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At the Piola Stadium, third day of the championship between Turin and Inter Primavera: summary, scoreboard, result and live news

(from our correspondent at the Piola di Vercelli Stadium for InterNews24)

At the Piola Stadium in Vercelli, Turin And Inter Primavera they face each other on the third day of the 2022/2023 championship. Nerazzurri chasing the second point after the daring draw with Cagliari.


Summary Torino Inter Primavera 1-0

1 ‘- Kick-off whistle

4 ‘- Very intense game right away. The Nerazzurri try to build in the left lane with Perin. On a restart signed by Ansah, Kamate spends a rather avoidable foul and forces the referee to extract the first yellow of the challenge

6 ‘- Despite the yellow, Kamate is the one to propose himself more in the first minutes of the game and to recover more balls in the last 35 meters. Its impact is good at the moment

9 ‘- Torino tries to appear in the Nerazzurri half for the first time. Precise Guercio and Fontanarosa on the left out

11 ‘- Kamate once again risks the conflict, but it is Ansah who pays the consequences. Second yellow of the game after just over ten minutes of play

14 ‘THE ADVANTAGE OF TURIN ARRIVES. Ansah made the most of Dembele’s cross from the right and punched Botic with an easy header

18 ‘- First flash of Esposito who tries with the left from a distance. On the developments of the corner kick, the Nerazzurri close to the equal goal

24 ‘- Valentin Carboni’s gesture of anger after a tactical foul, of pure frustration, against Weidmann. The 2005 class kicks the ball in the stands but is pardoned by the referee. Cooling break at the Silvio Piola Stadium

30 ‘- Still trivial errors of the Nerazzurri in the setting phase. A little lost martini

31 ‘- Andersen gives the ball to Jurgens. Then he is perfect to recover it before the former Inter can find himself one-on-one with Fontanarosa

34 ‘- Inter wrapping maneuver with Valentin Carboni and Iliev who close the triangle with Kamata. The number 14 gets to the shot quite easily, but probably the simplest thing is wrong. Passador blocks without too much difficulty the right that starts from the edge of the area

36 ‘- Inter continues to try from the flag. On the precise cross from Iliev, Fontanarosa with a header, however, fails to frame the goal

38 ′ – Valentin Carboni finally finds some space in the last twenty-five meters and lets a splendid right turn start. Passador responds present

39 ‘- Another daring action near the small area for the Nerazzurri who cannot find the decisive spit with Esposito. The referee then whistles a foul in attack for a contact on Dembele

41 ‘- Guercio flawlessly closes the former teammate Jurgens on one of the rare restarts of the hosts. Torino’s possession of the ball remains passive and is limited to defending the advantage

43 ‘- Fontanarosa makes the fifth added in an attempt to create more space. Eventually the ball reaches Perin who tries to throw it in with a tense and strong cross in the center. Ball in corner kick

45 ‘- From Valentin Carboni to Iliev. Inter moves from right to left with much, too much caution. The grenade defense closes in the end on Esposito who is forced to a foul in the attack in an attempt to throw her in the middle

45 + 2 ‘- Valentin Carboini aims on the right out and then serves Kamata with a ball perhaps a long pinch. The number 14 tries one too many dribbles against N’Guessan and ends up losing the ball and committing a foul

45 + 3 – Inter creates, Torino maintains the advantage thanks to the goal in the heart of the first half signed by Ansah. The Nerazzurri try, thanks to the forays of Valentin Carboni and Kamata (booked after four minutes) but never manage to score. Fifteen minutes of reflection for Chivu who could upset the situation when he returns to the field

45 ‘- The second half begins

46 ‘- You change from one side to the other. For Inter outside Iliev and Martin, inside Owusu and Di Maggi

47 ‘- The new entry Vaiarelli is face to face with Botis. The Greek class of 2004 closes the mirror perfectly

57 ‘- Carboni is not calm and proves it once again. A tactical foul in midfield on the number 25 grenade costs him yellow this time

58 ‘- Valentin Carboni points Ruszel on the right out and then unloads on Owusu who puts her in the center with a tense and low cross. On the imperfect detour of Passador, which then gets hurt, Francesco Esposito fails to reiterate on the net

60 ‘- Another change for Turin. The author of the momentary 1-0 Ansah comes out to make room for number 9 Caccavo

65 ′ – For better or for worse, the main offensive maneuvers at Inter start from Valentin Carboni. This time the 2005 class tries to pocket Owusu who, however, lacks control from eleven meters

68 ′ – Inter football textbook action that ends once again with a good cross from Zanotti and a bad control in the middle of the area by Owusu. Kamara’s splendid ball recovery is to be recorded

69 ‘- Esposito’s match ends. In his place, Curatolo enters

70 ‘- Andersen stops the restart of Torino signed by N’Guessan with bad manners. The third yellow of the game arrives

71 ‘- Second and last cooling break. Inter still called to reassemble

78 ‘- Quite confusing moment of the match. Torino defends themselves, Inter pours completely into the opposing half without ever reaching the conclusion and without a precise idea of ​​the game. Andersen’s long balls work little and badly

79 ‘- Kamate comes out, probably the best in the field. In place of him the number 18 Sarr. Thus Chivu plays the last offensive card

84 ‘- Cross in the center of Perin: Curatolo hits with the left outside but does not center the goal. Disorganized and disorganized Inter but once again dangerous

89 ′ – Zanotti claims a penalty on an individual action that develops on the right side. The referee does not stop the game. It remains on 1-0

90 ‘- There will be five minutes of recovery

90 + 1 ‘- Same axis, same result. On Perin’s pitched ball, Curatolo only touches the far post with a good header

90 + 3 ‘- Nervous game even in the final. Yellow for number 8 grenade, author of a very generous performance on the wing

90 + 5 ‘- Triple final whistle at Piola. Christian Chivu’s Inter failed to remedy Ansah’s goal in the heart of the first half and remained at one point after the defeat against Bologna and the draw with Cagliari. The maneuver was cumbersome, few ideas in the offensive department, a great performance by Kamate is not enough

Player of the match: at the end of the first half REPORT CARDS

Torino Inter Primavera 1-0: result and match report

14 ‘Ansah (T)

TURIN (4-3-1-2): 1 Passador; 25 Dellavalle, 5 N’Guessan, 4 Anton (C), 27 Dembele; 31 Ruszel, 19 Antolini (46 ‘Vaiarelli), 8 Gineitis; 30 Weidmann (46 ‘D’Agostino), 11 Ansah (60’ Caccavo) 15 Jurgens (73 ‘Dell’Aquila). Available: 12 Hennaux, 22 Brezzo, 2 Gaj, 6 Rector, 16 Corona, 23 Dalla Vecchia, 24 Savva, 26 Bura, 29 Njie. Trainer: Giuseppe Scurto.

INTER (4-3-2-1): 1 Botis; 2 Zanotti (C), 6 Guercio, 3 Fontanarosa, 26 Perin; 7 Martini (46 ′ Di Maggio), 24 Andersen, 14 Kamate (79 ′ Sarr), 10 Carboni, 11 Iliev (46 ′ Owusu), 23 Esposito (69 ′ Curatolo). Available: 21 Calligaris, 32 Basti, 4 Stankovic, 8 Grygar, 13 Stabile, 25 Biral, 27 Dervishi, 28 Stante, 31 Di Pentima, 33 Pelamatti. Trainer: Cristian Chivu.

Turin Inter Primavera 1-0. One more slip for the Nerazzurri, just a flash of Ansah