Without a goal and without winning, Millonarios revisits Nacional

Many things have changed in the last month and a half, counting from the last visit of Millonarios to Atlético Nacional in Medellín. That May 31, the blues were excited to fight for a new star by taking a valuable point from the greens at the Atanasio Girardot, with a vibrant 2-2.

But things turned out very differently for Millos than they were projected at that time. That day began a drought of triumphs that continues to this day, with seven dates without winning. And to that is added a worrying offensive anemia: three goals scored in six games.

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Nacional, on the other hand, recovered, went first in the home run and then beat Tolima in the final to hang the 17th star on the shield. This Saturday, his main team returns to Atanasio to receive Millonarios, at 6:10 in the afternoon, with a signal from Win Sports +.

Millionaires, in search of the lost goal

The Millonarios concern is great in terms of the lack of goal (see graph). Not 24 hours had passed since the elimination of the home runs when he announced the hiring of Luis Carlos Ruiz, who had just been the second scorer in the championship with Cortuluá. But the problem drags on.

For now, Millos will not have Diego Herazo, who did not travel to Medellin, but he will have Daniel Cataño, one of the reinforcements announced this week, from Deportes Tolima.

Daniel Cataño is already a Millionaires player.


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“This team creates, elaborates, plays most of the game in the opposite field, but we need to put it in. We are calm because we brought a scorer, Ruiz has 12 goals in the year “, said the coach of Millonarios, Alberto Gamero.

“No fan can say that Millonarios is a disaster. We are a team with order, with a game idea, ”he added.

The fans, after the draws at home against Pasto and Bucaramanga, begin to lose patience.

“To the fans, as the visible head, I understand that they are not calm, but I am calm because I see good things. At times people enjoy the team’s game, we lack the complement of scoring,” said Gamero.

National, in the midst of a difficult environment

Despite the title, in Nacional the last few weeks have not been easy. The episode of the departure of Giovanni Moreno, one of the architects of the star 17, broke the relationship between the fans and the managers. And then, in the comeback of the starting team, he lost 3-1 to Junior. In addition, that day he lost goalkeeper Kevin Mier, who was sent off.

However, coach Hernán Darío Herrera is calm and believes he can reverse the bad start.
. “We are going to play Millonarios as equals, beyond the physical part, we are a difficult team, complicated. The physical trainers know how the team is doing, I don’t see them for now with that dynamic with which they finished the previous tournament. Against Junior it cost us physically and we hope against Millonarios to accommodate ourselves better to be more competitive”, said the Arriero.

“They are even, difficult games, we know each other very well, their performances. It will be complicated both for them and for us, we need to win because we are local”, added Herrera.

Nacional, in addition, made the classic more spicy by announcing, a few hours before facing Millonarios, the hiring of Andrés Felipe Román,
one of the most outstanding players of the blue team in recent years.

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Román, who left with the Millonarios pass in hand, signed for one year, on loan with a purchase option. And right away, Herrera included him in the squad for this game.

There are only two dates of the new League. But starting without wins is not good for Millonarios or for Nacional. For this reason, this Saturday’s game has an additional spice.

Jose Orlando Ascencio
Sports Sub-Editor

Without a goal and without winning, Millonarios revisits Nacional