Valverde’s click after his injury at the beginning of the season to be present at Real Madrid and Uruguay

The midfielder confessed that “it was a big blow and it cost me a lot to recover”

The Uruguayan player Federico Valverde gave an interview to Diario Marca de España, during the team’s stay in Montevideo, where he confessed many aspects that helped him become the player he is today, a key piece of Real Madrid and the Diego Alonso’s team.

Winning the UEFA Champions League boosted a lot and reconfirmed the great moment of the midfielder. That was reflected in the last presentations of the Uruguayan team. The falcon told the Spanish portal and newspaper that “Personally, it’s a huge responsibility to be able to demonstrate everything I’m doing at Real Madrid here. Also, now I feel very strong to do it.” when asked if it weighed being a Real Madrid star in the sky blue. He added that “It’s not heavy. What’s more, it can be taken as an example for many children and young players in my country who can see me as a reference”.

Although his present, he also had stumbling blocks along the way. On October 25, 2021, when the medical part of the “Halcón” injury was known, one day after the classic against Barcelona for the eleventh day of the League, in which Real Madrid won 2-1 at the Camp Nou, There was no rupture, but there was a significant injury to the lateral ligament of his left knee, which hit him hard.

The recovery was not as fast as the player expected. It was practically a month and a half to meet him again. Valverde told Marca that “Now everything is happiness. However, an injury came to me and that was a big blow. I wasn’t strong enough and it took me a long time to recover. When you’re up, you think nothing is going to bring you down. It was hard to get over it in my head. I was going to train and I knew that I had a minimum month left to play again and earn a place in the team.

That led him to seek solutions, supported by his wife. «I felt everything negative, I had several talks at home with my wife, who is the one who supports me and puts up with me in everything, whether things go well or badly, and there we began to look for solutions. She more than me, because I was very closed. She looked for solutions with a personal physical trainer, a physical therapist who helped me, a nutritionist who controlled my diet, a “coaching” to calm my head… That’s when I clicked and all this change came in very handy. Everything that accompanies me now made me grow more and more».

The talk with the Tornado Alonso at his home in Madrid:

Regarding what the tornado Diego Alonso, coach of the national team, instilled in him as a player, where he also expressed after Uruguay vs. Panama, which served as a farewell in the Centenary for the selected team, ahead of the Qatar 2022 World Cup, which made him take out a Federico Valverde that he did not know he had inside, he highlighted in the interview that “Until then I had my head closed a bit, and he made me open my mind. He has a lot of experience in football and he told me nice things, but also true, and I have to learn a lot from him. My wife (Mina Bonino) was also in that talk and we both clicked because she also helps me a lot. One click to be able to demonstrate more things that the coach knew he had. She gave me the confidence that she needed then and that helped me a lot to earn a place in Madrid. It was very helpful”.

With regard to what marked that Uruguay is qualified to be world champion, he pointed out that “With hard work, everything is possible, and we face each game with the humility typical of this country. We are very united as a group and each player, from the first to the last, shoots for the same side. If we all have trust, faith and union, we can achieve great things. Then, what happens or not depends on football. We will try to make history with the light blue”.

Valverde’s click after his injury at the beginning of the season to be present at Real Madrid and Uruguay – 970 Universal