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A few months ago, this poster had a very different objective for the two teams. Since then, that has changed a lot with a Stade Français well on the ground but agitated outside and a CA Brive in crisis. The Brivists would like to do it again but the opposition will be much more motivated.

We are approaching the end of this first block and the classification remains tight but dynamics appear: positive for Paris, negative for Brive. However, everything can be reversed quickly at the start of the season.

Review of the season

French Stadium : 3rd with 18 points (4 wins, 0 draw, 3 losses)

Brive : 12th with 11 points (2 wins, 0 draw, 5 losses)

Stade Français come out of a frustrating season, finished freewheeling. There was movement in the team in the off-season with the arrival of Morgan Parra and the departure of Waisea Nayacalevu. Paris hopes this season will go better and the first match looks like a symbol with the reception of Clermont which sees its former master playing start opposite. And the Stade Français starts well with a victory, a victory acquired in the last quarter of an hour thanks to the foot of Segonds. In Castres, things went badly in the first period with 3 tries conceded and a score of 30 to 10. But the Parisians did not give up and went back to -10 without being able to do better. The first period is a cannonball. This bad start cannot be corrected and even continues since Bayonne leads 13-9 in the capital on the hour mark. It takes a Parisian awakening to see the score evolve in the right direction and a try from Macalou at the siren to offer a very difficult victory to Stade Français. The calendar offers two away matches and during these two matches, Paris clings to the score and does not crack. In Lyon, he will not have missed much to bring back something from this trip (a transformation!) but this defensive bonus will come a week later, in Bordeaux, in a similar scenario but with a happy outcome: test at the mermaid and successful transformation for the bonus. Stade Français made short work of Perpignan and pocketed the offensive bonus. In Pau, everything is going badly for Paris. The Parisians are led 29-7 and find themselves at 14 per hour of play after Kremer’s red card. Against all odds, the comeback begins. In a quarter of an hour, they will score 3 tries and Glover scores the equalizer try. Segonds passes the transformation of the winner for this totally surprising and unexpected victory. The contents of the matches are not perfect but in terms of accounts, it’s good for Stade Français. It’s been a while since Paris won three straight games. The occasion seems beautiful this Saturday.

After the very complicated end of the season and a maintenance obtained on the very last day, everyone said to themselves “never again”. Unfortunately, the crisis is brewing inside and the chaotic start to the season will prove fatal.. It started badly with a home defeat against Lyon, in a match where Brive never appeared in action but rather in reaction, but the defensive bonus comes to concretize the efforts made. Efforts that will be a week later and with the way because the CAB will not only win but also take the bonus. The sequence is desirable but will not materialize. Montpellier speaks about its experience in attack and at the same time its solidarity and its power for an ultimate defense outside. If in Castres, the offensive game is down, the defense will fight a serious fight, repelling each attempt from Castres. Castres wins but Brive is very close to the bonus. Bayonne is taken by Brive forwards in all sectors of the game but the Basques do not crack. In a few minutes, we went from a possible offensive bonus for CAB to a real defensive bonus for Bayonne who never gives up and is rewarded at the siren. The matches in Toulon and against Toulouse are ordeals, with a CAB in great difficulty in attack. In Toulon, Brive tried to score tries but succeeded. Facing Toulouse, Brive gets trapped on recovery balls and the Toulouse people did not ask for so much. If the conquest resists very well, it is limited in its impact. Toulouse doesn’t care much and imposes itself very largely. For 3 hours, Brive did not score tries and after two heavy defeats (0-47, 7-45), Jeremy Davidson’s fate is sealed. He is replaced by Arnaud Méla who hopes to see another attitude, perhaps slightly better, especially in the attacking game and the test opportunities. Finally, Brive will tighten and launch its maintenance operation. The Stade Français knows this action very well to stay united and it works well. Can be an example to follow.

strong men

In the absence of his brother, Moses Alo-Emile has taken over and is an effective pillar in the game and in conquest. Paul Gabrillagues is now the guardian of the temple but above all a 2nd line that imposes and not only in the work of the shade. Sekou Macalou knows how to do everything on the pitch and above all make the difference on his own thanks to his technique and his speed. Joris Segonds has established himself as an opener for the future and his length of game on foot does damage. He was the hero last week scoring the equalizer try and Harry Glover is going to want to ride on that. Trained in Brive, Nadir Megdoud also finds his training club after a good season with Rouen. Leo Barré does not have the easy task of replacing Kylan Hamdaoui and it will be a different style at the back compared to the former Biarritz.

