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The phrase with which Mario Draghi says that he has found a wall with Vladimir Putin, I doubt it will help much in the peace negotiations aimed at resolving the war in Ukraine. It is true that he essentially referred to the first period of the war, but certain subtleties are not always understood by those who should agree to discuss them.
After all, how I explained yesterdayDraghi’s proposal (the peace plan put forward by Italy) it is not a proposal for solutions, but of a method to find, looking for it together, a solution.
Well, to look for a solution, there must be at least two: it is necessary that the two seek, want to seek a solution together. Draghi, with that phrase perhaps wants to attribute this lack of will to seek peace to Russia. He apparently wants to, but if he wants it this way, he contradicts himself by promoting an idea of ​​peace: the only serious one so far on the table. Indeed, to put it bluntly: Draghi has fallen into a dangerous contradiction, proposing a mechanism for resolving a dispute in which it already seems to know the solution. What a diplomatic blunder!
Frankly I don’t understand how anyone can think of trying to start a negotiation saying that one of the parties has no intention of doing so.

Of course, the other true interlocutor, the USA, not only do they have no intention of starting a negotiation, but they never miss an opportunity to create hostile and conflicting situations. Joe Biden, now taken by the euphoria of war, continues to work hard to threaten everything and everyone. Now, just to lighten the climate, he has begun to launch threats of all kinds to China, to explain to her that Biden is ready to use force to defend Taiwan. What’s the point of him? What need is there to open another battle front when the current one is already turbulent enough? But then, isn’t there a peaceful solution, that is legally reliable to resolve that issue? By doing so, Biden made it clear that he doesn’t care about the ‘law’.

Furio Colombo saysin an article titled ‘Putin the wolf and the little pigs‘, with which he resumes writing with ‘Republic‘, after the long militancy with the ‘Done‘, that there are those who want to rock the world, and this is Putin.
Well, that’s the thesis, what about the evidence? But Colombo’s words are to be read well: «It has beguntogether with the war of invasion of Ukraine, a far more complex operation, and for which there are no negotiations: the splitting of the world. This is the project of the new Russia. To break the world, another fighting side is needed. There was not. But you can always invent. It could be NATO», of which the USA is a fundamental part, «suitable for creating the image of the split world as soon as it protests and announces that it will not stand still. This way Russiawho was irritated by the repetition of an obvious truth (if there is an attacker there is also an attacked person) she can announce to the world that she is about to be attacked. The story can also be told like this. The wolf suddenly knocks down the house of the three little pigs».
But this discourse is an unproven assumption that does not allow for objections. ‘If the USA protests about something, there are all those who are in principle against the USA and therefore they are wrong’, says Colombo in essence.
And therefore, adds Colombo, the Russia, in the distorted mind ofpacifists‘, as an attacker, becomes attacked. I pass over the trifle of the three little pigs.
If reasonLike this, only one postulate is statedrather, a leap of faith: the USA is good, the rest is evil. I could say, but Iraq, Afghanistan … ? but I don’t do it, otherwise I fall into the other horrendous abyss of atrocities of the pro-Putinians. That is to say that ‘even the USA’ did it, etc…
I won’t fall for it, don’t worry. The USA is good and what they do is good. Point.
The question thatin my opinion, we all have to pigsColumbus permitting, and another one. If you are surrounded by hostile peoplewhich makes your life difficult, and you, to loosen the grip, punch someone around you, you are an aggressor, or try to defend yourself from a possibiland, of course only possible, attack others? And how come when Israel … no, no, otherwise I’d be the usual pro-Putin who remembers the atrocities of others.
The real fact is that ifas Columbus says, the world is split in two, on one side the good and on the other the bad, whatever plays the evil side is… evil.

Let’s dissolve this aberrant logic for a moment, to repeat things I’ve written a thousand times by now.
Russia is a big country -physically I mean, what do you think!- which is surrounded not by other friendly or indifferent states, but from hostile states, who are part of an alliance that has one purpose (then in reality he did many other things!) that of defending oneself from a possible aggression by the surrounding State. And which seeks to definitively close the circle by bringing Ukraine into NATO as well.
To the protests of Russia, nobody reacts, it is ignored: it is evil.
Take heed, that’s the point. In the face of Russian protests, the world headed by NATO has responded with silence or indifference. Instead of looking for a dealinstead of showing, so to speak, the best face of NATO, Yes is protest ignored and proceeded with indifference.
The great wrong of the one who likes to call himselfWest‘, it is this and only this: having treated Russia as a hostile entity to be reduced to reason in the only way NATO can conceive: by force. Not yet military, but political, economic, etc… the idea has been, for some time now, that of putting Russia in a corner, to prevent it from becoming a competitor of the USA in the next war economic (hopefully only economic) with China.

Dragonsat least, he shows that he wants to believe in a possibility of dialogue and he tries, even if he says it’s useless. But Biden not only doesn’t trybut boycott peace initiatives, threatening more havoc, while his left arm arms up to the eyes Moldova. In what capacity, so to speak, does the USA claim the right to decide the fate of Taiwan?
But allow me, I turn to your intelligence: as you can reasonably think that everything, but really all the evil is always and only on one side! While, and this is even worse, you don’t even imagine that all good both on the other side, but that be it in one and only one, that we, obedient, we put everything in charge.
Only one, mind you, only one: who also assumes the title of wanting to be the gendarme of the whole world. A gendarme who also makes his own law: a gendarme-judge-legislator.
How can you fail to see (and I say this to Furio Colombo and many others… better not, it’s useless) that it can’t be just one person who decides everything and for everyone.
The real point is this: it doesn’t exist, in the international community, a mechanism capable of taking the problem into hand, there is no Authority that can do it. But it does not exist because precisely Russia and the USA, both of them, they don’t want it, they never wanted it. Taking justice into oneself is considered by both to be the best, indeed, the only way to satisfy one’s needs: but justice, by everyone, is covered with respect for the law, let’s be honest: for the norm.
Certainly Russia is the wolf attacking the lamb (well armed, moreover), but if we had spoken to the wolf the attack probably would not have taken place; if there was a court, perhaps he would have condemned Russia and, for it, Putin, but probably he would also have condemned the USA and, for them, Biden.

Ukraine in the trap of good and evil — L’Indro