to what is happening with millionaires, his drop in performance towards the end of the all-against-all phase and the possibility that he will be eliminated on the last date, many members of the sports media have spoken and expressed their opinion. And one of the harshest in his criticism and analysis has been Carlos Valdes.

The former player of America and Santa Fe, among other clubs, was not so generous in the comments directed at Alberto Gamero’s team when he was the sole leader and exposing a very good game. Well now, with more arguments and based on the lack of results, he did not put a limit on the disqualifications of the ‘ambassadors’.

In the program ‘F Show’ of ESPNColombiathe former member of the Colombia selectiongave reasons to say that he doesn’t see much good in the 15-time FPC champion.

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Carlos Valdés had no mercy against Millonarios, Gamero and the blue figures

Although Millonarios has the possibility of qualifying by winning, even drawing, with Alianza Petrolera, ‘Charlie’ said that one of the worst could take place “embarrassments”. This, predicting the elimination, after leading almost the entire regular phase:

“He is one game away from, perhaps, being one of the biggest embarrassments in Colombian soccer… For me, he is one game away from embarrassment, because he should have qualified a long time ago.A team of good guys, good players, few winners, is what they have shown. Little character, little temperament”.

Based on what happened in the match on Wednesday, October 26, when Medellín beat ‘Millos’ in El CampínValdés criticized the players and the coach for not being “winners”: “I don’t see anyone among the players who has their pants on, well put on, to get on the field and tell them: If you have to come out dead today, but with the result, you have to come out dead. In football that is needed, people with a winning gene and Millonarios has shown that they do not have it…”.

At that point, the journalist Daniel Angulo indicated that the team was very affected by what happened against “the powerful”, there were even tears. To respond, Carlos Valdés released a comment with a very ‘acid’ tone: “Were there tears in the locker room after the game? What are they crying for? Who cried?… If they blow on them and they fall on the court, everyone wants to throw themselves. What are they crying for afterwards? They don’t do in the field, what they can’t do later “.

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The World Cup player with ‘the tricolor’ in Brazil 2014, analyzed Gamero’s statements at the press conference after the aforementioned defeat and made it clear that he does not understand why they speak of being “powerful” if the DT does not know how to handle these situations:

“How many games was the other negative streak of Millonarios, with Gamero? How many games did you go without winning? When he just arrived, in the Playoffs Was that a title? Don’t tell me it is. Do you know what I was thinking, when the game was over? What Gamero is a very bad coach, managing teams in times of difficulty. That 2 situations like this happen to him, where he does not get the results and there is no shock measure, that there is no one to stand in the locker room ”.

Later, referring to his career and leadership in the schools he joined, Valdés indicated that Millonarios does not have “winners” and that he knows what he is talking about: “Why are there so many people who don’t like me in football? And there are many who love me and love me well. It is because, there is a moment where one needs winning people. And if you have to ‘madrear’, you have to ‘madrear’. But the results are obtained through collective work and collective work does not always mean that everyone has to speak well, nor does a dressing room full of good guys “.

For the ESPN Colombia panelist, Gamero does not have the capacity for what is being demanded of him and made a long comment on this. Even remembering that he had not won anything with the capital team:

“Of the players, one says: They lack character, personality or, as I said the other day, ‘balls’ to play this. And I have said it here. De Gamero, in relation to the press conference: He, who is the main leader, the coach is appointed because he is an absolute leader to carry the process forward. And if in these moments of crisis, of difficulty, that compromise everyone, I sit in front of the cameras and I am not capable of facing my own players, of not continuing to excuse myself and I am not capable of saying things to them face to face. I think we have a different leader there. Those are the reasons why, I think, that Gamero is a guy who lacks ability.”

There was still time to talk about the players and references of the ‘ambassador’, that’s why Carlos pointed to the captain David Macalister Silva, also for his statementsand said that in the press conference you can see that they have no personality on the court or off:

“I heard Macalister talking about the play of Llinás’ goal. “A slip”, is that “a slip”? It is an error of elementary principle of the defense, I tell you. There are things that Llinás is going to have to learn if he wants to compete in the national team. Imagine, we listen to the coach, who is the main leader, and we listen to the captain in his statements. They corroborate me that there is a lack of winning people, there is a lack of people who look each other in the eye, in the face and who tell the truth to the players”.

Finally, Daniel Angulo himself recalled that Macalister once said that there were strong conversations in the Millonarios dressing room. Valdés not only took credibility away from this, he also said that he knew the personality of the blue captain and that he did not look like the players before: “Nahhh… That’s what they said: Let’s run, guys, let’s put it in. For that you need to face, is that one knows them and that is their personality. Better, go ask how Fabián (Vargas) was in the dressing room or how we were in the dressing rooms “.

“They are not winners, they have no pants”: Valdés’s harsh comments against Millonarios