Turin-Juventus 0-1


Milinkovic-Savic 7

: saves everything he can save but can do nothing on Vlahovic’s undersized deflection which allows Juventus to take the lead. He had been a prodigy just before on a goring always from the Serbian center forward of Juventus.

Djidji 6: providential at the beginning of the second half when he slipped ahead of the opposing attackers on the ball placed in the middle of the area by Rabiot. He also does well against Vlahovic when he faces him.

(From 33′ st Zima: sv)

Schuurs 6: he has the task of stemming Vlahovic and manages to do it well for long stretches of the match by exploiting his physical skills, it is no coincidence that the Serbian attacker’s goal comes from a corner action.

Rodríguez 5: Loses two bloody balls in his own half. And it was precisely by exploiting one of his mistakes that Juventus built their biggest chance in the first half in the first half with Vlahovic who showed up in front of Milinkovic-Savic.

Aina 5.5: starts the game with a couple of consecutive errors in the ball control and support phase. However, he grows as the minutes go by and grinds several kilometers back and forth on the right wing, but lacks quality in his plays.

(From 33′ st Single: sv)

Lukeic 5.5: in the middle of the field he can’t give quality to Turin’s game. He just does his job but fails to do it with the necessary quality. He is once again a very different player from last year’s Lukic.

Lineatty 6.5: performance of great grit and determination by the Polish midfielder who, from the first minutes of the match, recovers a large number of balls in the middle of the field. He plays a game like the derby at his best.

(From 33′ st Karamoh: sv)

Lazarus 6: he is preferred to Vojvoda on the left wing, a well-chosen choice by Juric because the Austrian full-back manages to put Cuadrado in difficulty and often reaches the back. His performance is good

Miranchuk 5: too slow and cumbersome when he has the ball at his feet. He should give quality to Turin’s game but he can’t. In the second half he also has a good chance to score but from an excellent position he shoots high.

Radonjic 5.5: Often tries to aim and jump at the opponent but doesn’t always succeed. When he has the opportunity he also tries several times to finish towards the opponent’s goal but the aim needs to be reviewed.

(From 25th St Pilgrims 5.5: enters but no one notices, he practically never touches the ball.)

Vlasic 5.5: given the unavailability of Sanabria and with Pellegri not at his best, the Croatian is deployed in the central striker role. However, we see that his position is not natural and he struggles a lot in the duel with Bremer. In the second he plays in a more backward position but still doesn’t manage to combine much.

All. Juric 5: it is not your usual Turin. The grenade team seems intimidated by the opponent and is unable to dribble with the usual fluidity, goal chances are also absent. He partly has the alibi of not having a role striker at his disposal.


Szczesny 6.5: ordinary administration or little more, then it is exceeded in the 14th minute of the second half on Radonjic’s deflected cross.
Daniel 7: he’s the one who has the most complicated task of having to stem the perky Radonjic, but he’s also the most attentive in the Juventus defence. And he puts his head into it for the 0-1 goal.
Bremer 6: central to the three-man defence, he is not called upon to make particular interventions against a Toro without a centre-forward. He goes out with a flexor problem, overwhelmed by the boos of his former fans who have not forgiven him (6 ‘st Bonucci 6: enters and puts himself in the center of the defense, makes himself available)
Alex Sandro 6.5: better from central left probably.
Square 5.5: when it is triggered, glimmers of a true Cuadrado are glimpsed, overall it is noted above all for the errors.
McKennie 5.5: he has never had the time and the opportunity to really work on his athletic condition, he continues to play always and in any case, but he is out of phase and it shows.
Locatelli 6.5: valuable when he has to protect the defence, less so when setting up, only Milinkovic denies him a goal.
Rabiot 6.5: he is not the author of an impeccable performance, however he remains the only one capable of some breaks and of bringing physicality to the duels in midfield.
Kostic 6.5: the opportunities to affect on the left are not lacking, he wastes almost all of them for a time and then takes the chair in the second half. If the balls between him don’t become winning assists it’s because of those who don’t exploit them..
Key 5: he doesn’t seem like the ideal shoulder for Vlahovic, he turns away instead of dividing the dirty work. He creates havoc in the second half, then devours a sensational goal (28 ‘st Milik 6: piece of substance)
Vlakhovic 7: he tries to work for himself and for his teammates, he makes a lot of mistakes, practically everything for 75 minutes. But he never gives up and finds the three-point strike, the one he hopes can really change the black and white season (45 ‘st Paredes sv).

all. Merry 6.5: in the derby of fear, Juve seems to cancel with a Turin that is anything but irresistible. But he wins and doesn’t concede a goal, after having fought more with his fears than with the Bull. Anyway, a starting point. Yet another.

Turin-Juve, CM’s report cards: Vlahovic paw, Danilo basilare. Cuadrado and Kean disappoint, Miranchuk badly