Trained in Paris, Lucas Da Silva is already making his comeback to challenge his training club. Hampered by a back injury to start the season, Andrés Zafra has an ignition delay but hopes to be able to continue now. It wasn’t necessarily the 3rd line planned at the start but in the end, this trio Abadie – Gué – Papali’i works very well and complements each other well. A few months back, they were the hinge of the Crabos and now they find themselves together on a whole new level, that of the Top 14. Tom Raffy has already had his firsts, so it will be Léo Carbonneau’s turn, first in pro, first in Top 14 and first tenure. Sammy Arnold finds the center of the attack and will bring his power. After two frustrating first matches, Aaron Grandidier-Nkanang hopes to be able to show himself and make his qualities speak. Coming off the bench, it will be the first for Mesulame Kunavula, a powerful 3rd line and a good ball carrier.

Assessment and confrontations

French Stadium (at home) : VVV

Clermont (24-18), Bayonne (26-16), Perpignan (52-3)

Brive (away) : VDD

Perpignan (6-17), Castres (12-6), Toulon (47-0)

The slope is not the same for the Stade Français and the CAB both in the season and on the specific home / away. This inevitably tilts the balance more to one side than the other.

For now, everything is going well in Jean-Bouin for the Stade Français which displays a perfect 3/3 with in particular a last big victory against Perpignan. Speaking of Perpignan, it had started very well in Catalonia for Brive but if the team missed the boat in Castres, it exploded on the side of Toulon and will be looking to notice essays at first.

The last Brive victory in the capital is very recent sinceit dates from the last day of last season, a bonus victory which offered the maintenance to the CAB. Despite everything, Paris has the advantage of victories even if the gaps are not often above 15 points. It remains open and tight matches.

Here is the composition of the two teams for the match Stade Français – Brive (kick-off at 5 p.m., referee: Mr Sébastien Minery)

For Paris : 1 M.Alo Emile – 2 Ivaldi – 3 Roelofse – 4 Gabrillagues (Cap) – 5 Van Der Mescht – 6 Ory – 7 Briatte – 8 Macalou – 9 Coville – 10 Segonds – 11 Glover – 12 Delbouis – 13 Naivalu – 14 Megdoud – 15 Barred

Substitutes : 16 Panis – 17 Castets – 18 Pesenti – 19 De Giovanni – 20 Hall – 21 Ward – 22 Habel-Küffner – 23 Melikidze

Absent : P.Alo Emile (mental health), Kakovin (knee), Abramishvili (acromio), Azagoh (shoulder)Kremer (suspended), Tsutskiridze (knee), Parra (knee), Sanchez (knee), Dachary (knee), Etien (tear), Arrate (biceps), Veainu (knee) and Hamdaoui (concussion)

For Brive : 1 Vanai – 2 Da Silva – 3 Ceccarelli – 4 Zafra – 5 Paulos – 6 E.Abadie (Cap) – 7 Ford – 8 Papali’i – 9 Carbonneau – 10 Raffy – 11 Muller – 12 Arnold – 13 Tuicuvu – 14 Grandidier- Nkanang – 15 Jurand

Substitutes : 16 Dufour – 17 Tapueluelu – 18 Rixen – 19 Kunavula – 20 Ferte – 21 Lacoste – 22 Galletier – 23 Van Der Merwe

Absent : to consult the status of the CA Brive infirmary, do not hesitate to go to the infirmary tab

Picture: SFP

Top 14: Pre-match Stade Français Paris – CA Brive