“US Court could soon give an answer on TPS”: President of the Share Foundation

José Artiga, president of that foundation that supports TPS beneficiaries, added that it is essential that the Salvadoran government visit the Tepesians and support them more.

“We are talking about a community that losing this Temporary Protected Status (TPS) would affect all of El Salvador because there is no Salvadoran who does not have a relative or does not know someone who is here in the United States.”

This was said by José Artiga, president of the Share Foundation, an organization that accompanies the Tepesians, after a United States appeals court denied the request to add new arguments to the case called Ramos vs. Mayorkas, in which lawyers defend the cause of 337,000 immigrants from four countries protected by TPS, which are El Salvador, Nicaragua, Honduras and Nepal.

Activists and citizens with Temporary Protected Status (TPS) march near the White House for residency protections in Washington DC, on September 23, 2022. (Photo by OLIVIER DOULIERY / AFP)

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Under this scenario, Salvadorans who enjoy this immigration benefit have been involved in anguish and uncertainty because the protection expires on November 30 and they run the risk of being deported if the renewal of such benefit is not approved. .

In this regard, the representative of the Share Foundation said: “The Court says that the information it has is sufficient and that could be interpreted that it is possible that they want to give a quick resolution and do not want to allow new information because that could delay the process.”

When asked if it is possible that a decision has already been made on this issue, Artiga stressed that it is confidential information, but replied: “we could speculate that they are going on vacation and can no longer receive it or worst of all, that they have already taken their decision and they no longer want to receive more information, but nothing is lost”.

A wave with shock waves

Artiga urged the government of Nayib Bukele to fight for the Tepesians, but also for all Salvadorans without documents who are not covered by this immigration status.

Artiga also called for the Salvadoran ruling party to accompany the demonstrations of the Tepesians.
On the other hand, César Fuentes, leader of the Libertarian Movement, formed in the United States to support the diaspora, said in statements to this medium that the Court’s decision not to receive more documents is due to the fact that they will not have time to do the respective analysis. .

“The idea of ​​the lawyers was to add more arguments to the case and delay the Court’s resolution. The judges go on vacation between December 10 and 15 and they didn’t have enough time to analyze them, that means that if they seized these documents as evidence, the resolution would be released until the next year, but since they didn’t seize them, I think the Court already has the sentence”, he opined.

Following that, he considered that if the Court rules against the Tepesians, it will not be a resolution for them to leave on January 1, 2023, but rather they will launch some deadlines for people to sell what they have. But “the majority will remain undocumented,” he lamented.

Tepesianos ask Biden to keep his promise for this population in the United States. / Photo courtesy Alianza TPS

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Movements that affect
The deputy of Vamos, Claudia Ortiz also reacted to this issue and said that although the internal politics of the United States is a matter of that country, it is necessary to see how their movements “affect the panorama for our Tepesian brothers.”

“This depends on the decision of a Court (extension of TPS). I hope that today that the electoral results have been settled, it will be possible to know the perspectives”, he pointed out.

In addition, he stressed that “the most important thing is that all the representatives of the Salvadoran Tepesians and especially the Executive come closer and listen to them. It is necessary to have first-hand the complicated situation that those who are going to live in if their immigration status falls into an undocumented situation”.

In the same sense, the specialist in migration issues, Celia Medrano, said that the mid-term elections leave Joe Biden in a favorable condition for executive actions that prevent leaving Salvadoran beneficiaries of TPS in the United States without an option.

“The TPS, like any issue related to migration, moves based on political situations,” he said.

They ask for support from Bukele

For José Artiga, the support of the Nayib Bukele government for the Tepesians is essential. “The Tepesian community is doing everything it can, but I think the support of the government and the Assembly is needed, that they approach them and see if they can collaborate in some way,” he said.

When asked how they could help them, he replied: “I would ask you to approach the hunger strike that is going to take place starting November 11 in Washington.”

He explained that this strike was previously held and Alex Padilla, the first Latino senator in California, was asked for support.
“He came and stayed for a while and the press got excited and said that the great senator from California was supporting the Tepesians,” he detailed.

He added: A thing as simple as the Salvadoran Foreign Minister taking 10 minutes of her time and, if possible, President Bukele himself, coming to visit and greet them, because they are families and each case is impressive, that is already a form of support. ”.

A “deplorable” policy

In the opinion of César Fuentes, Bukele’s foreign policy has been “deplorable” because “all countries prepare their best cards to have them in Washington, because he is the center of politics, but he has a person who does not know what is going on doing and that has poor handling of diplomatic language (Milena Mayorga)”.

Finally, he criticized the statements of Félix Ulloa when he said that China wants to buy the country’s external debt, since he considered that this could further tighten the bond with the United States, which would end up hitting the future of Tepesians more.


“US Court could soon give an answer on TPS”: President of the Share Foundation