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Every week some questions about the next three-way match of our reporters, who tell us theirs on the moment of the Bull

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Four questions, three opinions on the matter. Our opinions, sometimes in agreement and sometimes discordant with each other. Here you are ToroPreview: before the match, three of our journalists will answer questions from the editorial staff, having their say on the commitment that awaits the team and in general on the moment of the grenade. Personal opinions sometimes at the antipodes, to try to give the reader a more complete view on the subject matter. This week, on the other side of the microphone, here are our Andrea CalderoniIrene Nicola and Giacomo Tired.

Sassuolo arrives after the defeat at San Siro: do you expect an immediate redemption from the grenades?

Cauldrons – In my opinion, there is little to redeem. I think Juric at the press conference illustrated the picture of the grenade well. Having changed so much, it is normal that we cannot start from those solid foundations built last year. In other words, also this season we will have to look more at the good performance and then at the result that will not always come, thanks to some flaws that the large summer changes imply.

Nicola – Yes, I expect a ransom. Toro so far, even in the defeat against Inter, has always provided good performances. Unlike Sassuolo who started the season in chiaroscuro. It could be the right occasion to give continuity of results and return to the three points.

Tired – Torino must continue to do what they have always done. Continuity in performance has never been lacking, even on occasions of more or less clear defeats. The granata play modern and dynamic football with young players eager to show their worth. The inexperience of some interpreters will necessarily lead to losing points on the road, as in the case of Ilkhan at San Siro last Saturday. Sassuolo is traditionally an opponent against whom Toro has given fun games full of upheavals, this custom could be repeated this time too.

Schuurs arrived in place of Bremer, but there is also Buongiorno who is doing very well. How to manage the dualism between the Dutchman and the Toro school player?

Cauldrons – Abundance wears out those who don’t have it. Better to have more choices for each role. I think Schuurs does not rule out Buongiorno and vice versa, they can also coexist. And then I give an example. If Inter could have counted on Lukaku, I think he would have played in the center of the defense from 1 ‘Schuurs. Without Lukaku, on the other hand, we opted for Buongiorno and the result was satisfactory.

Nicola – As seen so far, Schuurs and Buongiorno have always alternated in the center of the defense and at the moment the canterano seems to give more guarantees than the Dutchman in the eyes of Juric, who is therefore right to propose him as the owner considering that he is also in confidence. In the future I think the two can also coexist, moving one as an arm to make Djidji or Rodriguez catch his breath.

Tired – Both are excellent footballers and deserve to be expected. Buongiorno has grown exponentially in a few months and has proved to be very mature in character. Schuurs was very punctual in the advances. It cannot be ruled out that Juric can make them both play in the future by moving the school defender Toro to the right. In any case, abundance has never been a problem, but rather an opportunity.

At San Siro once again the difficulty of Toro emerged in realizing. What do you think is the main cause?

Cauldrons – I think Juric’s game involves a lot of dirty work on the part of the center forward and this limits his potential in front of goal. Juric entrusts a good chunk of the realization to the attacking midfielders, the winger and the two midfielders. This does not always bear the fruits of him, especially against the so-called “big” of the tournament. Already last year there was talk of the same type of problem.

Nicola – I think Toro is missing a double-digit striker at the moment. Sanabria seems to exalt himself in a work more like an added attacking midfielder as Paro says, Pellegri did not physically show the continuity to guarantee these figures. But I think the two aren’t doing poorly in performance and I hope they can find more door.

Tired – Torino don’t have a 20-goal-a-season striker. Belotti was the leader of the attack for seven seasons, almost always arriving in double figures, with the peak of 28 goals in the championship with Mihajilovic on the bench, but he was not replaced (in the offensive department Sanabria and Pellegri remained who were already there the other year). You can not make any consideration on the concreteness of the grenade in front of goal if you do not start from this consideration. Finally, he made a few too many mistakes in front of Radonjic’s goalkeeper, who must put minutes in his legs.

Returning to the individual, would you bet on Sanabria or Pellegri at the center of the attack?

Cauldrons – I think Pietro Pellegri can have a chance from 1 ‘. They are two different strikers. I don’t think that excluding Sanabria from the start is a rejection, but just a normal shift. Among other things, I think Sanabria is fundamental for Torino’s way of playing and he has shown it on several occasions (in Cremona, for example, he was nothing short of enthralling with his movements that sometimes overshadow those who are little careful and just look at the match report).

Nicola – I would bet on Pellegri. I think Sanabria is doing well and I find myself in Paro’s words when he defined him as an added attacking midfielder rather than a striker, but he scores little and I would be curious to see Pellegri at work for large sections of the match. I have always liked the few minutes that have been granted to him, you can see that he has a great desire to score and climb the hierarchy. I think he may deserve a more concrete chance.

Tired – Pellegri wants to do well: self-denial, determination and sacrifice have never been lacking in his grenade adventure. These are choices that Juric also makes based on how he wants to prepare for the race and how he has seen the boys during the week. Leaving room for Pellegri does not mean rejecting Sanabria, so a presence of him on the pitch from the first minute would find my favor.

ToroPreview, towards Turin-Sassuolo: “How to manage the Schuurs-Buongiorno dualism?”