UBB offers its first offensive bonus to Section Paloise

Air hole or structural difficulty following this crushing defeat in Pau, what is certain is that the absence of its internationals weakens this team which seems to lack bench depth in the face of the avalanche of injuries.

Toulouse, although more affected by the puncture of the national team, is doing better from this period of doubles than UBB because for the moment Ugo Mola’s men have not given up anything in the standings by maintaining their pursuers from a distance as UBB vegetates in eleventh place. Of course within musket range of the Top 6 because the gap remains small for the moment but be careful it will not stop growing and the UBB will have to raise the bar as soon as their internationals return, but beware of injuries. It should also be noted that in the matches against Pau, the UBB had mixed fortunes because it has always had trouble with this very catchy team, especially during its clashes with the capital of Aquitaine and now the two teams are tied for wins. The Bordelo-Béglais almost returned blanked as we say in hockey when the beaten team does not score any points but it is on an inspiration from Bielle-Biarrey recovering a ball not necessarily well used by the locals that the latter will give to Lesgourgues after a nice breakthrough, the scrum-half’s legs doing the rest to lead him between the poles but that would be it for UBB. The score remains heavy and it was a while since the UBB had conceded so many points without returning so few. Whether it was the first or the second half, the Palois each time went off with a bang, each time scoring less than four minutes after the start whistle, leaving the Bordelo-Béglais without reaction to the despair of the large handful of supporters. Bordeaux having made the trip hoping for better behavior from their favorite team and overall they were rather disappointed.

Mori tried to blast the Pau defense

We were able to say to ourselves at halftime after the small first half of the Union that this one would always manage to redo because two tries did not seem like the sea to drink, but from the start the third try showered all the hopes of a possible and rapid recovery from UBB, which we had never seen play so unfairly showing a form of guilty apathy often late in support and absent in scratching or even ineffective. Nobody really pulled out of the game apart from Mori who pushed some nice charges in three quarters and the recovery of Bielle-Biarrey who tore the Pau defense and he was not wrong by serving Lesgourgues inside to send it to score. It’s a team a little at the end of the line that presented itself on the ground of the Hameau to which the cut will do a lot of good before attacking the second block by going to Perpignan on November 26th. The UBB is facing a staffing problem in the third line that it is struggling to resolve because there are more in the infirmary than we can put on the ground. The major problem remains the third center line and the Scott Higginbotham profiles are not legion. We saw the last Italian rookie Giammarioli in the third wing line during this meeting but the problem remained unsolved and we measure it by the magnitude of the score which is a bit of a headache. The overall result on this first block is far from expectations and the team will have to work hard on the second block to return to the nails of the club’s hopes because if the internationals will have returned, they will only be available until mid-January. hoping that by then the infirmary will have been completely emptied. The UBB will be forced to learn to manage with several internationals in the club’s workforce.

Pau section: 33 (5 tries Laporte 3rd, Ikpefan 20th, Calles 44th, Gailleton 59th, Tagitagivalu 80th; 4 transformations Daubagna 4th, 21st, Le Bail 45th, 80+1st)

Union Bordeaux Begles: 7 (1 try Lesgourgues 66th; 1 conversion 67th)

UBB offers its first offensive bonus to Section Paloise