WWE Raw Report 11/21/2022

Friends of Tuttowrestling, welcome back this week too. The flagship show proceeds briskly towards Survivor Series, amidst some perplexities. I’m Daniele “Big Hungry, Small Talk” La Spina and this is your Raw Report!!!

Acronym and pyros to welcome us as always, from inside the MVP Arena in Albany, NY. Kevin Patrick greets us from the commentary table, along with Corey Graves.

Then the first to enter is Kevin Owens. Let’s review his involvement in SmackDown and the graphics remind us that he will be the tenth in soccer as regards the War Games, among the ranks of the anti-Bloodline. Owens opens by saying that he will be the 5th Bloodline opponent at the War Games. He did it for a reason: there’s a specific person on the other side that he’s particularly interested in. Not Sami Zayn, despite what they’ve been through, still loves him like a brother. But what he’s doing and why he’s doing it is entirely up to Zayn. But he talks about Roman Reigns. Two long years have passed since they faced each other and on Saturday he will come back to remind them who he is. It’s Kevin Owens, the man who pushed him to the limit three times. The man who without the Bloodline would have ended his historic reign long before it became anything. The man who will come to the War Games to destroy his entire Bloodline, so that the next time he goes for the Title, there will be nothing to stop him from taking it down. From the stands, but announced by their respective theme songs, both the Brawling Brutes and Drew McIntyre arrive. The 4 catch up with Owens and Ridge Holland and Butch say it’s fight night. Sheamus says he can already smell what they’re cooking as one of the most destructive and career-changing matches ever approaches. Friday he told that puppet Zayn that when he found out who their 5th man was he was going to pee himself in those dirty ucey pants. And now we all know the 5th man is nothing but a KO. McIntyre says he struggles to remember a time when Reigns and the Bloodline weren’t in power, holding all of the company’s core titles hostage, abusing the numerical advantage. But on Saturday that will change forever. Here are the 5 men who are ready to tear Bloodline apart and do it with a big smile on their face. 5 men, 2 cages, no rules. Are you ready for war?

Sounds the music of Judgment Day that presents itself in full force. Ripley turns to McIntyre and after shushing him she tells him that the only thing people will remember after the Series is the Women’s War Games and her victory. Plus, she thinks he and his buddies are lost: This is Raw, or shows they’re in charge of. Damian Priest says if they want to be tough in public, they’ll have to go somewhere else. If they come here they must first stand up and show respect to the JD. Dominik Mysterio adds to show respect and go back to SD before anyone gets hurt. While they’re at it, they can say hello to his dead daddy from him. Finn Bálor instead says he has a message for AJ Styles: he has been stealing his things for years and at the Series he will put an end to it. As for these 5 buffoons, he hopes Bloodline destroys them on Saturday. One more thing: The next time they flash their ugly faces on Raw, the JD won’t be so forgiving. Sheamus greets him as a compatriot. He says they used to live only 10 miles apart in Ireland but now there seems to be a million between them. He has no respect for Bálor, he has become the American Plastic Paddy that he has always detested. Bálor can’t believe his ears and says he wants to teach him a free lesson: even salt looks like sugar but he’s still a dangerous Irish bastard. Sheamus says he’s dangerous enough to come and tear him apart any time he wants. But since they’re all here, why don’t he and Brutes take on the JD tonight? Bálor says he is now speaking their language. The JD accepts and goes towards the ring, the Brutes clean him up though. And the match is NEXT…


Back on the air with the meeting already started under the orders of Aja Smith (and Kevin Owens at the commentary table). Bálor runs away to Sheamus and finds the tag from Priest. The two hit each other without hesitation, then Priest takes over by closing Sheamus in the corner. Break and Sheamus reverses the positions hitting repeatedly. Irish Whip knocked over by Priest but Sheamus clears with a double kick. Sheamus climbs to altitude but is brought back onto the apron, only to be pushed back by Priest. Sheamus returns to altitude and launches into Diving Clothesline! 1… 2… no!!! Tag for Holland who blocks Priest’s kick and hits him in the stomach. He goes for a Vertical Suplex but Priest knees free. Running Priest lands with a Spinning Back Elbow. Priest hits the corner and lands with the Broken Arrow. Tag for Mysterio who knocks Holland down. The volume of boos for Dominik rises a lot. Mysterio keeps hitting but takes a headbutt from Holland. Tag for Bálor as he sprints Holland! 1… 2… no!!! Bálor’s Snapmare and Dropkick! 1… 2… no!!! Suplex hit by the former Universal Champion and then tag for Mysterio who resumes hitting the mat in Ground & Pound and then with stomps. Mysterio tries a suplex but takes it from Holland: double tag for Bálor and Butch. Butch blocks Bálor and lands with a Jumping Enziguri. Then Double Knee on Bálor’s arm. O’Connor Roll tries but Mysterio holds Bálor by the hand. Butch kicks the hand and then knocks Priest out too. Then Dropkick to Bálor’s leg and Double Foot Stomp to Bálor’s hands. Enziguri Kick by Butch who then also rejects Mysterio and throws him outside the ring. Butch goes for Bálor’s arm but Priest drags him outside the ring and chokeslam him to the edge of the ring! Advertising.

