X Factor fourth Live: unreleased tracks, rankings, Cattelan on stage. Podcasts

The awaited episode of the unpublished works ends with the departure of Lucrezia, from Ambra’s Roster to the very notes of the song with which she presented herself at the Auditions. Highlights of what happened in the episode with comments by Omar Schillaci and Federica Pirchio of Sky Tg24


Fourth live. Four news

One. It’s the night of the unpublished

Two. The “ranking” enters the race

Three. We celebrate the return of Alessandro Cattelan: semiconductor, jammer and bringer of joy

Four. The playlist of all the unreleased tracks is on Spotify by searching for “X Factor Mixtape 2022”


X Factor, the special

The unpublished works are the free trials of professionalism. Beatrice Quinta brings her stardom to the stage together with hers If$$or. The revenge of the “underwear” (says Ambra), or rather, of those women who no longer want to “stay under it” from the end of a love affair. Situations of discomfort in which the French Saints move naturally. Cringe Hell their piece saves the ballot for those who know ballots all too well.

Flowers on the Balconies by Linda, on the other hand, it seems the natural continuation of an organic, convincing and functional growth path (at the end). She like how It’s not that bad dei Santi Francesi: once again among the best in the race. Sound, production, stage presence…everything works: they are ready (besides being first in the partial classification).

Lucrezia is back on track with (already heard at the Auditions) Molecules. We are in the Calcutta universe (for someone a bit too much). Instead we are in the Zen Circus universe with Crazy degli Omini: first unpublished and first time in Italian. A stage dominated by rock shots. Lampi di Sanremo can be glimpsed with Joėlle who finds her own dimension with Survivors. While another is the dimension on which Disco Club Paradiso play with A.DP. A piece where you can find a bit of everything: Dargenismo, sax, rap, party, disco and lots of fun.


X Factor 2022, fourth Live: who was eliminated last night. VIDEO

The (partial) classification has a podium:

1. French Saints

2. Beatrice Quinta

3. Linda

Last classified: Joelle.

But the last word belongs to the second round of voting which brings to the ballot a challenge entirely within the Ambra team: Tropea Vs Lucrezia. The judges sentence Lucrezia to leave and she greets her, not without a small jab to the four of the jury.

Now appointment on Spotify and on the fifth live.

X Factor fourth Live: unreleased tracks, rankings, Cattelan on stage. Podcasts