This is how we saw Rayados vs Mazatlán from Day 12

Rayados and Mazatlan tied at zero goals, in a duel where the visitors had a good defensive work and a Pandilla that had few scoring opportunities, and could not finish.

The closest thing to the goal was a shot at the post by Germán Berterame, and Nicolás Vikonis had a great night, on a day when the rain did not allow better actions to be given on the BBVA pitch.


Esteban Andrada.- one more fan during the first half, he had no demand from Mazatlan, although almost at the end of the first half he handed the ball to the rival and this mistake was almost costly.

Edson Gutiérrez.- In the second half he had a low shot that threatened to be a goal, but the rival goalkeeper’s intervention was very good. He left the match at 66′.

Stefan Medina.- Together with Héctor Moreno, he was one of the best that Monterrey had; Defensive solidity, he did not let the rival have the scoring opportunities they wanted, he won in duels through the air and on the ground, very good marking.

Hector Moreno.- well defended, although Mazatlan generated little; he was also able to join the attack, where he had an assist for Maxi Meza, but the target did not materialize. He was booked at 90′.

Sebastian Vegas.- he gave up a ball for Berterame on a couple of occasions that looked for more, but the goal was not given; In general, his performance was not good, he lost possession a lot and left the game at 66′

Alfonso González.- in the presence of Tata Martino in the stands, he was under pressure, from the beginning of the game he tried to do something, but he wasted away with long shots; he didn’t give in to him like he had been doing and left the match at 66′.

Matías Kranevitter.- It was one of the worst that Monterrey had in the match, in duels on the ground they did not win anything, they lost possession of the ball; only notable was his assistance to Pizarro at minute 7, although Rodolfo did not specify. He left the match at 84′

German Berterame.- He had two shots on goal that looked like a goal, one of them was a header to the post in the first half; in the second half he finished for the goal, but Vikonis dived to avoid it.

Maxi Meza.- one of the best that Rayados always has, in the midfield he distributes the game and even had a goal, with a header that did not end in a goal.

Rodolfo Pizarro.- He had a dangerous shot in the first half that went very close to the goal, but from then on nothing worth highlighting, he was one of the worst elements in this match and was booed at 88′.

Rodrigo Aguirre.- could not score in the first half after a shot from Berterame hit the post, it came, but he connected poorly; in the second part, already with the rain on top, he tried long distance and flew it.


Luis Romo.- he entered for Ponchito at 66′; he lost the ball a lot, he did not have a good performance.

Erick Aguirre.- he came in for Vegas at 66′ and didn’t even have a minute on the court when he fouled; 10 minutes later, he already had two fouls on his game. He looked to help the offense with long balls.

Jesus Gallardo.- he entered for Gutiérrez at 66′; he did not have an outstanding performance, what was salvageable were a couple of centers, although they did not prosper. He committed a foul.

Celso Ortiz.- he entered for Kranevitter at 84′; he won a ground duel and lost a ball, there was little he could do.

César Montes.- he entered for Pizarro at 88′ and was booed by the fans, because he wants to emigrate to Europe. He cleared a dangerous ball and won an aerial duel.


Nicholas Vikonis.- he saved clear goal shots from Rayados, he was a factor in the match due to his interventions; one of the best was a shot by Germán Berterame in the second half.

Bryan Colula.- I seek to do a clean job in defense, during the first half he was fouled by Rodolfo Pizarro for covering the ball very well; he suddenly joined the offensive, but without major results. He was one of the best in terms of defensive line, although he was booked.

Nestor Glass.- He did a clean job, one of the best in Mazatlan’s defense; he won some air and ground duels.

Jorge Meré.- good defensive work, he cleared some balls that looked dangerous, but in the end he came out at 78′ in search of the DT with a better performance towards the front.

Raúl Sandoval.- He did not have a great performance, he did very little in offense and defense, although he tried to help with deep passes, but none of them paid off.

Jefferson Intriago.- He had a great game, one of the highlights in the Mazatlán midfield; he looked for long, deep passes, he tried to distribute the ball making plays despite the rain.

Roberto Meraz.- he resorted to fouls and was even reprimanded for dangerous play; he was the worst player of the match for his team, he lost balls and they beat him in the mark.

Edward Bello.- He was unsuccessful in his arrivals and the clearest he had in the first half, he came out in an advanced position, although the play continued and he would have wasted it. He also shot from long range, but it went wide. He came out at 74′.

Yoel Bárcenas.- he tried a long-range shot, but could not make the difference; In general, he had a bad game, in ground duels he won little and came out at 88′.

Nico Benedetti.- he tried to be participatory in the offense, but there was no clarity in the last line of attack.

Brian Rubio.- of the worst that Mazatlan had this Saturday, no attack; he tried from long range, but a shot went wide. He left with a warning, he left at 74′.


Joshua Coldman.- he came on for Eduard Bello at 74′; he stood out with a pass to Bárcenas that passed close to the rival goal.

Alfonso Sánchez.- he entered for Benedetti at 74′; he didn’t have much to help his team, he won duels on the ground, but not in the air.

Gonzalo Sosa.- he came on for Brian Rubio at 74′ and soon got noticed for a foul he committed. Nothing worth writing about, he touched the ball seven times and fell offside.

Efrain Orona.- He came on for Meré at 78′, just like Sosa, he was soon in charge of committing a foul on a rival. He couldn’t help the team much.

Jorge Padilla.- he came on for Bárcenas at 88′. He barely touched the ball three times, although he did win a duel on the ground.

This is how we saw Rayados vs Mazatlán from Day 12 – Opening 2022