Back on the air with Butch who pushes Priest back into the corner but then clotheslines. I launch into the corner and Priest scores with an elbow. Tag for Bálor who enters Slingshot with a stomp. Tag for Mysterio hooking up a Somersault Senton Slingshot. Inside Bálor tagging Priest: Bálor’s Knee Backbreaker and Priest’s Leg Drop! 1… 2… no!!! Tag for Mysterio who hits with a series of stomps on the ground. Then he gets distracted with the audience and Butch catches his hand, going off his fingers. Butch tags for Bálor who takes him by the arm and Enziguri Kick from Butch. Butch reaches for the tag at Sheamus but can’t find the tag as Mysterio punches Sheamus. He then takes to flight, taking cover behind Ripley when Holland chases after him. Meanwhile Butch misses Bálor in the corner and searches the corner again, finding the tag for Holland. Shoulder from Holland, another Shoulder block and then Jumping Shoulder Block. Splash to Holland’s corner and then another, a third… not stopped by Bálor but Holland’s Tilt-A-Whirl Powerslam. Priest tries to attack but Holland fends him off. But that was enough for Bálor to hit with the Spinning Headlock Elbow Drop. Bálor crawls in and finds the tag from Mysterio, but Holland sends in Sheamus. Mysterio looks pretty scared and in fact runs out of the ring, being chased by the Celtic Warrior. Arrived on the stage the theme song of the Original Club plays and the four stand in front. Mysterio backs down and Sheamus takes him back into the ring. He takes down Priest and then clotheslines Bálor in the ring. Clothesline for Mysterio, another arm outstretched and then also in the corner before going to score with the Irish Course. Sheamus prepares for the 10 Beats but Priest stops him and Mysterio hits him with a Hangman in the cradle. Priest also lands Holland with a Flatliner. Butch launches from the top rope, Priest catches him but Enziguri Kick from Butch who then overwhelms him with an Asai Moonsault outside the ring. Bálor with one arm outstretched outside the ring. Bálor steps onto the apron and Sheamus catches him for 10 Beats of the Bodhrán. Mysterio’s Schoolboy Pin! 1… 2… no!!! Step-Up Knee by Sheamus 10 Beats of the Bodhrán, this time Sheamus proceeds undisturbed up to 20, destroying Mysterio to the delight of the audience. Sheamus goes to close: Brogue Kick!! 1… 2… 3!!!

After the match, Bálor attacks Sheamus from behind with Priest. Holland and Butch try to intervene but are pushed back. It is not clear where McIntyre is, Owens remains at the commentary table. Meanwhile Sheamus gets rid of Priest but he drags him out of the ring and the two fight until they get to the Club. At that point Luke Gallows’ Roundhouse Kick. Bálor is in disbelief in the ring but we hear Owens take off his headphones. Bálor invites Sheamus back up, then turns around and Owens’ Stunner!! McIntyre takes a seat at the commentary table with his feet on the table and then goes off to celebrate with the others.

Backstage we are with Cathy Kelly stopping Johnny Gargano. Kelly asks if, as they did recently, Gargano’s plan is to prove Miz wrong in their match tonight. Gargano says the last time Miz, as typical of him, lied to the referee to sneakily hit him with the hook. He asked for a rematch because it didn’t feel right and this time he’s going to make things right. Kelly asks about Dexter Lumis and Gargano says the only thing she wanted to do, in this whole thing, was justice for Lumis. But they have an agreement: Lumis won’t interfere in his business with Miz tonight and he won’t interfere with Lumis. He wants to settle it man to man. Just Johnny Wrestling against whatever character the Miz wants to play tonight. Gargano salutes Kelly with a fist bump and leaves. The match is NEXT…


Gargano makes his entrance. Then Miz comes but he’s in civilian clothes. Miz takes the floor saying he’d like to give him another lesson tonight but unfortunately he hurt his hand (which he’s wearing in a bandage) doing a TikTok. And he didn’t do it by dancing, even though he could easily do it. But he was making moves for his FantasyFootball team and he accidentally hit a cactus. Yes, he has a cactus in California, he’s rich. The cactus didn’t survive but he will. Next week he will be able to fight again. But Johnny is Johnny Wrestling and he has to put on a show for the people, he has to wrestle. So Miz says he did a noble thing: since he can’t fight, he found him an opponent. The music of Omos that arrives with MVP resonates and Gargano is baffled to say the least.


Eddie Orengo kicks off the fight as Miz takes a seat at the commentary table. Gargano tries to attack but is rejected. He sends Omos empty and strikes with blows to the abdomen. Then a run-up and devastating Big Boot by Omos. Gargano rolls out and Omos gets out, crushing his head against the announce table. FA to go back up but Dropkick by Gargano, another Dropkick and Omos already back. Gargano goes back up and launches into Pescado but Omos catches him on the fly and throws him against the ring apron. We return to the square, with Omos trying to recover Gargano. Orengo breaks free from the apron and hits with an Enziguri Kick, then another and Orengo gets distracted by controlling Omos. Miz then trips Gargano who gets angry. Omos recovers it by taking it from the head and goes for the Double Chokeslam but Gargano frees himself with knees on Omos’ chest. Gargano misses the Nigerian into the corner, which knocks him out. Superkick on Omos seated by Gargano. Another Superkick and then a third. Omos is on the ground, Gargano climbs the top rope and lunges but Omos catches him with his arm by the throat, gets up and lifts Gargano with one hand for a Chokeslam!! 1… 2… 3!!! Miz laughs and Omos celebrates.

Seth “Freakin’” Rollins is ready for an exclusive interview, NEXT…

WWE Raw Report 11/21/2022 – War Drills – Tuttowrestling