“We too would like to recover from cancer in 3 days”: Fedez replies to the activist and talks about his illness

It’s been a few months since Fedezsinger and husband of Chiara Ferragni, told followers for the first time that he underwent an emergency surgery after the discovery, which took place just a week earlier, of a rare neuroendocrine tumor of the pancreas. During the operation, which lasted six hours, part of this organ was removed. Since that moment, Fedez has returned several times to talk about the disease, the fear with which he lived it, the consequences and the precious support received from the family. He did so yesterday, Monday 29 August, in response to the stories posted on Instagram by the journalist and activist Serena Mazzini, who deals with social networks and the dynamics they unleash among other things.

The social debate was born from a content posted by Chiara Ferragni: a short and summary video in which the digital entrepreneur wrote that she was afraid to think «that the struggles for women’s rights were not enough, that in 2022 we still want to decide on women’s bodies». The content was taken up and commented on by Mazzini, who ironically thanked Ferragni for “yet another weakening of the political debate” inviting her to take to the streets to fight for a series of current issues, including the guaranteed minimum wage, the right to housing, the ban on private jets and the right to health. “Let it be real, because even us mere mortals would like to beat cancer in 3 days instead of waiting for a colonoscopy for 7 months»Wrote the journalist.

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It was this last point that pushed Fedez to replicate, always through stories on Instagram. It is not the first time, he wrote, that Mazzini «plays on my illness, saying that I would be cured of a tumor in 3 days as if it were all a joke. Playing on my recovery as if it were a fault, moreover without knowing that I was operated on urgently through the National Health System, like any common mortal ». If you only knew the irreversible consequences of the intervention, he added, “maybe you wouldn’t joke about it to spice up your desire for social criticism. I am not healed in 3 days. But there is no cure for human stupidity. Sorry for the outburst, but I think there is a limit to everything. I know what I’ve been through and I don’t wish it to anyone. But above all I would never allow myself to mock or belittle in this way, even if it were the most asshole or richest on this planet ».

The rare tumor that affected Fedez, being neuroendocrine, can develop in all organs in which neuroendocrine cells are present: there are various types, therefore, but the most common affect the stomach, intestines and pancreas. It typically occurs over the age of 50 and has no real symptoms, although it can be accompanied by persistent diarrhea and intense abdominal pain. It is usually discovered by chance, perhaps thanks to some wrong values ​​in blood tests or medical checks carried out for other reasons. Recently, answering some questions from followers, Fedez said that from after the operation he must pay more attention to the diet that follows. “Lacking several organs and a piece of intestine, every time I go to the bathroom it’s a party. But what matters most is that everything is now for the best. I’m fine, I have checkups in September, but I’m very well and I hope to be well for a long time ».

Mazzini later commented on the controversy again, also pointing out the fact that he had received, after the stories of Fedez, numerous violent massages and miners. “Social media have flattened the political debate and made it sterile, because sacrosanct battles cannot be sustained through 15-second content that respects the trends and languages ​​of a platform created specifically to divert our attention through micro content. The struggles are made up of sacrifice and daily standpoints (…) My story and its hyperbolic tones had an exhortative connotation: if you want to be allies in a battle for rights, do it as people and not as characters“. Mazzini then added that «when faced with a serious illness, no one is left alone», but that «before treating an illness, it must be diagnosed. Try to book a specialist visit with the National Health Service ».

“We too would like to recover from cancer in 3 days”: Fedez replies to the activist and talks about his illness