Tips for sleeping well when it’s hot that will turn you into summer

Long days, beautiful light until late, many opportunities to be outdoors with friends… but sleeping becomes torture. Summer is a dream that we look forward to all year long, but when it comes the tiredness skyrockets. Whole days of sweating can cause cramps, the heat goes hand in hand with exhaustion and sleep is affected enough to make us spend whole nights in white. What to do for sleep well even in the heat? First thing first, you must know that, to fall asleep well, the body needs to lower its temperature. Of course, it is not easy at all and the experts are wasted in advice of all kinds to improve the situation. Yes, because a disturbed sleep can have very important consequences on our health, as demonstrated by several recent studies: insomnia can cause anxiety, depression, increase stress levels, but also facilitate the onset of serious diseases such as diabetes.

Don’t panic: these are all the tips to sleep well in hot weather summarized in a single, practical and exhaustive guide that will carry out your summer. Promised.

Refreshes the room for the night

It may seem the most obvious of advice, but it is good to discuss it all the same: if the body needs to lower its temperature to sleep, then it is essential to go to bed when the room is cooler. Let’s start with the basics: to lower the temperature, the body burns calories, but, if the environment is hot, the body will not start the process and will not cool down… and welcome, sleepless night. If you don’t want to keep the air conditioning on while you sleep because it’s not good for you and you risk terrible sore throats every time, the ideal would be to turn it on a few hours before going to bed, let it cool off well and then turn it off when you sleep. The refreshed ambiance promotes sweet dreams.

Have lighter dinners

A rule that applies 365 days of the year, but which becomes even more fundamental in the summer: in the evening you prefer a lighter menu. A heavy and fat-rich dinner, however tasty, strains the digestive system and increases body temperature, disturbing sleep. There’s no need to fast or crash diets, just limit foods high in starch, salt (which will make you wake up thirsty) and fat. Focus on fruits and vegetables as much as possible.

Drink herbal tea at room temperature

Never in your life would you drink herbal tea in the fierce heat of summer? Bad, you’ll have to change your mind: a herbal tea at room temperature helps the body to regulate the internal temperature and to lower the thermometer. You can choose those that, among other things, help sleep such as those with hawthorn, hops or passion flower.

Take a warm shower before going to bed

Just like herbal tea, too a tepid shower allows the body to refresh itself in a few moments. Plus, it relaxes you deeply – which never hurts. Avoid the cold shower because the relief would only be momentary and the reaction would be the opposite: the body would produce a lot of heat. Game over.

Is sleeping well in the summer impossible? Of course not: these are the most popular tips for finding peaceful sleep even when the temperature puts you to the test

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Choose cotton and forget about any other fabric

Do you love silk sheets or pajamas, with synthetic fibers or linen? Well, forget those fabrics and choose only and exclusively cotton. In fact, synthetic materials and silk make you sweat a lot and prevent proper transpiration, while linen absorbs sweat less, leaving you with a sticky feeling that will disturb your sleep.

If you want, sleep naked *, but with a sheet at hand

Do you like to sleep like mom made you *? No problem, just watch out tAlways keep a sheet at hand for any sudden changes in temperature during the night: having it nearby allows you not to interrupt your sleep too much when you need to cover yourself. As disclosed before, choose only cotton sheets.

Refresh the sheets with a little water spray

Your new ally is called a spray bottle or nebulizer. Take one of those you use perhaps for cleaning, fill it with fresh water and, if you want, add a relaxing essential oil such as lavender, then Mist warm sheets before falling asleep. By doing this, as the water evaporates, you’ll lower both bed and body temperatures, and you’ll sleep faster.

Do some meditation and focus on your breathing

Stress + heat = atrocious combo for sleep. After doing what was recommended above, take at least 10 minutes to go to bed and regain your lost relaxation: try a meditation (you can find many free ones on the web and on YouTube, or you can search for ad hoc apps) and thus prepare both mind and body for the night. You can also use a yogic breathing exercise to beat the heat: inhale slowly, long and deeply through the teeth, keeping the bite closed but without forcing and slightly opening the lips, then exhale slowly through the nose and continue for a few minutes. Guaranteed result.

Tips for sleeping well when it’s hot that will turn you into summer