This is how we saw it: America vs Chivas, player by player

The America received to Chivas with a Aztec stadium plethoric. The azulcremas were a little superior, in the Flock men like louis olives, Robert Alvarado, Angel Zaldivar Y Fernando Beltran they gave a match far below their individual standards.

The controversy could not be absent in this National Classic for a ball William Ochoa cut short, but that in the television shots there is no clarity regarding whether or not he crossed the line. The Eagles won 2-1.

The people of Guadalajara did not die of anything, but without a doubt could do more and even aspire to a draw if it had not been because the night it was not good for some of their footballers.

On the opposite side, Henry Martin scored and assisted to show that he is still in the race to be the third striker to go to Qatar 2022 with the Mexican team directed by Gerardo “Tata” Martino.


William Ochoa: When he was required to respond, the only thing left on the table was the controversy of his save against Sergio Flores’ shot.

Sebastian Caceres: well with their individual performance to support their peers.

Nestor Araujo: a very good defensive game, being key in rejected balls.

Emily Lara: He didn’t look much, but he did his job on the pitch.

Alvaro Fidalgo: a leader in midfield, he far outclassed Beltrán.

Diego Valdes: he commanded the azulcrema midfield and promoted the offensive game of the Águilas.

Alexander Zendejas: As if the player was missing a little, he scored against his former team.

Richard Sanchez: a little absent on the pitch.

Salvador Reyes: well with his work on the side by replacing Luis Fuentes, whom they preferred not to risk due to an ailment.

Jonathan Rodriguez: The footballer did not shine in the attack, but it was not necessary either.

Henry Martin: without a doubt, the best on the field for his goal and assist for the Azulcrema victory.

Changes: Bryan Rodríguez, Federico Viñas, Pedro Aquino, Roger Martínez and Jonathan dos Santos.


Miguel Jimenez: two slices at the beginning of the first half, but little to do in the azulcremas goals.

Gilberto Sepulveda: attentive on defense, but it was not enough and he was overwhelmed by the rival offense.

Jesus Orozco: average work on the field of play.

Louis Olives: Bad game for the defender. He caused the penalty with a foul on Henry just starting the match and in the second half Zendejas’ goal went between his legs.

Jesus Sanchez: with intention, but it cost him the defensive work against the azulcrema attack.

Isaac Brizuela: a little unfocused, he had the opportunity to equalize and preferred to fall on the grass.

Fernando Beltran: the player was overtaken in midfield by Álvaro Fidalgo.

Serge Flores: one with the most intention, in doubt and controversy will remain his shot that would have saved Memo Ochoa.

Angel Zaldivar: It wasn’t his best game at all.

Alexis Vega: the best player in the Flock, with character and looking for direct options on goal.

Robert Alvarado: disappeared in the field, very little contribution to the team.

Changes: Cristian Calderon, Carlos Cisneros, Alan Mozo and Santiago Ormeño.

This is how we saw it: America vs Chivas, player by player