Under 17 Regional: Vanchiglia 1915

Rosta tore the three points: Nurisso scored and Moine scored twice


MARKERS: 12 ‘pt Nurisso, 32’ pt and 28 ‘st Moine

VANCHIGLIA 1915 (4-3-3): De Chirico 5.5 (32 ′ pt Scardigno 6), Pittuelli 5.5 (29 ‘st Aram 5.5), De Robertis 5.5 (3’ st Mulas 6), Chiarand 6, Pomella 6, Marasco 6 (28 ′ St Botti 5,5), Romano 6 (6 ‘st Burnescu 5,5 (46’ st Shaker sv)), Schiavuzzi 6,5, Vitale 5,5, Lanzafame 6 (15 ‘st Salamanca 5,5), Kacari 6 All .: Romeo 6

ROSTA (4-3-3): Parodi 6,5, Triolone 6, Negro 6,5, Carretta 7, Usai 6, Moine 7, Nurisso 6,5 (44 ′ st Jannon sv), Fazzari 6,5, Trogu 6 (24 ′ st Parola 6), Moletto 6, Salubro 5.5 (10 ‘st Gontero 6.5) Available: Albano, Invito, Indino All .: Munno 6.5

REFEREE: Vrana of Turin 6

NOTE: yellow cards Marasco (V), Pittuelli (V), Burnescu (V), Moine (R), Gontero (R) Angles: 9 to 5 for Vanchiglia Recovery: 3 ‘pt and 3’ st

TURIN – External shot of Rosta who manages to snatch the three points on the hostile field of Vanchiglia and bypasses the grenade in the standings. The result would seem to tell a one-way game, but the field saw a match addressed by the individual mistakes of the hosts, who in the first half concede two photocopied goals.

The grenades take control of the game from the kick-off. Kacari and Lanzafame start very wide, ready to fit into the spaces left by Vitale, who in the first part of the race manages to work very well the balls that pass by him and puts his teammates in conditions to be seen by Parodi. At 12 ‘De Robertis misses a comfortable support for De Chirico, coming out of the posts. The ball surpasses the number one and Nurisso only has to lean into the unguarded goal to take his advantage.

The net overturns the inertia of the match and in the quarter of an hour Negro fishes Nurisso in the area with a millimeter throw, whose header goes off to the side, a breath away from the intersection of the poles. The hosts look for a draw first with Kacari, left free to turn around in the area and finish weakly to the side, and then with Schiavuzzi, who accepts De Robertis’ invitation in the penalty area and calls Parodi to the great intervention with a powerful conclusion. . At 32 ‘new misunderstanding between De Chirico and the newly entered Botti; the two clash and this time the quickest to unwrap the Moine gift. Red and white doubling which hurts in every sense, because De Chirico was forced to leave the field after the clash with his teammate.

The boys of Mr. Romeo try to get back into the game at the end of the first fraction, when Pittuelli lets go of a great cross for Romano, who manages with an aerial split acrobatics to direct the ball towards the goal, finding the amazing intervention of Parodi who takes refuge in the corner.

Upon returning from the locker rooms, Vanchiglia shows that he wants to overturn the result gained in the first fraction, while the boys of Mr. Munno struggle for a quarter of an hour to regain concentration and compactness, undergoing the initiative of the opponents who fail to realize the size of game produced.

At 22 ‘the guests earn a penalty from an apparently harmless position, but Moine decides to kick on goal and only the dive of Scardigno that flies to the corner of the posts denies the great goal. Two minutes later, on the opposite side, Usai heads in to anticipate Vitale in his own penalty area and nearly sends the ball into his own goal, which is raised in a corner kick by Parodi’s excellent reflexes.

