Warns Democratic Party vs re

Although the City of El Paso City Council and Mayoral elections are nonpartisan, the local chapter of the Democratic Party took an unusual action over the weekend.

The political institution released a statement “to warn the community” about Councilwoman Claudia Rodríguez, who represents District 6 in the Municipal Council and who is seeking re-election.

“We honor the nonpartisan nature of contests and focus our work on voter engagement during partisan elections. However, in egregious cases, especially in cases where a candidate acts against the values ​​of our community, we have taken the extraordinary step of alerting the public,” says the text, of which a copy is held by El Diario from El Paso.

For the Democratic Party of El Paso, an institution that dominates the local political scene, it is clear that Rodríguez is of Republican affiliation and has voted in the GOP primaries, since he represents a district with a Democratic majority.

“Mrs. Rodríguez has brought the partisanship of her party to her position, as has been evident in her positions in the Cabildo,” they say.

As a sample, Rodriguez is being called out for voting against both creating a Women’s Commission for El Paso and ordering the El Paso Police to make investigating abortions a low-level department priority.

“This measure would have prevented the El Paso Police Department from using its resources to attack women who could have had an abortion,” the text states.

The statement adds that Rodríguez has advocated against providing humanitarian support to migrants in the community and has become a regular on the Fox News television network.

“Her multiple appearances on the Republican cable news network have focused on her personal grievances with the mayor. In doing so, he has brought very negative attention to our community on a network that promotes alien hatred, misinformation, and conspiracy theories. El Paso is a community that has historically had a positive history of accepting our location on the US-Mexico border and treating migrants with dignity.

Throughout the most recent migration crisis that El Paso has gone through, with the arrival of more than 2,000 daily applicants for political asylum from Venezuela during September and October, Rodríguez pressured Mayor Oscar Leeser “to declare an emergency” .

Even in statements to The New York Post, Rodríguez assured that Leeser was pressured by the Biden administration not to do so, in order not to make the president of the United States look bad. The mayor of El Paso denied any coercion.

“While the Democratic Party does not endorse this race, it is imperative that the public be made aware of Ms. Rodriguez’s lack of transparency, campaign finance violations, and the fact that her values ​​run counter to those held by the majority in the Democratic Party. your district. We urge the voters of District 6 to vote for either of his two opponents, ”says the text.

For his part, Rodríguez rejected the notion that his actions as a City representative have been guided by partisan politics.

“El Paso is worth fighting for,” Rodríguez said in a text message to the El Paso Times. “I don’t play politics. Every decision I make is informed by my experience as a Latina, small business owner, wife, mother of four, dual citizen, and lifelong District 6 resident.”

lack of transparency

The alert cites an El Paso Matters newspaper article questioning the lack of transparency in the re-election campaign of Claudia Rodríguez, who has raised more than double her rivals combined, according to the most recent campaign finance reports. a few weeks before the election.

But Rodriguez’s reports lack key information, such as donor addresses and contribution dates, about the $35,760 in donations he has received since May 2022 and where his campaign has spent that money, a potential violation of federal law. Texas campaign finance law.

In an Oct. 12 phone interview with El Paso Matters, Rodríguez said multiple times that “everything was done legally” in the report’s revelations. Asked if he felt he had been transparent in his campaign disclosures, Rodríguez noted that “we are living in a very intense and very hot political climate right now,” saying he had withheld addresses “for the most part to protect to my donors.

In the days leading up to an election, Texas political candidates are required to file campaign finance reports detailing the political contributions they have received and the money they have spent during their campaigns. Under Texas election law, candidates or political committees must disclose donations of more than $90 and include the donors’ names, addresses and dates of donations. The same applies to campaign spending over $190.

Warns Democratic Party vs re-election of councilor