Troglio’s strong advice to Scaloni in the run

A week after the debut of the Argentine National Team, the experienced coach suggested enjoying his colleague for the ‘success’ of the country in case of not having good results.

  • Argentina plays its last friendly against the United Arab Emirates
  • Scaloni: “The World Cup is won by intelligent teams”

Peter Trogliowith almost 20 years of experience as a coach, suggested to Lionel Scaloni “enjoy” the present of the Argentine National Team, because the success of the country can end the romance of the “Scaloneta” in case of not coming out champion of the Qatar World Cup.

A week after the debut against Saudi Arabia, for Group C, Troglio imagined: “He must feel a great responsibility but I would tell him to enjoy this moment, to continue like this, he is doing very well”.

“What you have to be clear about is that today is all nice but we are in Argentina and if you don’t come out champion, the Scaloneta is over, they are going to say that the tires were punctured”joked Pedro Troglio with his usual frankness in dialogue with Télam “We are like that -he lamented-. Other things would have to be valued but if things go wrong, nobody recognizes anything: neither the undefeated nor how you got there. Coming out second in a World Cup or being in the top four is very good but in our country it doesn’t work. they kill you”.

“Winning the Copa América was a very strong impact, a crucial moment, because sometimes you need a title, it improves you. It was good for Messi, Di María, the entire squad and the coaching staff, it freed them up”analyzed the current coach of Olimpia de Honduras.

Troglio, runner-up in the world with Argentina in Italy ’90, stated that Scaloni “did a postgraduate degree” as a coach at the head of the National Team, recognized his merit in “finding players who were unknown and putting together a strong group”, but insisted on the advice to live in the present.

“Argentine football is very cruel if the results do not accompany you. You have to be clear. The coaches and the players pass. You have to learn to enjoy the good. Scaloni’s teaching is tremendous. No matter the experience, you can go or bad as a coach or as a player”he mused.

Troglio, 57, then referred to the Messi’s harangue in the run-up to the final against Brazil at the Maracanawhich went viral due to the recent premiere of a documentary series on Netflix. “Those who believed that Messi didn’t harangue is because you can’t see everything, it shows up when someone wants something to transcend and it generally shows up when things are going well for you. In reality we all harangue, motivate, talk and it’s not always known”he clarified. “A myth was created that did not speak in the locker room. There are different types of leaders. Here you can see a very strong group between those who remained from previous times and the new ones who joined. Unity is appreciated, they are very good behind closed doors Everything is due to Scaloni and the coaching staff, who knew how to give each one a place.”he stressed.

Troglio assured that the Argentine national team “is a candidate for the title” in Qatar 2022 and considered that the quarterfinals represent “a funnel” due to the risk of facing a power. “You can meet France and everything will depend on how they arrive and how they are that day. I don’t see any surprises. Between Argentina, Brazil, France, Belgium, Spain, England and Germany the champion will emerge”said.

Regarding the game, he said: “I imagine teams with ten players defending at the gate of the area and there you need the mobility, technique and precision of the best. In that place and at that moment, those who are seriously good define”.

Source: Telam

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The probable formation of the Argentine National Team vs. United Arab Emirates

Pending confirmation and Tuesday’s training, this would be Scaloni’s possible team:

emiliano Martinez; Nahuel millChristian Rosemary or German pezzellaNicholas otamendiFrames coin or Nicholas tagliafico; Rodrigo Paul’sLeandro WallsAlexis Mac Allister or Alexander gomez; lionel MessiLautaro Martinez and angel say mary.

The possible formation of the United Arab Emirates vs. Argentine National Team

Mohamed Al Shamsi; AAJA Suroor, Khalifa Al Hammadi, Mohamed Omar Al Attas, Saeed Juma Hassan; Ali Salmeen; Bandar Al Ahbabi, Majid Rashi, Abdalla Ramadan, Harib Abdalla Suhail; caio. DT: Rodolfo Arruabarrena.

Fixture of the Argentine National Team in the World Cup in Qatar 2022

Date 1:

  • Argentina vs. Saudi Arabia | Tuesday November 22 at 07 | Lusail Stadium.

Date 2:

  • Argentina vs. Mexico | Saturday, November 26 at 4:00 p.m. | Lusail Stadium.

Date 3:

  • Poland vs. Argentinian | Wednesday, November 30 at 4:00 p.m. | Stadium 974.

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