Today Tosi is cheering for Europeanism: «A post as a minister? Why not”

Flavio Tosi, leader of Forza Italia in the next political elections (Photo Sartori)

He started the gallop towards September 25, miles and miles to hit the target: Montecitorio. Though today he runs for Forza Italia, Flavio Tosi cannot fail to remember what Umberto Bossi told him at the time of the League: “At the end of the election campaign you must be destroyed by fatigue”. And at the senatur, Flavio Tosi acknowledges that he is the man who will go down in history, because if Salvini has built an electoral miracle, Bossi has set up the League. And speaking of great old men in politics, the former mayor has also changed his mind about Berlusconi whom he now defines as “politically immortal”. Il Cavaliere adopted him with great hopes, especially organizational ones, and he reciprocates by calling him “the most liberal, most pro-European and most concrete person among the leaders of the center-right”. His mission today is to reorganize the party in Veneto, to root it more in the territory.

Verona comes out of conflicting municipal elections within the center-right. Who can that rift weigh on?
“Certainly about the Brothers of Italy since Sboarina refused the appearance that would have given victory to the coalition. Having lost a city like Verona due to a stumbling block by the outgoing mayor is a damage that will have repercussions in the elections and here Brothers of Italy could be below what is expected ».

Let’s talk about his former party, the Lega. The tension is evident especially in some provinces due to the choices made with the candidacies. So much so that rumors say that in the province of Treviso many would be tempted to vote for the Brothers of Italy in the person of the former magistrate Carlo Nordio.
“The malaise of militancy exists but the voter who votes for the League is not influenced by internal stomach pains.”

Let’s talk about the programmatic flags that Forza Italia will wave in this electoral campaign. Three themes.
«The high bills are a problem that affects families and companies. In the autumn there is a risk of disaster for the cost of energy. To this we must add the tax reform that must be linked to cutting waste. Finally, but it is not secondary, the issue of de-bureaucratization which has never been resolved ».

Will Giorgia Meloni really be the prime minister of the coalition if the center-right wins or could there be a change?
«The coalition agreement says that the party that gets the most votes indicates the premier and this does not mean that its leader is automatically the premier. It means that a figure must be indicated that suits the coalition, the Italians and Europe ”.

So do you think she could also be a different figure from Meloni?
«You will have to make a proposal for a figure that has suitable characteristics. It is not possible to have a prime minister who shoots against Europe because we have seen, especially since Covid onwards, that if there was no Europe it would have been a disaster “.

From the identikit of the prime minister to the figures of ministers that Giorgia Meloni would like with specific skills. Is Tosi preparing to occupy a post of minister, perhaps to the General Affairs already entrusted by Forza Italia to Mariastella Gelmini?
“President Berlusconi and coordinator Tajani will decide. Having said that, after the very sad grillina parenthesis which proved to be a national disaster, it is right to return to competence ».

To put it politically: is Flavio Tosi available?
“Yes, but it is Forza Italia, for better or for worse, that decides.”

Do you think the country will still need Draghi?
«The future premier must be a figure who has his stature and great credibility. So if the center-right once in government found a way to make use of it, everyone would agree. A resource like him must not be wasted ».

Can these elections, with the strong advance of the Brothers of Italy, also mark a watershed in Veneto and bring the League back to the normality of a party and not a super party as it has been in recent years?
«Zaia will no longer be eligible for reapplication in 2025 and Forza Italia and Fratelli d’Italia will no longer be so far from the League as percentages. So there will no longer be the “master” of the coalition and therefore the game is very open for the next regional teams ».

Zaia after September 25 how do you see him and where do you see him?
“If Zaia decided to go and be a minister, I wouldn’t see anything scandalous and I think many would appreciate it.”

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Today Tosi is cheering for Europeanism: «A post as a minister? Why not”