Unusual: Arturo the Bear clarified his participation in the conflict Tinelli vs. Insua

The television host denounced the current coach of San Lorenzo for some recent statements, but the problem between them would date back 20 years and it had been mentioned that the character would be involved.

On Tuesday Rubén Darío Insua received a notification with a request for rectification by Marcelo Tinelliafter what happened after the game against River (he ran into several small plates, whom he asked to insult the driver and not him, since the first “everything was stolen” of Saint Lawrence).

From this, on Wednesday the Cyclone’s DT spoke with the media and referred to what happened stating that the driver got mad at him “for an episode”. this would have emerged 20 years ago and in a friendly match, the generator being unusual Arturo Bear, a mythical character from Videomatch.

El Oso Arturo clarified his participation in the conflict Tinelli vs. Insua

It is as a result of this that this Thursday Javier Adarvez, who played Arturo the Bear, spoke with DirecTV Sports Radio and separated from the problem: “I was never in that game. Whoever told the story told it wrong.”

The match in question was a friendly played in 2002 between San Lorenzo and Deportivo Español at the New Gasometer. It was made to present the reinforcements for the new season and Insua himself, who at that time was returning to Boedo as a coach after his successful time with the club as a player.


Adavez added: “Beyond that there was always a game between the Bear and Marcelo, this time it had nothing to do with it.” The man behind the costume was accused of being the manager of the problem between the businessman and the DT, because the latter sent him to the field at 22 minutes into the complement, replacing Mariano Herrón, but at 36 he took him out so that Astudillo entered.

This would have been a joke for Videomatch devised by the Bear, but in spite of that it would not have gone down well with the television host who did not forgive him. Similarly, Insua in 2012 told Olé why he actually took it out: “The production guys asked me to focus on his face when he came out, in case he got angry, and thus show it on the program. My idea was to leave it for the whole match…”

What Insua said about Tinelli and the dispute between the two

“It didn’t bother me that he took matters into his own hands. With Tinelli I don’t have and don’t want to have a good relationship. On the contrary, I don’t have a good opinion as an individual. When older people have a problem, they have to solve it among themselves. cowardly when you solve a personal problem and hurt the son of one of the two. I would never do that “shot.

Insua charged hard against Tinelli


Insua charged hard against Tinelli

And I add: “He did not have the courage to solve it with me and took it against my two children. It is my opinion. I have had no relationship with this individual for many years and I do not want to have one. I am willing to resolve the situation in the way he chooses. If he wants it resolve personally that he tell me the time and day. I think I never disrespected anyone”.

Finally, the coach detailed the origin of the conflict between the two: “He got mad at me for an episode and I know. I know what he thinks of me and he knows what I think of him. I didn’t give importance to his anger. Yes, since he messed with people I love , until the last day we will be on opposite paths on a human and personal level”.

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