Verona report cards

Final result: Hellas Verona-Roma 1-3

Montipò 6 – He can do nothing on the three goals, responds well to the conclusions of Rome.

Dawidowicz 5 – He does everything, for better or for worse. He signs the goal that unlocks the challenge and almost doesn’t seem to believe it. He holds up against the Roma attack but then, for a fraction of a second, his vision becomes blurred, he intervenes late on Zaniolo with an intervention that risks hurting the Roma player a lot and takes a direct red. From the stars to the rags in nine minutes. He leaves him in ten for an hour and Roma takes advantage of it.

Gunter 5.5 – Abraham takes his time only once but fails to score. He holds up for almost an hour, but in the final he is not perfect in either of Roma’s two goals.

Snipers 5.5 – Zaniolo suffers tremendously, in a good evening. He is unable to contain it, he takes a yellow card and also risks the second, always spreading the Italian. He disengages on a couple of occasions to support the offensive department, but fails to affect. From 46 ‘ Hien 6.5 – An entrance with great personality, in which he is practically perfect in anticipations and readings. He actually saves a goal by closing a Smalling vertical for Belotti.

Pharaohs 6.5 – When he’s there, the Hellas travels at double speed. A train on the right, a leader in times of need. He creates various dangers, recovers a lot of balls, pockets for his teammates, crosses a lot. A great fifth game, in which he enters the action of Dawidowicz’s goal.

Hongla 7 – Nice work in the middle, both in the pressing phase and in the construction phase, where not much goes for the subtle but it is precise to verticalize. Many recoveries and a lot of struggle, especially when Hellas remains in ten: they keep the midfield on their feet. He comes out in the final and Roma scores twice. Not a coincidence. From 86 ‘Sulemana sv

Veloso 6.5 – Like Hongla, a game of great substance, with a lot of heart and quality. The pattern that leads to Dawidowicz’s goal starts from his feet, then dictates the timing of his team and preaches calm even in moments of maximum pressure. He comes out exhausted. From 68 ‘ Magnani 6 – Fight in the final.

Depaoli 6 – More shy than Pharaohs, Karsdorp’s physicality suffers more, which when he expires on his side is hardly contained. Homework, in a very complex game.

Kallon 6 – Bocchetti’s surprise move. He starts well, with dynamism and good ideas, always in the heart of the action. He kicks a couple of times, moves well but does it on and off. He does not return to the field in the second half, more for tactical reasons than for demerits. From 46 ‘ Lasagna 5.5 – Isolated for a while. It has few balls and can affect little.

Tameze 5.5 – From attacking midfielder to central, all in one minute. He plays a good game, careful both forward, when he looks for space for his team-mates, and in defense, when he does what he can against Roma. But he loses a bloody ball and the Giallorossi draw.

Henry 5.5 – He starts well, then with the numerical inferiority he touches very few balls. He fights, but does not affect and cannot keep many balls up, to let the team breathe.

Salvatore Bocchetti 6.5 – He chews bitter and has a good reason. His Verona plays a great match, both in eleven against eleven and outnumbered. He loses it in the long run, for two great plays by Roma, but despite his six knockouts in a row and the zero points collected by his arrival, the road is the right one.

Verona report cards – Dawidowicz does it all. Hongla a wall, exits and Hellas loses –