Which Ligue 1 coaches are playing their survival?

With four runs without a chance of a repechage (Ligue 1 will increase to 18 clubs next year), there will be no gifts this season. From 20th to 17th, all places will mean relegation. Compared to the only two direct runs in previous seasons, that’s a lot. And so, many more teams seem today, and will remain so all season, in danger. Inevitably, when a team is doing badly, it is its coach who generally pays the price. And after eight days, they are already several to be on an ejection seat. A brief overview.

They are new. Nine to be (or have been) very close to being threatened. And since it goes very quickly one way or the other, even a good series doesn’t necessarily remove the sword of Damocles from over their heads. So that’s almost one in two coaches. Ligue 1 version 2022-2023 is uncompromising. From Lucien Favre to Olivier Pantaloni via Jean-Marc Furlan or Julien Stéphan, a brief overview of the coaches in the hot seat.

Lucien Favre, the most in danger

His start to the season : Bad. In any case, not up to the expectations of Ineos leaders and Jean-Pierre Rivère. With only two wins and eight small points in eight days, the top of the table is already far away. Lorient, 3rd already has an 11pt lead! On the European level, the in-extremis qualification in the Europa League Conference and the two very lackluster matches in front of the pool did not help. The late transfer window did not allow Lucien Favre to put his ideas in place, and the board, in a hurry, already wants to move on in all likelihood.

What the club says : Nothing, and that’s where the problem lies. If the movements are activated behind the scenes, no one either at Brailsford or Rivère has so far spoken. The days of Lucien Favre (who nevertheless led the training session yesterday) seem numbered on the side of the Côte d’Azur.

His chances of eviction : 95%. In the very short or short term, the former Dortmund coach will be replaced, it’s practically done.

Peter Bosz, credit exhausted

His start to the season : He had time, he had some. Arrived last season, Peter Bosz still seems to have trouble implementing his ideas. And OL is skating. However well launched at the start of the championship (4 wins and a draw to start), the Rhodaniens have since chained three defeats when the calendar has hardened. What already, to undermine his trainer.

What the club says : Jean-Michel Aulas, however far from being the most patient of presidents, seems to want to leave a little more time for Bosz, who nevertheless arrived last season. “ We are not going to question everything after three successive defeats even if it is unbearable to lose. But aren’t we taking an additional risk by changing coaches when it’s the eighth day, when we have 13 points being sixth? It’s not reasonable, but to say that we haven’t thought about it, no. But the answer to the question is that we put the coach and all the staff in the best conditions to succeed. And if we are 8th at the end of the season, I would have resigned before. »

We don’t necessarily understand in which direction OL are going, but in any case, the Dutch coach once again has one last chance.

His chances of eviction : 70%. JMA would have left him until the 15th day of Ligue 1. That is another seven games. But Bosz will have to take second place, because already six points behind on the podium and seven behind second-placed OM, his credit is running out day by day.

Der Zakarian, it’s heating up

His start to the season : Everything had started so well for Stade Brestois. Despite the inaugural defeat in Lens, the Finisterians then hooked OM before winning with style in Angers. And since… nothing. A small draw against Strasbourg but above all four defeats for a single goal scored. The slap received at home against Montpellier (7-0!) Was a real turning point. And it is clear that Der Zakarian does not find the recipe.

What the club says : “We were worse than them, we did nothing, there was only one player who took the depth, it was Franck Honorat. There was a lack of racing, a lack of technical accuracy. We have never been wise in our choices. We were at two an hour, the ACA had time to slide, quiet. We have two chances, it’s very poor. We’ve been a sick team since the slap we took against Montpellier. It’s worrying, and if we’re not worried today, we have to stay at home”. These are the words of the coach himself. Aware that he is in the hot seat, he did not hide and knows he is in danger.

His chances of eviction : 60% . The next match, against AJ Auxerre, also in difficulty, could be a turning point. Because with four descents, seeing a direct competitor escape could be prohibitive.

Jean-Marc Furlan, the end of the Indian summer

His start to the season : There is starting to be fire on the Auxerre side as well. Four defeats in a row and above all, goals conceded in spades. With already 19 pawns in the bag, AJA is the worst defense in Ligue 1. Currently, the Bourguignon club is 16th, the first non-relegation. But it will quickly be necessary to reverse the trend, under penalty of seeing the coach ousted, to create the famous electroshock.

What the club says : “Jean-Marc is a very good coach and led AJA to the first division this year. I have enjoyed working with him over the past few years. He still has one year left on his contract and he still has assignments at AJA. Of course, from his point of view, he will want to extend his contract and I will discuss it with him and my staff. But I believe that Jean-Marc has the project of being the coach in Ligue 1[…}Thesecondobjectivewithinthreetofiveyears:tobringAJAbacktoEuropeIt’smyclearlydefinedobjectiveevenifIknowitwon’tbeeasyandharderthangoingup”[…}Ledeuxièmeobjectifdanslestroisàcinqans:fairerevenirl’AJAenEuropeC’estmonobjectifclairementdéfinimêmesijesaisqueçaneserapassimpleetplusdurqueremonter” These statements date from the start of the season, and obviously the situation is different today. The Chinese owners don’t want to get bogged down in a downgrade that could bring down the project, and if necessary, Furlan will be sidelined.

