Women’s A1 volleyball, Savino Del Bene’s coup: 3

He had to start turning Savino Del Bene Scandicci and he did it with great authority and style. Reale Mutua Fenera Chieri, one of the best in form at the moment and who had started off on the right foot, could do nothing against a highly motivated opponent in seeking complete victory and who obtained it with a great collective effort, especially in the last few three sets. The 1-3 that ensued (25-21, 20-25, 21-25, 23-25) precisely certifies the iron will to play a leading role as well as the engagement, albeit with one game less, of the second place, occupied by Novara.

The PalaFenera match took place under the sign of Zhu Ting, who is settling into the best of our championship. The Chinese champion’s score reads 17 points. In terms of team statistics, it is the reception (42 vs 45%) and the block (7 vs 11) that decides.

THE MATCH – This is the basic sextet: Di Iulio on the dribble, Antropova opposite, Beliën and Alberti central. In the band there are Pietrini and Zhu Ting. Castillo is instead the holder in the role of free.

A very balanced start with numerous back and forths that lasted for more than half a set (Antropova and Zhu are the main protagonists), but it is the landlords who stretch first (20-18). Barbolini dusts off Enrica Merlo, on her return after a long absence, but that’s not enough: Chieri is hungry and closes the first fraction on 25-21.

The Piedmontese seem to have an extra gear and also start the second set with a sprint (9-3), then Barbolini runs for cover by inserting Sorokaite. Which is immediately felt by halving the delay (11-8). New extension Chierese (15-10) which however will be the last: Scandicci brings out his pride and goes from 17-13 to 17-20. Mingardi does not miss the opportunity to equalize and scores 20-25.

Bregoli’s girls get off to a good start and immediately go up 3-0 only to be recovered promptly (3-3). The wall enters the scene: Belien and Washington block the opponent’s initiatives in a big way and it goes to 11-15. Chieri reacts and first manages to reduce the disadvantage (ace Grobelna, 14-15) and then to reset it (17-17). The key to the third set is called Camilla Mingardi: she is the one who brings the score to 19-22. She then closes on 21-25.

It is the landlords who have to react at all costs and the initial disadvantage of 5-7 is promptly overturned (8-7). I counterpass Scandicci with Antropova’s ace (9-10), then Zhu is walled up and the partial capsizes again (12-11). New guest break (12-14), canceled again (16-16). Rozanski makes the pass (18-17) but gets caught up in the next attempt: his mistake leaves room for Mingardi for 20-24. Two match points canceled by Chieri, who however misses his next serve and thus determines the end of hostilities.

THE PROTAGONISTS – Very satisfied with the performance of his team coach Massimo Barbolini: “We must be satisfied, above all with how the result has matured. The girls were very good at shooting a game that had gone badly. Halfway through the second set it was difficult to recover, they were playing well while we were lacking defense and service. As soon as we started serving and defending better, we matched Chieri. Afterwards the girls were very good at playing point to point and managing the most delicate exchanges well. It’s a result that takes us to second place in the standings and shows that we know how to fight even if we still don’t play very well. Being second in the middle of the first round, after facing Novara, Milan and Chieri, is certainly a good result“.

Women’s A1 volleyball, Savino Del Bene’s coup: 3-1 in Chieri