That Moine has a warm foot today becomes evident in the 28th minute, when Gontero was very quick to take a free kick that caught the whole grenade formation unprepared. The red and white number six receives, moved to the left, and throws a razor from the edge that kisses the pole and bags into the net, without Scardigno being able to intervene. The match closed and the last attempts of the hosts do not have the desired effects. In the 37th minute Parodi rejected Schiavuzzi’s right-footed shot, while three minutes later Salamanca’s free-kick attempt went wide.

The most important occasion, however, still happens to the guests in full recovery: Fazzari enters the center area and passes Scardigno on the way out, but the ball crashes on the crossbar. the last thrill of the match before the triple whistle that marks the victory of Rosta.

Group B which proves to be increasingly fought and sees six teams gathered in just three points, behind Pro Eureka and Lascaris who instead begin to create the first groove.

De Chirico 5.5: two indecisions in sharing with his defenders on the goals conceded, on the second occasion he collides with Botti and has to leave the field (From 32 ‘pt Scardigno 6: he removes Moine’s punishment from seven, innocent on the network that closes the match).

Pittuelli 5.5: he is surprised on the punishment that in fact closes the game (From 29 ‘st Aram 5.5: little push, he enters with a compromised result and does not have the determination to try to do something more).

De Robertis 5.5: great push and overlaps on the left, too bad for the wrong back pass that brings the guests ahead (From 3 ‘st Mulas 6: continues to guarantee thrust on the left and good at coverage).

Chiarand 6: his physicality in the middle of the field is felt, he recovers many balls.

Pomella 6: he risks little or nothing, the defense in general holds up well and he is not wrong.

Marasco 6: as long as he remains on a clean field in the interventions, he comes out injured (From 28 ‘pt Botti: 5.5 enters and combines the mess that costs 2-0).

Roman 6: touches the goal in acrobatics and manages to find the right ideas for his teammates (From 6 ‘st Burnescu 5.5: seems to get into the game well, then gets nervous as the minutes go by and no longer becomes dangerous (From 46’ st Shaker sv).

Schiavuzzi 6.5: the best of the grenade midfield, the last to give up and twice committed Parodi, who denied him personal joy.

Vital 5.5: performance difficult to evaluate, he works hard for the team but does not affect goal and in the second half he struggles.

Lanzafame 6: at times enlightening, at times nervous, when he plays football he puts himself and his teammates in a position to make themselves dangerous (15 ‘st Salamanca 5.5: he stands out for a good free kick but that’s not enough).

Kacari 6: always dangerous when he starts at speed, today he lacks precision when he gets to cross from the bottom.

Parodi 6.5: little is called into question, but two huge interventions are enough to secure the result.

Triolone 6: he struggles to contain Lanzafame, but by hook or by crook he always looks for a way to limit him.

Negro 6.5: proactive forward and a great defensive phase, if today Kacari is unable to play precise balls also thanks to him who makes him close throughout the game.

Cart 7: impeccable in the center of the defense, neither a closure nor an advance is wrong.

I used 6: less showy than Carretta, it is harder to mark Vitale but never gives up.

Moine 7: the first goal a very simple support on the net, but the second a billiard shot not bad, a few minutes before he had called Scardigno to the great intervention on a free kick.

Nurisso 6.5: capitalizes on the gift of De Chirico and De Robertis and touches the brace with a nice header (Dal 44 ′ st Jannon sv),

Fazzari 6.5: hits the crossbar in the final, but first offers a performance of great substance in the middle of the field, spending himself in both phases.

Trogu 6: manages to interpret the moments of the match well, does not waste unnecessary energy and therefore always ready (From 24 ‘st Word 6: enters to bring muscles in the middle of the field and contain the assault attempts of the hosts).

Moletto 6: he fights on every ball and leads the team, sometimes for being too hasty and imprecise.

Healthy 5.5: not very present, of the three in the red and white midfield the one that struggles the most (From 10 ‘st Gontero 6.5: reactive in immediately beating the free-kick that leads to Moine’s second goal, also appreciable in the restarts).

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Under 17 Regional: Vanchiglia 1915-Rosta 0-3