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Playing League of Legends can be a totally different experience depending on roles and ranks in the game. Being an ADC in 2022 isn’t as bad as other years, but it’s still a problem when you see a Malphite with a build tank coming towards you with its ultimate and blowing you away with 5 auto-attacks.

Often, we rely on the power of our mechanics to get out of an ambush, perform an effective assassination or steal a dragon without having to lose our lives. But it’s not just about being good at this level, you also have to know how to play with the minds of your opponents to be decisive in game. And that’s exactly what this Fiddlesticks did, which, thanks to a miraculous flash, obtained one of the best moves of the season, without losing its skin.

This Fiddlesticks achieves the best flash of the season

The situation is easy to understand: the player who had chosen Fiddlesticks (and who is called “angelocap00” on Reddit), was trying to get a kill at the opponent’s bot lane – an attempt that went wrong because his mate died there. The Nocturnal Dread therefore had only one solution left: flee and avoid to give a second kill, so he used everything he could to escape, including his flash at the last moment, to flee behind a wall… Or so the enemies thought.

The reality was quite different: the jungler stuck as close to the wall as possible to give enemies the impression that he was going to flee through the wall, but in reality he used his flash to hide in the bush just below.

The best in history? This move almost backfired if his opponents hadn’t been so eager, because when he casts the flash, it’s clear he doesn’t quite land in the bush, which Miss Fortune realizes. counts, but seeing that her two other teammates burn out their flashes, she thinks it is a visual bug when she was simply mistaken.

The importance of thinking

This move demonstrates what we talked about above: You don’t have to be a mechanical beast to be effective in League of Legends. Being the Summoner’s Rift King also requires a lot of other very important factors, such as good decision intelligence, good knowledge of the macro game and the position of enemies and objectives available on the map.

Of course, you have to have a certain level of mechanics if you want to get to the top, but you have to know that it’s not just about being a god with your hands, you also have to be a god with your brain. Being too hasty with certain moves can lead to such results that are good in the moment, and extremely funny when viewed from the outside.

Riot Games’ in-game algorithm will detect toxic behavior and banish it on the spot. This will remove some toxicity on the League of Legends server as those summoners will not be able to write for the rest of the game.

When a well-thought-out flash saves the skin of a player sentenced to certain death