Vaccine el Campestre water for El Valle

• Vaccinates El Campestre water for El Valle

• Before the massive report there was relief

• Governor of Puebla braided vs. Susana Prieto

• “Collective” Congress in the delights of Vallarta

Today we present in a digital version the clear, irrefutable images of a pump installed on the Club Campestre golf course, drawing water from a ditch to irrigate the thirsty grasses on the green.

The photos are from a few weeks ago, when the United States opened the floodgates to let “the vital liquid” out of its border and pay Mexico for a small part of the water contemplated in the ancient international water treaty that has caused so much headache and social conflict. provoked in the center of the state of Chihuahua, whose dams must be paid to the US.

That water that the United States pays for Mexico to irrigate El Valle de Juárez enters Juárez through several branches that cross the city. The famous ditches are familiar to the people here.

One of them crosses precisely through the Club Campestre, whose administrators, we don’t know what level, decided to get pumps, get the water out of there and save tens of thousands of pesos per month.

Campestre is not the only one that engages in such a vaccinating practice, some call it huachicolera. Conagua has detected large extensions of land owned by individuals who have done the same since before Campestre and even in the Valley itself. The strange thing is that there is no official record.

This information about the Club emerged last week, after commenting here on some somewhat irregular situations that occurred in its facilities, such as the explosion in a cold room that caused injuries to a maintenance worker.

A member of the exclusive place, outraged, sent La Columna the photos of the water theft.

We know that the president of Campestre, Hugo Venzor, does not share anomalous practices of any kind, so knowing about the “vaccine to the ditch” will not do him any good, if he is not aware of it.


Before the massive event held at the Paso del Norte Cultural Center, what happened on Sunday at the Cabildo was very interesting, where the councilors from various parties received the first report from the mayor, Cruz Pérez Cuéllar, and had their minute of time for the relief.

There, councilor Tania Maldonado wanted to go boss by describing the current administration as a “party girl”, but there were only yawning reactions.

Then Jorge “El Tetito” Gutiérrez came to ask for a standing ovation for the Secretary of Public Security for having led the response operation on Black Thursday. His hands bled from so much applause.

And the one who made the audience laugh was the panista Joob Quintín. He implored the municipal president to return to being like the Cruz who raised the PAN flag in 2004, when Pérez Cuéllar was a mayoral candidate for that party. Terrible taste for irony.

After the session; To iron out the rough edges and lower the passions of the speeches, the mayor invited the mayors to lunch with the extra-elegant Great American from Paseo Triunfo.

Not everything turned out as expected, with some mezcal on top there were even claims from some morenistas who feel left out of the hands of their party in the city.

Even among the PAN members sparks flew when the doctor, Víctor Talamantes, demanded that the leader Joob Quintín dare to predict that Xóchitl Contreras will be the one to succeed him (Joob) in the presidency of the PAN, especially since the election will be until next Sunday.

Who knows how the mayors would manage to get to the Paso del Norte Cultural Center without falling, because of the rest of the drinks.

There were two notable absences from the presentation of the presidium. The empty chairs were those of the councilor, Enrique “Kike” Torres, who surely received a call from Mazatlan by the former governor, Javier Corral, asking him to avoid at all costs sharing the stage with his arch-enemies Maru Campos and Cruz Pérez Cuéllar.

It was striking that the only local deputy present from the Morena parliamentary group was the president of Congress, Adriana Terrazas Porras. There was no courtesy on the part of the morenista block related to Juan Carlos Loera.

The same thing happened with the federal deputies for Juárez. Only the boisterous young woman, Andrea Chávez, got to cheer on Pérez Cuéllar.


The name of the morenista federal deputy Susana Prieto Terrazas, who entered into an exhausting lawsuit with her party colleague who serves as governor of Puebla, Miguel Barbosa Huerta, is far from Chihuahua, from Juárez in particular.

Loud, vulgar and rude, the former senator from Puebla spoke very badly about the controversial lawyer from Juarez at the end of last week, when he found out that supposedly -because it is an assumption, not a proven fact- she was behind a union claim of Volkswagen workers based in that entity.

Barbosa not only made reference to the possible strategy of the labor worker from Juarez who is holding back a salary increase in the auto assembly plant, but also accused her of having a “sweet and affectionate” relationship with the coordinator of the Morenist federal deputies, Ignacio Mier.

The governor took a totally X photo as a base, where Mier and Prieto appear in a natural political embrace (image in digital version). He first disqualified the person and then accused her of inciting labor destabilization at VW through the 20/32 Labor Movement.

Barbosa’s offense against Prieto Terrazas went beyond the limits of the labor conflict faced by the transnational, which generates an enviable number of better-paid jobs than many industries. Especially since the discussion is barely around a miserable percentage of salary increase.

The morenos lawsuit caused even family and personal upsets, beyond the political confrontation, to the juarense deputy and her parliamentary coordinator. This is how both regretted it in their circle of fellow legislators, because even if it is a vile lie, there are plenty of gossips who take it for real and spread it with more venom.

Hence, Deputy Prieto files a lawsuit for gender-based political violence against Barbosa, who, in addition to accusing him of being a traitor to the interests of Pueblan and neoliberal workers, now does not lower him as a misogynist.


Clara Torres Armendáriz, director of the Chihuahuan Institute for Integral Child Development and outstanding Chihuahuan women, was in Jalisco last weekend participating in the first International Congress of the 50+1 Collective.

The official was part of a confirmed attendance of 800 women who are part of the group throughout the country, at the event that took place at the Puerto Vallarta Convention Center.

Torres rubbed shoulders with important profiles of national life, such as party leaders, officials and professors, academics and social activists.

Among them are Senators Beatriz Paredes Rangel, from the PRI; Kenya López Rabadán, from the PAN; the national counselor of the National Electoral Institute (INE), Carla Humphrey Jordán; and the president of the National Transparency Institute (INAI), Blanca Lilia Ibarra Cadena; among other representatives.

Clara Torres showed a high profile and relationship with the national political environment. Her breakup with 4T didn’t affect her; on the contrary, she catapulted her.

The event was attended by local personalities, such as Fabiola Luna, from Index; Margarita Blackaller, from Ichimuj; Daniela Álvarez, federal deputy; Amparo Beltrán, blue councilor; and Ericka Estrada Lozano, an official committed for years to caring for children.

Also, Luisa Apodaca, Ericka Seyffert, Claudia García, Silvia Tello, Jenny Jacinto, just to mention a few; and of course, Claudia Lastra, local president of the 50+1 collective.

The meeting had had several dates postponed due to the pandemic and on this occasion topics of high national relevance were discussed, such as the waves of violence and sexual assault suffered by migrant women, human trafficking, the sale of girls and boys on the country’s highways, the marriages of girls, the extreme poverty of indigenous women.

Also the school desertion of girls and adolescents, teenage pregnancies and girls under 10 years of age, the salary gap between women and men, the labor differences between men and women, among others.

Vaccine el Campestre water for El Valle