Wheelchair basketball #SerieAFipic 5th matchday 2022

Treviso, 19 November 2022 – Another victory for the reigning Italian champions of theUnipolSai Briantea84 in this #AFipic Series 2022-23. On the ground of the PDM Treviso they win as predicted for 43-67 collecting the fifth win out of five and consolidating the primacy in the Group B.

But the match was not a walk in the park, on the contrary. The PDM Treviso he fought to the end going far beyond the suns two points gained in the standings so far, proving to be a dangerous team already since 4-0 initial. Then, rearrange the ideas, the Briantea84 he stepped on the accelerator building the break needed to defend against blows Ademir Demirovic And Nicholas Favretto among all, and bringing home the result. mvp the usual Philip Carossino with 33 dots and double double with 14 rebounds.

First period, strong Demirovic for Treviso 4-0 at the start of the match. Cegil unlocks the scoresheet after 3′ of shooting inaccuracies for UnipolSai (his first points in Serie A), Carossino then equalizes the score. The biancoblù rearrange their ideas in defense, Geninazzi launches Carossino who makes no mistake face to face with the basket. 4-6 with 3’50” from the end of the first quarter, after moments of strong physicality, but little concreteness. Dodd realigns Treviso (6-6). Geninazzi one out of two from free throws, De Maggi and Carossino respond to Slapnicar in the final and try the first reach. 10-13 the partial after 10‘.

According to period, inside Santorelli, outside Cegil. UnipolSai accelerated immediately with Carossino and De Maggi for the momentary +7. Treviso remains in the slipstream with Slapnicar and Tosatto. Santorelli halfway from free throws, then Carossino draws Schiera that doesn’t fail under the basket. At 6’40” from the interval, the biancoblù lead on +6 (14-20). Great defensive recovery by De Maggi, captain Geninazzi extends in the open field. Carossino takes aim and draws the +8, Demirovic keeps his team afloat while UnipolSai signs a 0-6 with Carossino (4) and Santorelli (2) for the 20-30 at halftime.

Jacopo Geninazzi in action by Vezzoli

Third period, we start again with Cegil replacing Santorelli. Carossino-De Maggi dialogue for Geninazzi who responds to Demirovic’s warm hand. De Maggi and then one out of two of Carossino from the line. The stopwatch says that two and a half minutes have passed, UnipolSai increases its lead to +13 (22-35). Favretto (6) and Elliott (2) try to hurt, De Maggi and Carossino keep their distance. Geninazzi out, Buksa in when there are 3’54” left before the siren: + 9 UnipolSai, 30-39 the partial. Lots of mistakes at this stage. Out of the ranks, Santorelli returns. Full booty for Demirovic from the line, De Maggi with strength for 32-41. Demirovic and Elliott scare UnipolSai, then in the final two points from Carossino are worth the safe distance. Ten minutes from the end UnipolSai leads 37-46.

Fourth period, coach Jaglowski restarts from Cegil, Schiera, Geninazzi, Carossino and De Maggi. UnipolSai is now pushing. De Maggi and Carossino to feed the scoresheet, Treviso tries despite the scoreboard saying +11 biancoblù (43-54) at the halfway point of the last quarter. Favretto again, then Carossino sends a signal with the first triple of the game, then adds two more points in response to Odd. UnipolSai attacks and does so in a unanimous way because the match is almost over. At 1’40” from the long buzzer, the distance over Treviso is +12 (47-59). Inside Buksa and Bassoli, outside De Maggi and Cegil. Just Bassoli is ready and signs the 4 final points. In Treviso, UnipolSai wins 47-63.

PDM Treviso – UnipolSai Briantea84 Cantù 47-63

Partial: 10-13; 10-17; 17-16; 10-17.

Progression: 10-13; 20-30; 37-46; 47-63.

Press Office ASD Briantea84 – All-Around.net editorial staff

Wheelchair basketball #SerieAFipic 5th matchday 2022-23: UnipolSai Briantea84 always first, home beat Treviso PDM