His chances of eviction : 50%. He still has the keys to the truck in his hands. Its leaders trust it, and, more than the results, it is in the game that the AJA must recover. The start of the season for the Icaunais seemed interesting. It is up to him to find this common thread.

Olivier Pantaloni, the victory of hope

His start to the season : Not far from catastrophic. With one point in seven games, the Corsican coach was clearly playing his future in Brest before the international break. And the 1-0 victory of his people in Brittany leaves him a reprieve. Otherwise, he would probably have been removed from his post.

What the club says : We expected a complicated start to the season and we lived through it. There was a need to win a first game quickly and we managed to do it. Whether at managerial level or the whole club, we knew that the season was going to be difficult”. Opinion shared by all management who now hope to continue in this direction.

His chances of eviction : 35%. Olivier Pantaloni only offered himself a little respite. And the calendar up to the World Cup will see them face six matches out of eight of the teams ranked beyond 10th, therefore direct competitors. And where it will be necessary to take points.

Stephan, nothingness

His start to the season : Simply failed. With no wins and only five small points in eight rounds, we obviously expected better from a team that finished seventh last year and fought until the final day for a place in the European Cup. ‘Europe. But Stéphan does not find the recipe and Strasbourg skates.

What the club says : But for the time being Marc Keller maintains his confidence in him. This is what Stéphan himself seems to say: “We are engaged in a long and difficult process. It will take weeks or even months to recover. You have to prepare for it”. The RCA knows it, it is always difficult to confirm for a small club.

His chances of eviction : 35%. Despite everything, we will have to avoid procrastinating and find ourselves in a quagmire before the cut of the world this winter. Because otherwise, an electroshock will be necessary…

Baticle and the Miracle Series

His start to the season : Catastrophic and then… the spark. After two draws to start, Anger then exploded: four consecutive defeats, spankings (5-0 against Lyon, 4-2 against Reims yet at 10, 3-1 at home against Brest). And as if by miracle, two victories against Montpellier and Nice just before the international break, to get out of the red zone. Baticle offers himself an unexpected respite. A fortnight ago, he was the coach most in danger.

What the club says : “There areout of the way”. No need to say more. Angers know that without Todibo’s expulsion after 9 seconds on Sunday, the match could have been totally different. And with OM coming and a busy schedule (Lens, Rennes, Monaco) nothing is won.

His chances of eviction : 30%. With two small points ahead of the red zone, the SCO has given itself a little bit of air. But in the game, the shortcomings are still glaring. We will have to do more, because behind, Reims, Nantes and even Auxerre seem to give more guarantees in the long term.

Oscar Garcia sees red

His start to the season : Missed, of course. With a small victory and six points in eight games, Stade de Reims is currently the first to be relegated. But it should be noted that Reims has been one of the main victims of the avalanche of red cards distributed in Ligue 1 this season. Five times out of eight, the Champenois finished the meeting in numerical inferiority. The last of which, in Monaco, with the scandalous red (which has moreover been withdrawn) distributed to Bradley Locko. Despite everything, Reims is not moving forward and it will have to be remedied very quickly.

What the club says : “ It’s error after error, always bad decisions, we’re fed up! I know that the small clubs have to come down this year, but Mr. (Pascal) Garibian should explain to the referees that the refereeing must be the same everywhere, for everyone. I am convinced that if it is Paris SG or Lyon, there is a penalty. It’s starting to do well, I’m not impugning their intentions, but at least that the arbitration is the same everywhere. They are fed up with French arbitration!“. For the moment, we seem more busy hitting the referees than the coach on the side of Reims. Rightly or wrongly, the fact remains that Oscar Garcia, 12th last season, still has some credit.

His chances of eviction : 30%. Its leaders still seem to trust it, at least in part. On the other hand, it will be necessary to return from Troyes, during the next day, with points, under penalty of seeing the future darken.

Philippe Clément, the enigma

His start to the season : Yes, Monaco is currently 5th in Ligue 1. Yes, ASM, which certainly missed out on qualifying for the Champions League, won one of its first two Europa League games. And yes, the players of the Rock remain on three consecutive successes. Despite everything, in the game, ASM’s start to the season is clearly not good. The Monegasques took advantage of a sick Nice and Lyon, then an extremely severe arbitration decision to straighten the slope. But in the long run can it last? Remember that Monaco’s objective is obviously to compete in the Champions League every year. And in these arrangements, Ben Yedder and his family are very far from it.

What the club says : “My team lacked freshness. But this victory is important and will give us confidence“. This statement is not insignificant and shows that despite everything, confidence is not particularly appropriate on the side of the principality. This success against Reims will still allow to work in serenity during the international break.

His chances of eviction : 15%. Philippe Clément is not really in the hot seat but could quickly become one. If Monaco does not react, there is no doubt that the results, with the sequence of matches, will be affected. And it is already starting to rumble on the side of Louis II.

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Which Ligue 1 coaches are playing their survival?