[VIDEO] Route of the future LGV: “Not only will we be cuckolded, but in addition we will pay for the room”

Two deliberations voted on Thursday, November 17 in the community council gave rise to lively discussions around the future LGV line.

Not surprisingly, points 21 and 22

of the community council which was held in Balaruc-le-Vieux on Wednesday November 17 led to nearly an hour of exchange, both muscular and fatalistic, between the various elected officials of the territory. In question ? The new Montpellier-Perpignan line. If no one in the assembly once again questioned the usefulness of such a project for the territory, it was the route that aroused the anger of most of the participants, the Bassin de Thau being the big loser of this railway development.

A letter to Carole Delga, a response from… SNCF networks Deputy to the City of Sète, Jean-Louis Escarguel expressed his “embarrassed” in the face of these two deliberations: “I am particularly uncomfortable. We had expressed a number of reservations. On point 22, we would have to participate in the financing. This would therefore concern a route that would already be recorded, a route that we know is destructive for the environment…”

François Commeinhes then taking the floor to recall the letter sent six months ago to the President of the Region Carole Delga, where he expressed several reservations about the project. Mail remained unanswered until the receipt, shortly before this meeting in Balaruc, of a letter from… SNCF networks. “Which suggests that there will be no route changes”, breathed the mayor of Sète. Jean-Guy Majourel adding that the Agglopôle was “the only intercommunity to be assertive during the last Board of Directors (relating to the new line project, editor’s note).On the route, the answer was clear: the conclusions of the public inquiry did not give rise to modifying the route. And it’s a shame when you know that part 2, between Béziers and Perpignan, is still under discussion. We nevertheless asked that the work be done under the High Environmental Quality standard, in particular concerning the pillars that will come on the source of Issanka. On the other hand, we have not had an answer on the compensatory measures”


We are going to spend 6.2 billion euros on a line that is useless! Words that made Philippe Carabasse ignite : “For the environmental standard, we know that it’s a sticking plaster on a wooden leg! Not only are we cuckolds, but we’re going to have to pay for the room! The layout is a disaster for the environment. We don’t is not against a second line which will allow more freight and TER. But this line will only save 18 minutes between Perpignan and Paris and will force 120,000 people from our territory to travel 1h30 to reach Montpellier to take the TGV. We are going to spend 6.2 billion for a line that is useless!”

Alone, our agglomeration cannot fight The opposition community council insisting on the “democratic snub that this public inquiry was: there was not an argument in favor of the route! And today, we are going to vote quietly… If we are convinced that it is bad, let’s go to the act and refuse!” An outing that François Commeinhes had little taste for: “You are putting on a show! Alone, our agglomeration will not be able to fight. Sète agglopôle represents only 1.26% of all the municipalities concerned…”. While acknowledging:

“We are the big losers in this operation. But maybe we will have more TER, freight to free our highways. The important thing is to get out of it as best as possible.”

Fatalism and anger “It’s too late, confirmed the mayor of Frontignan.This project will be done, our predecessors validated it, it is better to be around the table of the table to get the most out of it. Because otherwise, it will be done without us”

supported Michel Arrouy. But Florence Sanchez’s anger could not remain deaf:“It’s not because our predecessors made bad decisions that we can’t have our opinion. I don’t want to expropriate people for a project I’m against! It’s from another time and doesn’t hold up account of the evolution of society!

said the mayor of Poussan, whose territory will be particularly impacted by the new line.

At the end of the debates, the two deliberations were adopted, with 7 abstentions and six against for the first and 11 abstentions and 11 against for the second.

Point 21 concerned an agreement relating to the financing of additional studies and procedures to be undertaken prior to the launch of the preliminary project for phase 1 of the line (€75,600). Point 22 on an agreement relating to the financing of land acquisitions on the linear of the new line.

[VIDEO] Route of the future LGV: “Not only will we be cuckolded, but in addition we will pay for the room”