This is how we saw it: Celaya vs. Atlante, player by player

Miguel Aleman Stadium, Celaya. /

atlantean defended his historic good football on the field of Miguel Germansince it managed to impose conditions against a team that was undefeated throughout the competition as it was Celayasupported by a rich combination of experienced and young players who responded to the multiple casualties suffered by the team.


William Allison: He was highly demanded by the club that has the best offense in the championship and he had constant interventions, although he could do nothing to prevent Bermúdez from scoring. The own goal that he made, completely unlucky, marked the course of the game.

Leobard Lopez: His category and his extensive journey in Mexican soccer are evident, but it is also clear that his best moment was surpassed a long time ago. His slowness tried to cover it up with his good positioning and leadership.

Daniel Zamora: He was in charge of giving the team balance from the center of the field, but there were multiple occasions in which he was seen out of position and unable to take the ball.

Mauro Brazil: One of those who looked most disconcerted in the match, since due to a miscalculation he left Partida alone to assist Bermúdez in the 1-0. Mario García knew that they had to play behind his back and it worked for them.

Ricardo Pena: Another that was noticed out of place at certain times, since just as he was on the side he got into the center and then went to the midfield. It needed more order.

Diego Aguilar: In his work he interspersed positions between defense and midfield, something that had to be done to avoid leaving loose threads, but with a discreet game.

Kevin Laura: Of those whose work was barely noticed in the match held at the Miguel Alemán Valdés.

Adolfo Dominguez: He also stood out for his work in midfield, as he put his leg in strong and stole important balls. The leadership of him was also noted, raising his voice so as not to lose order.

Gaël Acosta: He sought to do damage down the right flank, but was always well marked. They were people of experience that he needed to show himself in the match. He scored a great left-footed goal to level the match, but he ran out of gas.

Diego Gonzalez: He missed at least two important ones that could lead the Final long before. His youth was noticeable in the good moments.

Richard Marin: He is one of those who had to take the ball, but he was one of the best marked by the visiting defense, which did not leave him comfortable.


Humberto Hernandez: He became great during the game, avoiding at least a couple of goals from the Celaya team, the clearest from Diego González.

Jonathan Sanchez: His physical presence in defense helps Atlante a lot, since he won many duels. Above Celaya did not knowingly look for this tower.

Francisco Reyes: Wear and running down the wings, without being able to contribute much to the offensive, although serious when defending.

Antonio Portales: This semester he came to the Barça team to give him leadership and that was noticeable in the Final, where he was the one who ordered and raised his voice to try to accommodate his teammates.

Edson Departure: A nightmare for the local players, since their advances were repeated by the bands; Thanks to one of his attempts, Bermúdez’s goal was born, since he beat Mauro Brasil back to assist.

John Dominguez: He couldn’t take the ball; this time charged to the right wing he looked far from where the game was played, so it was strange that he was not one of the first changes.

Daniel Lajud: Given the demands of the game, Atlante’s only forward had to support the generation of offensive play and also to defend.

Roland Gonzalez: A lot of wear and tear and possibly one of those who ran the most in the game, with a constant back and forth down the right wing.

Christian Bermudez: The years do not go by in vain, but the little Barça player maintains that great foot that serves to move the strings of his team and also to give him peace of mind. He scored and balanced the game for his club.

Mauricio Galvan: It was the support of the Hobbit in the midfield, being the player who wore himself out, went to the crash and put speed on it.

Jesus Venegas: Containment usually doesn’t attract the spotlight, but he always appeared well placed, even when the Bulls went on the attack in the second half.

This is how we saw it: Celaya vs. Atlante, player by player