Venice 2022, Lars von Trier connects from home (in Hawaiian shirt): “Parkinson’s? I’m fine, a little more stupid than usual”

“Now I feel better, the tremor will soon subside, I just feel a little dumber than before! “. She hasn’t lost her sense of humor Lars von Trier affection as it is known from Parkinson’s, and for this he was forced to “attend” the Venetian exhibition only via video link from his home. In a Hawaiian shirt, with the flickering visible although hidden from the screen, and the worn face but the decidedly attentive gaze, the great Danish filmmaker nevertheless managed to complete one of his most iconic projects, dear, long-lived and certainly loved by the public, the series The Kingdomwhose third and final season Exodus was presented in full today in a world premiere at the 79th International Film Festival out of competition.

A marathon assaulted and enjoyed from the first to the last minute for the medical series that it literally deconstructed the genre (“Inspired by what Lynch did with Twin Peaks”) That Trier himself enjoyed making 25 years after the end of the second season, even though he was already ill when he got back to work on the project. “Three and a half years of tiring and problematic work, with defects that I myself have found but which – I hope – contains all the vital sentiment that I wanted to convey to you” explains the director thanking the cast and crew who have supported him tirelessly before, during and after filming “without them I would not have done it”.

Five hilarious episodes for a total of over 5 hours of viewing which, while taking up much of the trend of the first two seasons, starting from the location in the monstre hospital in Copenhagen that gives the serial its title, offer not a few novelties, both in terms of characters (“some actors have died in the meantime ..”) and of narrative strategies thanks to the new technological devices that have so much changed the “visible” in horror / thriller stories for cinema and TV. Exodus, in fact, is the exit but also the entry into a new dimension, a “great spiritual journey“Confess the actors present at the Lido, which in any case changes your life, especially if – like some of them – they were involved from the first season in 1994. A triumph of black and grotesque satire” à la Lars von Trier “par excellence, Riget 3 (Danish title of the series) sees the clash between Good and Evil intensify in the Cartesian labyrinths of the hospital, whose protagonists are two new characters: Karen, a new elderly spiritist (who replaces the mythical Mrs. Drusse), and Helmer Jr, son of the deceased and legendary head of neurosurgery who arrived from Sweden with great contempt for the “damned Danes”.

And it is precisely the constant rivalry between the Danes and the Swedes, with mutual mockery and ridiculous sabotage, to amplify in this third season in which we laugh, if you like, even more than in the previous ones. Furthermore, Lars von Trier’s idea of ​​evoking the series he shot as an event that actually took place in the hospital and which has marked – according to the contemporary medical staff – its reputation is brilliant. “All the fault of that crazy Trier’s imagination! “, exclaims in and out of the wards, while the swamps below are bubbling with new and horrifying surprises and, at the same time, hot topics of our time like #metoo are mocked among the rooms of doctors and patients. After all, we are talking about the ruler of the politically incorrect: everything fits. The Kingdom – Exodus will soon be scheduled on the MUBI platform.

Venice 2022, Lars von Trier connects from home (in Hawaiian shirt): “Parkinson’s? I’m fine, a little more stupid than usual” – Il Fatto Quotidiano