Who is Raffaele Palladino, new coach of Monza: the debut in Mugnano, Juve and Gasperini

When the indiscretions have been replaced by the official communication with which the Monza exonerated, Tuesday 13 September, Giovanni Stroppa something about the appointment of his successor moved in the memory of those who had followed him from his beginnings.

Raffaele Palladinocalled to occupy an immediately important bench, after having closed a career as a player just the day before yesterday, he gathers a team inevitably in crisis at his debut in the top flight and an explosive joy that had accompanied the promotion.

Stroppa’s exemption and Palladino’s choice

To exclude Stroppa it definitely seems to have been the same Silvio Berlusconi, who preferred to entrust the first team to Palladinoat the helm of the Primavera, with a ruthlessness that is basically his own.

According to first impressions, the internal solution was not improvised but a Palladino time and resources will be given to give a different footprint to Monzaperhaps inspired by his teacher and mentor, Gian Piero Gasperini who launched it at the time of the youth and the Primavera della Juventus.

The beginnings of Raffaele Palladino as a player: Juve

In fact, Palladino’s football history really begins in Turin, at Juventus, where he arrives at a very young age thanks to the intuition of the club observers who had noticed him in Benevento, a club in which he had arrived after a short but important militancy in the society of his country. Friends of Mugnano.

Salernitana and Livorno, Serie A debut

In the 2004-2005 season he moved to Salerno and the year following the Livorno to gain experience elsewhere, as in the past they used to do with the boys of the Juventus nursery. For him, the season in Tuscany coincides with his debut in Serie A which, for a class of 1984, was not bad at all.

The return to Juventus

The return to Juventus, in the 2006-2007 season, with a certain on the bench Didier Deschamps took place in a very delicate phase for the club, but happy for this striker with characteristics almost of another generation: the injury to Alex Del Piero offers him the opportunity to play the match against Albinoleffe which will see him as the protagonist, scoring a goal.

With Juve, the relationship is a cross and a delight: he experiences complicated seasons, suffering the competition of immovable owners such as Del Piero, Iaquinta and Trezeguet.

Source: ANSA

The closing in Monza: the Gasperini model

In the end he was sold to the genoa, where he found an almost appropriate family dimension and played with the rossoblu shirt until 2011, when half of his card was sold to Parma. This phase of his career is very fragmented: Parma, Crotone, Genoa again, and finally the choice of Monza where he never plays but plays well and sees the prospect of a change.

From player to coach, with an eye on Gasp which remains his model for schemes, philosophy and even game vision.

The debut as a coach on the bench

Now as a newly appointed technician of the Monza, Juventus, which was an ancient love, never forgotten, will find itself as an opponent on 18 September next. And that will mark a new phase in his career, as was the case when he left Campania as a kid to choose to try the football path in Turin.


Who is Raffaele Palladino, new coach of Monza: the debut in Mugnano, Juve and Gasperini