Yes, ladies and gentlemen of Nupes, your anti

On December 19, 2019, the Westhoffen cemetery was desecrated and the Jews, dead and alive, attacked by beings from the lower depths of humanity. On that day, is there cause and effect or bitter circumstance, MP Sylvain Maillard (LREM) tabled in the National Assembly a resolution bearing his name aimed at having the new definition of anti-Semitism adopted by the IHRA. The International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA) brings together governments and experts to strengthen and promote Holocaust education, remembrance work and research and to implement commitments of the Stockholm Declaration of 2000.

It should be recalled that this resolution, which provides an operational definition of anti-Semitism, admittedly non-binding, was adopted by the 31 member states of the IHRA on May 26, 2016, but also by cities such as Paris by Anne Hidalgo, Nice by Christian Estrosi, the Jo Biden administration in the United States, the European Parliament, the United Nations and dozens of cities around the world. This is an international consensus

This clear, concise text has the merit of naming the evil. “Anti-Semitism is a certain perception of Jews which can manifest itself in hatred towards them. Rhetorical and physical manifestations of anti-Semitism target Jewish and non-Jewish individuals and/or their property, community institutions and places of worship.”

This resolution clearly postulates that anti-Zionism can be assimilated to a new form of anti-Semitism. Commemorating the 75th anniversary of the Vel d’Hiv roundup in Paris in 2017, Emmanuel Macron himself declared: “We will not yield anything to anti-Zionism because it is THE reinvented form of anti-Semitism”. The Head of State reiterated this evidence on several occasions: hostility to Israel has often become the cache-sex of anti-Semites.

This resolution was adopted by the French deputies not without debates and polemics, but adopted.

All the Alsatian deputies then adopted this resolution. All ? At the time yes, but since the composition of the National Assembly changed with the legislative elections of June 2022, the situation has changed.

It is certainly in response to this unambiguous resolution that 34 elected members of the NUPES, including Mr. Emmanuel Fernandes, deputy for the second constituency of Bas-Rhin, presented a 24-page resolution worthy of a speech by Stalin. or Castro. Is it to occupy the media and political terrain, is it to instill in people’s minds, like a poison, certain incongruous and hateful ideas?

The well-known art or rather the torture of repetition in these 24 pages echoes the peddlers of hate from the dark years of our history. By lying and rereading established facts, however stubborn, they only serve their populist electoral interests and certainly not peace in the Middle East or appeasement in our country already subject to divisions, social and community fractures.

Two claims based on lies and hatred of Israel have been on a loop again for a few weeks:

  • officially recognize the BDS (boycott discrimination sanction), yet condemned in France, which calls for sanctions against the Jewish state
  • Condemn Israel for the crime of apartheid.

It should be remembered that calls for a boycott of Israel are against the law in France and that a ministerial circular of October 20, 2020 sent to the prefects by the Ministry of Justice recalls an interesting point: “the anti-Semitic character of calls for a boycott may result directly from the words, gestures and writings of the respondent. It may also be deduced from the context thereof. » Indeed, the weight of the context in which anti-Zionist attacks are often made is indeed decisive in France: this context is this background of anti-Semitism which still and always affects a part of French society.

This text from part of the left (fortunately left-wing deputies like Jérôme Guedj rose up) is also unambiguous: it pretends to forget the 20% of Israelis who are Muslim, Maronite, Druze or Christian as if alone Jews existed in Israel. He speaks of settlers on Arab lands already “Judenrein or judenfrei”, where the discriminatory notion of dhimmis is one of the great principles of society.

But above all this text speaks to us of apartheid in the Jewish and democratic State, “national home of the Jewish people which realizes its aspiration to self-determination in accordance with its cultural and historical heritage (UN 1947)” according to the fundamental laws of the country.

Speaking of apartheid, this poisonous resolution implicitly suggests that there would be a “Jewish race” in Israel and in the world that would oppress other “races”. But if Israel is a Jewish state, that does not mean a state of Jewish religion or reserved for Jews. All religions can be practiced freely in Israel: the Muezzin calls for prayer every day, like the bells on Sunday for Christians, the holidays are those of the Jews as in France, those of the Christians and no one then speaks of apartheid .

Should the National Assembly, temple of our democracy, for the first time debate an alleged Jewish Israeli apartheid, once again as if there were a “Jewish race” in Israel. The race ” ? François Hollande had proposed to remove the word from article 1 of the 1958 Constitution, as the term is obsolete.

Our democracy cannot afford to accept such a debate within our institutions and, as such, this resolution cannot be presented. The fact that the deputies of the NUPES in their entirety left the hemicycle last August 2, the day when the Keeper of the Seals clearly accused the far left and the far right of political anti-Semitism, is a sign of a confession: they could only respond by flight and exclusion.

No Israel is not an apartheid state, no the Jews are not oppressors, like in South Africa and “the Afrikaner race” oppressing the blacks, before the return to power of Nelson Mandela, or certain American states in the 50s and 60s.

The NUPES deputies have only one objective: to drag Israel before the International Criminal Court for crimes against humanity. Here is another unbearable parallel.

The threat of such a resolution, of which we can be certain that it will not pass, is that of the loss of our values ​​and of our republican dignity, of the national division already experienced in the past during the Dreyfus affair, collaboration and above all a real threat to French Jews.

At a time when the Abraham Accords between Israel and Arab countries are beginning to produce their effects, when Morocco is getting ever closer to Israel, when even Erdogan’s Turkey is renewing its diplomatic relations with the Jewish state, French leftist elected officials are moving a little further away from the meaning of history and reaffirming their anti-Zionism, sorry, their anti-Semitism.

Dr. Thierry Roos, dental surgeon, former city councilor of Strasbourg, member of the Israelite Consistory of France and Bas-Rhin, Vice-president of LICRA 67

Michel Taube, political columnist, founder of Opinion Internationale, of the International Observatory of Secularism, of the World Day Against the Death Penalty which takes place on October 10 each year

Yes, ladies and gentlemen of Nupes, your anti-Zionism is “THE reinvented form of anti-Semitism”. – International opinion