This is how we saw it Chivas vs. Puebla | player by player in J14

Alexis Vega brought out the magic again and was in charge of giving Chivas a golden victory that they walk steadily towards the classification. Now the victim was Puebla de Nicolás Larcamón


Miguel Jimenez

He kept his goal unbeaten and what came he knew how to get out without major problems.

Jesus Sanchez

He returned to ownership and had a good first half. He did not clash and was a change in the second half.

Gilberto Sepulveda

The central is more than covered with this element of the quarry. Attentive, shouting and putting the body when it was needed.

louis olives

He also had a good duel. They fit perfectly and that gives you more confidence.

Jesus Orozco

The left side is his, there is no one who makes noise.

Sergio Flores

In the first half he was not fine, he composed himself and in the second half of his feet the Chivas goal play was born.

Fernando Gonzalez

He was in charge of taking the place of Fernando Beltrán and he did not look as expected. He doesn’t have the same characteristics as Nene and that blocked him.

Christian Calderon

He makes poor decisions most of the time he is on the court. He has stopped shining on the pitch.

Isaac Brizuela

Better and better, that’s why he left Akron Stadium applauded. Little by little he looks like in his best times.

Alexis Vega

He made the winning goal and had at least another just as clear that he let go. With him Chivas is another.

Angel Zaldivar

It was not a good duel for him. Few balls and that affects him. He left booed.

Pavel Perez

It was the first change to refresh the containment. It has a little more output and that helped.

Santiago Ormeno

He suffered just like Ángel Zaldívar, it’s not a lack of ability but that he doesn’t have many balls to spare.

Carlos Cisneros

His income gives another face to Chivas. It is an element that must be owned.

Robert Alvarado

He returned to the bench and entered the second half to continue attacking Puebla. He didn’t see much.

Jesus Angle

He returned to play from May 8. It was one more income to gain confidence on the court.


Anthony Silva

One of the best goalkeepers in Liga MX. He had an outstanding job like every week. In the goal of Chivas nothing could do.

Gustavo Ferrareis

He was involved in a terrible left ankle injury starting the match that will leave him out of circulation for several months.

Emilio Martinez

In many lapses of the game he was surpassed. Alexis Vega made several plays against him that almost amounted to a goal.

Israel Kings

He is a defender with a lot of quality and who knows what he is doing on the pitch.

Lucas May

He is normally a very reliable defender, but this Saturday it was not so much. Chivas overwhelmed a lot all over the field.

Gaston Silva

He put his leg in and it cost him yellow. She was one of the few who were saved from Puebla.

Diego de Buen

The best of Puebla. He contributed defensively and offensively and it showed.

Jordi Cortizo

He was on duty. He expected him to shine like in past duels and he didn’t.

Federico Mancuello

Few scoring options. He was expelled and rectified via VAR, so it was not a good night for the 10 from Puebla.

Maximilian Araujo

It was an exit on the left side of Puebla. But he couldn’t do much on the court either.

Martin Barragan

Complicated night. A lot of fighting and few balls, so it is difficult for this Mexican striker to shine.

Ivan Moreno

It was Puebla’s first change. With him you gain a lot in depth since he has strength and speed. There was little to do.

Ivo Vazquez

His admission seemed more like a requirement than a solution, as he was not seen much.

Omar Fernandez

It lacks more. That is why he is not a starter and that shows. He is still far from what he can give in Puebla.

Daniel Aguilar

A defensive change. Its function is more to break than to create and that it does very well.

Alberto Herrera

A steering wheel that has conditions. But it was not the night of the Puebla.

This is how we saw it Chivas vs. Puebla | player by player in J14- A2022