TwitchCon strikes again: even xQc is sick, bleeding ears and unable to speak

During the week of TwitchCon, the hugely popular xQc streamer (real name Felix Lengyel) unexpectedly announced a temporary hiatus from streaming, finding himself in a bad state of health. This is a rare occurrence for him, which has long maintained a regular schedule interrupted only in exceptional cases, such as a visit by him to Canada or unexpected problems in real life.

Despite the several hours of participation in TwitchCon, the streamer still managed to keep his schedule of live shows; however, October 13 was the only day he did not appear, despite a live show on his schedule. He had said that he would still be live even though he was feeling unwell, but in the end he never appeared online.

After doing some tests (probably related to COVID), Felix announced his positivity, which also brought very heavy symptoms, such as headaches and muscle pains. Now, the streamer gives us further developments, also revealing a terrible state despite having received some treatment.

Twitch streamer xQc struggling with severe malaise

xQc informed its viewers that it was able to overcome the first “disease” a few days ago; however, after it a further problem seems to have arisen, which this time would have hit his ears. In fact, Felix says he has infections in both his right and left ear, and they cause various pains, making it impossible even to speak, chew and lie down.

Yet, even after receiving the first emergency care his symptoms would get even worse.

“I went to the emergency room because the pain was unbearable and my ears were bleeding, I took some antibiotic drops, used them and woke up even worse than before. I am so bloated that I can barely feel, cannot eat or speak well. I have no idea what’s going on, I’m about to go crazy ”.

A colleague of xQc, Pokimane, wanted to give the streamer a suggestion on how to find a solution to the problem, advising him to go to an ENT, while many Felix fans tried to show their closeness, worried about his health. It also appears that xQc was not the only streamer to have returned ill from TwitchCon, as many others appear to have reported various illnesses despite the rules imposed to maintain health safety during the event.


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TwitchCon strikes again: even xQc is sick, bleeding ears and unable to speak